8 Methods Fixing Snipping Tool Not Working on Windows 11

May 15, 2024Jenny Ryan

Snipping tool is built-in screenshot software on the Windows 11 system; it is the most convenient screenshot utility for Windows users. It has 4 modes: Rectangle mode, Window mode, Full-screen mode and Free-form mode. It also has a delay function and you can choose Snip in 3, 5 or 10 secs. Although it is good overall, some users face the problem of Snipping Tool not working on Windows 11. This article will demonstrate some reasons and solutions.

Snipping Tool Not Working Windows 11

Part 1. Why Snipping Tool Doesn’t Work on Windows 11

Snipping Tool

You may face different problems when using the Snipping Tool, such as failing to install the Snipping tool if you just update your computer to Windows 11 or the Snipping tool that doesn’t work right. Here are some common reasons.

Part 2. 8 Fixes if You Can’t Use Snipping Tool on Windows 11

We have prepared 8 different solutions to fix the Snipping Tool not Working; you can try it yourself with detailed steps.

1. Turn off Focus Assist

Focus Assist will block some notifications and alarms. It also will lock some apps such as Snipping Tool.

Step 1.
Click Start > Settings.
Step 2.
Select System in the left menu, then find Focus assist.
Close Focus
Step 3.
Check Off. Then restart your computer and try Snipping Tool again.

2. Repair or Restore Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool may break down and doesn’t work sometimes, and you can try to repair it or restore the in Windows Settings.

Step 1.
Open Windows Settings and click Apps.
Step 2.
Tap Installed apps and find Snipping Tool.
Installed Apps
Step 3.
Click Advanced options. On this page, you can see the Repair and Reset buttons.
Step 4.
Restart your computer after repairing or resetting it and check it Snipping Tool works.
Restart Reset

3. Update Windows

Microsoft releases a set of updates every month to solve some system bugs. We suggest you keep your Windows with the latest system so that your device can run all programs smoothly.

Step 1.
Click the Start menu and open Settings>Windows Update.
Step 2.
Click Check for updates and wait for a second. If there are any updates, download and install.
Windows Update
Step 3.
Turn off and turn on your computer again and see if Snipping Tool works fine.

4. Update the Snipping Tool on the Microsoft Store

Snipping Tool releases updates at a very low frequency but not zero. If your Snipping Tool stops working on your Windows 11, you might as well check the software updates on Microsoft Store.

Step 1.
Open Microsoft Store from Start menu.
Microsoft Store Interface
Step 2.
Search Snipping Tool in the search box.
Step 3.
If the update option is available, Click Update and check whether the latest version of Snipping Tool works.

5. Close Extra Program

Make sure there is no other screen recorder software running, and the Snipping Tool hotkey is not taken by other software. Otherwise, you may fail to bring up the Snipping Tool and take screenshots on Windows.

Step 1.
Close extra software that may affect Snipping Tool.
Step 2.
Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager and check if there is any process remaining. If there is, right-click and end process.
Task Manager Interface

6. Change Monitor Scale and Resolution

Windows 11 Snipping Tool doesn’t work with multiple monitors if you can’t make the right settings. You can change the scale and resolution of the monitor if your Snipping Tool doesn’t record full screen.

Step 1.
Right-click any empty part on the desktop and click Display settings.
Display Settings
Step 2.
Move the to Scale & layout section, change the scale to 100% and reset the resolution according to your monitor.
Scale Resolution

7. Activate Save Snips

Snipping Tool doesn’t save pictures on Windows 11 automatically and you need to click the Save button every time. If you accidentally turn off the window before you save it, you will never find it. Turn on Save snips and you will get a notification before you shut the screenshot window.

Step 1.
Open Snipping Tool and click three dots at the top right corner. Click Settings to open the settings page.
Click Settings
Step 2.
Activate Save snips and restart Snipping Tool.
Snipping Setting Page

8. Use Snipping Tool Alternative: Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Although we have so many methods to fix Snipping Tool not working problem, it may still stay broken. That’s the time you can use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder as an alternative.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a powerful screen recorder for both beginners and professionals. It is mainly used to record video of screen activity, games, Windows, and webcam. But it can also be used to take snapshots. You can select any part of your screen to record. It provides multiple drawing tools such as shapes, airbrush, callout, etc. You can also take a scrolling picture with it. At last, it can save images in multiple formats, including PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, etc.

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Step 1.
Download Aiseesoft Screen Recorder with the download button above. Install and open it.
Screen Recorder Interface
Step 2.
Click and open the recorder drop list, choose Screen Capture and select the recording area.
Choose Screen Recorder
Step 3.
After you select an area, it will take snapshot right away then you can preview and edit the picture.
Preview and Edit
Step 4.
You can draw rectangles, lines, callouts, etc., with the tool on the left. If you are not satisfied, you can clear or undo it with the buttons in the middle.
Edit Tool
Step 5.
On the right tools bar are 6 different buttons with different functions: copy to the clipboard, save screenshot, close, scrolling capture, pin to the screen and full screen.
Right Bar Function

Part 3. FAQs about Snipping Tool Stopped Working on Windows 11

Did Windows 11 change the Snipping Tool?

No, it doesn’t. Snipping Tool is the default screenshot software on Windows 11. If you use Windows 10, your default software will be Snip & Sketch.

Why is my screenshot shortcut not working on Windows 11?

Your screenshot shortcut fails to work probably because other programs occupy the PrtScn key. Otherwise, you may not enable the screenshot shortcut.

How do I enable screen snip in Windows 11?

If you are running Snipping Tool, you can click the New button or press Win+Shift+S to start a snip. When Snipping Tool is closed, you can press PrtScn to wake up the program.


If you have trouble of Snipping not working on Windows 11, you can try the former 7 easy method to fix the system and software. If it still doesn’t work, just try Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to take screenshots. It can run on Windows 11/10/8/7 fluently and stably. You can also enjoy features such as drawing, adding text, taking scrolling shots, etc.

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