Notable Guide to Make iMovie Loop Video on Mac & iOS Devices for Free

November 03, 2022Ashley Mae

iMovie supports a vast majority of video editing features you will need on your iOS and Mac. It is well-known because it is a free and default video editor saved on every latest Apple device. For Apple users, you are maximizing the full potential of iMovie has become a difficult task for most because there is some secret functionality that beginners don't know how to use, like the looper. Yes, the iMovie loop video is available, and you can learn how to use it by following the information written in this post for both systems.

iMovie Loop Video

Part 1. Quickest Way How to Loop a Video on iMovie [Mac Version]

How to make a video repeat on iMovie on Mac? Aside from creating a loop, you can also use iMovie to add video filters saved on your Mac. Without more discussion, here is the quickest way to manage and create a video loop on iMovie using a Mac version. Read and follow the tutorial below carefully to avoid other mishaps.

iMovie on Mac

Steps on How to Use iMovie on Mac:

Step 1:
Open the Preview app on your favorites, look for the Application folder, and open the iMovie app. The download isn't necessary because the app is already pre-installed on every macOS 11.5.1 or later.
Step 2:
When the app runs in the background, go to My Media and upload the video you want to turn into a loop. Drag the video you have uploaded into the key frame below.
Step 3:
When the video is on the timeline, create a duplicate of the video as many as you want. The more you duplicate it, the longer the looped will be activated.
Step 4:
When you are satisfied with the duration of the loop, click File, then Share and press File. After that, a smaller panel will appear on your screen, adjust the settings if you want and click Next and press Save to download the video on loop.

Part 2. Effective Way How to Loop a Video on iMovie [iOS Version]

On the other hand, before you can loop clip in the iMovie iOS version, you will need to Get the app on Appstore. Most iMovie isn't pre-installed on the device, but there is no need to worry because the app is free to download even if you deleted it. So, before you proceed to the steps, you better download the application on your device and follow the instructions below.

iMovie on iOS

Steps on How to Use iMovie on iOS:

Step 1:
When the iMovie is completely downloaded on your iOS device, tap the application to open it. Press the + icon, select Create a Movie, and choose the video you want into a loop.
Step 2:
When the video clip is uploaded, tap it. Then there will be an option to loop it by clicking the Duplicate feature. Spam the Duplicate as many as you want, and it will render the effect as easy.
Step 3:
When you are satisfied with the times the video loop replays, click Done and Save the output into your device.

Part 3. Best Way to Loop Video on iMovie's Alternative for Free [Online Version]

How to loop a video on iMovie? It would be best to duplicate the click repetitively, which is frustrating, especially during the rendering process because it takes time. However, if you use Aiseesoft Video Looper, the AI will do the spam for you, and you will not need to click million times to copy and paste the video clip. Even though the app is accessible on the web, its rendering process is the best, for it can finish the task in a few seconds. There will be fewer steps in creating a loop when you use this instead of the iMovie. Are you not believing what we've said? If that's the case, read the following steps to know how to use this and copy it when you want to do the looping with this online app.

Steps on How to Use Aiseesoft Video Looper:

Step 1:
Open the main website of Aiseesoft and click Free Tools. After that, a set of free online tools will appear; on the list, select Video Looper to access the video looping feature of the app.
Step 2:
Once the app loads up, click Upload Video. Select the file you want to edit with this, and ensure that the file you want to upload is available on your local drive. If it isn't, then you better download it first.
Upload Video to Loop
Step 3:
Wait for a few seconds for the AI to recognize the app. Next is to adjust the duration and how many times it will apply the looping effect. There are 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x.
Select Looping Option
Step 4:
Now that you have selected it to, click Save and press Download to export the video you've edited here. As easy as that, you have now completed adding a looping effect to the video you just uploaded earlier.
Save Final Video on Loop

Part 4. FAQs on How to Loop iMovie Videos

Does iMovie support stop motion?

Besides simplistic video editing, you can also use iMovie to create a stop-motion video. However, you will need a tutorial on how to do it because it isn't easy as you think.

Does iMovie embedded watermark on the final output?

iMovie doesn't attach or embed a product watermark on the final output. In fact, you can cover a watermarked video you upload here by covering it with an image. Even though the app is free to use, you will never experience having an iMovie watermark when the video is fully exported.

Are there video length limitations on iMovie?

There aren't limitations on how long will upload the duration of the video in this editor. However, when you export a longer video, expect the application to take its time rendering the final output so that you can have the best products with the selection of the quality you want to achieve.


Easy right? This post has taught you how to loop iMovie videos on Mac and iOS devices effectively. We can assure you that you will achieve the looping effect you want. Yet, spamming the duplicate is troublesome to create layers of the loop on a video. But that is the only way to create a looping effect with this video editor. So, if you feel tired clicking the duplicate button, you better let the AI take the job. With the Aiseesoft-powered video looper included in this app, you wouldn't need to click to copy and paste endlessly because the app will process that for you. You will only need to wait for the process to end; voila, it will loop the video as quickly as 1-2-3.

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