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Here's Best Phone Data Recovery – Recover Data on Android Phone with(out) Root


Get messed up after data deletion on your Android phone? Let's settle the issue with the best phone data recovery software in this page. Deleted photos, videos, text messages, phone number, contacts, and more will be back within minutes.

I deleted text messages accidentally on my Samsung Galaxy S8 just now. Is there any way to recover the deleted SMS?
My old Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F screen is cracked, and there is no response on screen. However, there are many important text messages, photos, contacts, etc. on it. What a hell. I just want get back my data. Who can help?

Data loss on Android phone is very frequent but sad thing. No matter what reason that you accidentally deleted the data, or phone suffered from the unexpected occurrence like phone screen is damaged, system is cracked, password is forgotten, and others, the first thing you should do is to recover the lost data. The question is how to recover the deleted data on Android device?

Phone data recovery software is necessary the first option you will get if you Google online.

Yes, picking up the correct phone data retrieval program will definitely help you to get back the deleted data.

Phone Data Recovery

Phone Data Recovery

That's what we shall talk in the following description.

The passage is a little longer, and need you to pay more patience on it.

Firstly, let's see take a look at the table of the passage.

Part 1. Is it possible to recover the deleted data on cell phone?

Yes without doubt.

Phone stores data on its own database called SQLite. In SQLite, they put data in two different types, Allocated to Unallocated. Data in Allocated will still exist on your phone, but you cannot see them directly, while data in Unallocated will go forever. When you deleted some files from your cell phone, the files just disappeared from your vision on phone, but they are moved to Allocated. Once you create new files (receive, delete, send, etc.) on phone, the space of Allocated will be occupied with the new information, the deleted files will be wiped out permanently.

So for recovering the deleted files on cell phone, you need to rescue them before they are put into Unallocated.

In one word, you need to do the following things to get back the deleted data on phone:

1. Do not operate your cell phone after deleting the data.

2. Use some tools to help you find the deleted texts from SQLite.

3. Read the above points.

Part 2. Best Phone Data Recovery – Android Data Recovery (Three-step recovery and Root required)

For reading the data in SQLite and retrieve the deleted files in it, you need to come up with the best phone data recovery software.

Aiseesoft FoneLab Android Data Recovery is the one you should not miss.

Step 1 Connect Android phone to computer

After downloading this software, install and run it on your computer. Connect your Android phone to the computer with USB cable, and click Android Data Recovery.

Connect Android phone to computer


For using your phone on computer, you need to enable USB debug on your Android device.

Step 2 Select data

After this software detects your phone, you need to choose file type to scan. Checkmark the data type that you want to recover, and click Next to start scan your phone.

Select data


After you pick up the data type for scanning, your phone will be rooted automatically with this program. If it fails, you have to root your Android phone manually.

Step 3 Recover deleted data

After the scan is complete, you will see all data type in the interface. Click one data type to view the details on the right window/ After confirming the data that you want o recover, click Recover to save the deleted data from Android phone to computer.

Recover deleted data

Three steps are enough to restore the deleted data on Android.

If your phone is non-responsive for the following reasons:
Forgot phone password
Screen is crashed
Phone is black screen
Phone gets stuck in Recovery or Download mode
Phone is drown
And more

Then you need to move on the next solution.

Part 3. Restore lost data on broken/cracked/password-forgotten phone (Without root)

Step 1 Download, install and run FoneLab for Android on your computer, and plug your phone to PC with USB cable. Select Broken Android Phone Data Extraction and Start.

Select Broken Android Data Extraction

Step 2 Select your phone name and model to Confirm.

This program only supports part Samsung phone and tablet to restore data. You can check this page to see if your phone is in the supported list.

Select Device Info

Step 3 In the pop-up interface, you are given the option to put your phone into Download mode. You just follow the three steps in the interface to do it. After that, click Start to scan your phone.

Enter Download Mode

Then you will see all existing files on your Android device display in the interface. You just click the data type to view the details, and Recover to extract the data from broken phone to computer.

Recover Data without Root

Of course, if your phone screen is normal, but the system is damaged for unknown reasons, then you could use another fixing feature under Broken Android Phone Data Extraction.

Part 4. Bonus tips: Backup Android phone

Phone data loss is inevitable in life, because you never know what will come first - tomorrow or the unexpected accidents on your phone. So just developing a good habit to back up and restore your phone.

Again, FoneLab for Android will do you a great favor.

Android Backup and Restore enables you to back up contacts, messages, call log, pictures, videos, audio and document, and restore the files to phone directly.

Step 1 Still run this utility on your computer, connect your phone to computer and click Android Data Backup & Restore, and select Device Data Backup.

Backup Android Phone

Step 2 Select the data type to back up. Here this tool supports encrypt backup with password to protect your backup safely.

Choose Data to Back up

Step 3 After the backup is done, back to the main interface, select Device Data Restore. Pick up the backup file and start to restore the backup to your phone directly.

Recstore Android Phone


It is smart to back up Android phone to avoid data loss. If you fail to back up Android phone, and data is deleted, just use the best phone data recovery software to restore the lost files.

Surely, iPhone users could use iPhone data recovery software to help you retrieve the deleted files on iPhone iPad or iPod.

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