How to Convert VCD TS to AVI for YouTube PS3/4 and More


If you have some videos in TS format, you should learn the details about the TS and the way to convert TS to AVI. In order to transcode different TS formats to AVI, you should use the versatile TS to AVI Converters. It is highly recommended that you use Aiseesoft TS to AVI Converter.

Before you transcode TS to AVI, you should know more about TS format. Video TS is the standard video for DVD. There are various filename extensions of TS, ".ts", ".tsv", ".tsa", ".m2ts" or ".tod". The TS to AVI Converter should able to decode all the filenames and convert these files to AVI accordingly.

Since the TS format has a very different multiplexing format from other file containers, so you cna chekc the TS tips. It is the reason why you cannot find many TS to AVI online converters.

How to choose TS to AVI Converter

When you need to select the best TS to AVI Converter, you should make sure the following issues. Aiseesoft TS to AVI Converter should be the best choice for you.

◆ The program can convert TS to AVI, and also support converting AVI to TS for DVD or your camera.

◆ The editing features should be provided to transcode TS to AVI. You can get the desired file directly.

How to convert TS to AVI

Launch 3GP to AVI Converter

Download and install the latest version of TS to AVI Converter, and then launch the program as the screenshot.

3GP to AVI Converter

Import TS files to the program

Click the "Add File" to import the TS file or the folder. You can also drag-n-drop TS files to convert TS to AVI. The program supports all TS extension files.

Import TS File

Choose output as AVI format

You can convert to general AVI format or convert TS to AVI with a certain device type. The program provides multiple presets for your requirement.

Select AVI File

Convert TS to AVI format

You can also edit the TS files or add some effects before you click the "Convert" button to transcode TS to AVI format.

Convert TS to AVI

Alternatively, if you want to convert your YouTube downloaded AVI files to TS, you should refer to converting AVI to TS.

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