Why Is My Mac Fan So Loud and 5 Tips to Fix It

January 20, 2022Ashley Mae

While using your Mac, you may easily face the situation that the MacBook or iMac computer sounds like a fan and so loud all of a sudden. Under that circumstance, you will like to know, why is my Mac fan so loud?

Truth is, many factors will cause your Mac fan loud. MacBook fan loud doesn't mean things are necessarily wrong with the Mac. This post will explain several main reasons that will make your Mac sound like a fan. In addition, we share 5 useful tips to help you cool down your Mac and turn off the fan noise.

Why Is My Mac Fan So Loud

Part 1. Reasons Why Mac Fan Is So Loud

Computers including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac contain sensors to detect and respond temperature changes inside the system or device. When your Mac overheats, it will turn on the fans and bring cooling airflow to critical components. If your Mac fan runs so loud and too long, you should figure out if there are other causes.

Mac processor is working on intensive tasks

The main reason why your MacBook Air/Pro fan so loud is that Mac is dealing with many tasks. When you are running many programs, playing a video game, editing a high resolution video, and watching an online HD video, and so on, the Mac fan will run faster to provide additional airflow. You may easily notice the fan noise, especially when you are in a quiet environment.

Mac runs out of memory and processing power

In some cases, some apps or processes on your MacBook cost so much processing power, that will cause your Mac fan so loud. You should find out what app drains your Mac CPU.

Mac works overtime

If your MacBook fan is so loud, it may be due to the overtime working. After a long-time continuous work, the sensors on your Mac will keep heat. It will turn on the Mac fans to cool down the Mac.

Mac fan dust or hardware issue

While daily usage of your Mac, some dust may gather in fans. That will cause your Mac fans to run so loud and sound noisy. Some hardware issues will also lead your Mac fan whirled.

Part 2. What to Do When Mac Fan Is So Loud

When your Mac fan runs so loud, you can use different methods to turn it quietly. This part shares 5 useful tips to help you solve the MacBook fan loud problem.

Close heavy apps on Mac

When your Mac fan is so loud, you should first check and reduce the consumed processing power. If your Mac is working with some heavy apps like Photoshop, iMovie, Final Cut, YouTube, and likes, you need to shut down these apps that eat up your processing capacity.

You can go to the Activity Monitor on Mac to check the CPU usage and find the heavy apps. Open Applications and choose the Utilities. Then you can enter Activity Monitor to shut them down.

Mac Activity Monitor Close Apps

Reset SMC settings

SMC (System Management Controller) is a control station put into Mac by Apple to manage various hardware including Mac fans, motherboard, processor, and more. You can reset the SMC settings to rewire Mac fans and reduce the fans noise.

First, you should unplug your Mac power cord and shut down Mac. On the keyboard, press and hold the Shift + Control + Option keys and the Mac Power button at the same time. You need to press them for 7 seconds or more. After that, release them and turn on Mac.

Reset MaBook SMC Settings

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Reboot Mac to fix MacBook fan loud

Rebooting Mac is a simple way to quickly shut down all running programs on your Mac. You can use the common way to shut down your Mac and then restart it. After you reboot Mac, all software and tasks will be closed. Your Mac fans will also be turned off and won't make noise.

Clean Mac fans

When the fans on your Mac get clogged up with dust or other pieces, you can choose to clean Mac fans to solve the fan sound so loud problem. You can remove the bottom panel of your Mac to clean out dirt, dust and grime. Also, you can ask for help from Apple Support or a specialist.

Part 3. FAQs of Mac Fan Loud

1. How to test the hardware on my Mac?

Apple offers a Hardware Test feature to check various hardware on your Mac. You should disconnect all external devices except keyboard, mouse, and display, and then shut down your Mac. Press Power button to turn on your Mac. Press and hold the D key on your keyboard immediately to enter the Apple Hardware Test.

2. Where to check for the latest macOS updates?

You can go to System Preferences on your Mac and then choose the Software Update to check if there is an available macOS update.

3. Can I check my Mac's temperature?

Yes, there are multiple temperature monitoring software offered on the market that can help you monitor the current temperature of a Mac. You can use popular ones like iStat Menus or TG Pro to view the temperature inside your Mac.


Mac fans can help to maintain the overall health of your Mac and control the internal temperature. It will be turned on to prevent Mac from overheating. However, you may also get the MacBook fan loud problem. You can use the 5 tips above to quickly get rid of it.

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