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Video Converter Ultimate has done a great job in the past several years. It helps more than 500,000 people for converting and editing their favorite videos. And now, the amazing software has update to a new version with enhance and rotate functions to meet your different needs. See the feedback from our customers:

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By Victoria 2020-02-14

Convert my local videos

I need a Video Converter to convert my local videos to MP4 for better playing on my Android phone. Suprisingly, this video converter deals with it. I can convert videos to the formats that supported by Android directly.

By Carl 2020-02-01

Compress large file

I have a lot of large files stored on my computer and they are taking a large portion of the space. So I tried the little video compressor tool in this video converter. It makes my files smaller but with original-like quality.

By Austin 2020-01-21

Add filters to video

The editing functions are so powerful. There are so many free filters like warm, gray, whirlpool and more, which made my simple footage more attractive.

By Martin 2020-01-11

Edit my video subtitle

The latest upgrade lets me edit the subtitle for the video file. I can download the substile online and synchronize the subtitle with the downloaded movies directly.

By Ernest 2020-01-01

Simple interface

I have tried many video converter software, but those are not easy for me to use. I just want to make some simple editing and converting features to create my vlog videos. This software helps me a lot.

By Todd 2019-12-13

An easy video editor

I have many video tutorials that want to share, but I need to further to edit the background music, watermark, and cut the annoyed edges. I found your software in Google, and downloaded the free trial. It does as it claims. Easy and powerful video editor for me.

By Russak 2019-12-11

Many many love

I really love this utility. It is very fast speed to convert my 5 video files over 1GB at the same time. Only 20 minutes help me do that. It deserves the love from our customers.

By Viana 2019-12-07

Forever love

I have been paying attention Aiseesoft software for a long time. From the free platform on GOTD, to the newsletter with the super-low price to get many products, you never disappoint me. Video Converter Ultimate is a perfect video converter and converter for me.

By Olegbob 2019-11-25


So far I am pleased with this converter. Or, rather, it is the multi-tool. I can use it to convert videos, edit effects, and more important, help me to reduce the video shaking. Wonderful.

By Rock 2019-11-14


The latest update of multi-audio track really makes me happy. I can create my own video to share it to all of you now.

By Motaleb 2019-11-01

Really love aiseesoft softwares

I Really love aiseesoft softwares. But i suggest to give context menu for video converter.

By Mevlut Demiroz 2019-10-28

Very Fast Program

Very Fast Program, Very Thanks

By Jenny 2019-10-19

Cool stuff

This software is really easy to use. It's perfect for someone know nothing about video technology like me. You should try it.

By Antony 2019-10-04


Brilliant, thank you for the update. I use this all the time to convert videos for my Humax sat recorder.

By Anita 2019-09-20

Thank you very much Aiseesoft

It is the best converter I have tried, and I've tried many. It joins videos nice and converts quickly. I really like it and hope they never stop giving updates.

By Brain 2019-09-18

It's so fast

The only way a video converter will attract its buyers is with a increase in speed during the conversion as there are a lot of video converters available.

By Smith 2019-09-05

More user-friendly than Handbrake

The Aiseesoft product is fast, configurable (all the presets can be tinkered with and saved to your own personal presets library).

By DAWOOD 2019-08-25



By Peggy 2019-08-13

Thanks so much.

Have been using several of the tools from Aiseesoft and they're all high quality. Works great on Windows 8.1 64bit!

By Trevor 2019-08-05

LOVE Aiseesoft products

It is a really good product with a lot of capability. I've used it many times for many different video/audio conversion and editing tasks, and it usually does the job. It's become one of the essential tools I put on any new system.

By Fred 2019-07-21

A good program

In my experience, Aiseesoft products have been great, and was happy when I saw this "ultimate" version offered.

By Anna 2019-07-15

Really powerful!

It is more than a mere video converting tool. 3D converting, video editing...all my needs for multimedia are basically met with this converter ultimate.

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