How to Use Video Converter Ultimate

If you have been ever bothered by the problem of being unable to watch homemade DVD or some interesting YouTube videos on your iPad or mobile phones, you are highly recommended with this multifunctional converter. It allows you to convert homemade DVD and videos even 4K videos to popular video formats.

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Video Converter Ultimate helps you to convert, edit or enhance videos within simple clicks. Now follow the tutorials below to deal with your video in five parts:

Part 1. How to convert video or DVD to any video format?

Step 1. Install and launch Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate on your computer. Register with the email address and registration code you receive from us.

Step 2. Click "Add File" or "Load Disc" button to load the video or DVD files into the program.


Step 3. Click "Profile" and choose the exact format to suit best for your device. Then click "Browse" and define the output folder where the converted or ripped video will be saved temporarily.


You are allowed to edit the output settings in details by clicking the "Settings" option next to "Profile", where you are capable of setting video codec, aspect ratio, sample rate, resolution, video bitrate, audio bitrate, channel, etc. Click "OK" to save all the changes you made.


Step 4. After all is set, click "Convert" button. Wait for a few seconds, and you can see the video has been converted successfully.


Part 2. How to edit video effects?

Before you save the converted videos, Video Converter Ultimate also gives you option to edit video effects and get the best out of it. Choose the video you want to edit, and click "Edit" button to enter the editing interface, you'll see editing functions as below.

Enhance video quality

Click "Enhance" after adding your video to this program. You will find 4 different ways to enhance your video quality. You are able to upscale the video resolution, optimize video brightness and contrast with only one click according to your different requirement. And for your downloaded or recorded shaky video, you could reduce the shaking with simple click. As for the old movies with white sports on it, you should use the "Remove Video Noise" feature.

Enhance Video

Rotate/flip video angle

After adding the files into this software, click "Edit" on the main interface of this program, you will get "Rotate" function on the left side of the pop-up window. There provides four ways for your information to rotate or flip your video to the right angle. For rotate feature, you can rotate your video in 90 clockwise or op counterclockwise.

Rotate and flip video angle

For mirroring video, you should select Flip feature, where allows you to flip the video horizontally or vertically.

Flip videos

With only one click and choose "Apply" to get your expected video.

Enable 3D videos

If you intend to convert 2D video to 3D for watching it with your VR helmet, you can click "3D" button to customize 3D settings here.

After clicking the option of "Enable 3D Settings", you are left to select either Anaglyph or Split Screen.

Anaglyph lets you select one from the 11 options like Red/cyan anaglyph, monochrome/half color/full color/high quality Dubois, or Green/magenta anaglyph, Amber/blue anaglyph, and so on.

Enable 3D Anaglyph

When choose Split Screen, there are 4 options for you, Side by Side (Half-Width/Full) and Top and Bottom (Half-Height/Full).

3D Split Screen

Crop video

After adding the video files, repeat the steps above to click "Edit" and select the "Crop" tap to get rid of the unwanted edges of your video.

As for the cropping area, you can drag the frame with your mouse to select and move the frame to keep what you want to keep. Alternatively, just set the value of "Crop Area Size" and "Position of Crop Area" on the right to confirm that.

Later, select the aspect ration as Original, Crop Area, 16:9 or 4:3 from the dropdown list after ticking the box before "Keep Aspect Ratio".

Finally, select one zoom mode from "Letterbox", "Medium", "Pan & Scan" or "Full" and click "Apply" to get rid of the unwanted edges or capture the wanted parts.

Crop video

Adjust Effects

Click "Effect" to adjust effects manually here. You can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue for the videos. For audio, you can adjust the audio volume manually. The Deinterlacing feature is also optional for you.

Adjust Effects

Watermark the videos with the personal picture or text

If you want to add your own mark to the video, just move the "Watermark" tab and then "Enable watermark".

Then you should select add picture or text as the watermark.

For adding the text watermark, you just need to select the checkbox of "Text", and input the words that you want to use as the watermark. Click the T image next to select the font, font size, style, etc. For color adjust, just click the icon next to T image.

Add Watermark with Text

While you select the picture as the watermark, just checkmark "Picture" and click the three-dot to select the picture from your computer, and it will appear in your video automatically.

Get the mouse to drag the frame of the picture watermark to adjust the position and picture watermark size freely.

The watermark area and transparency can also be adjusted by setting the value below.

Add Watermark with Picture

Trim and merge video and audio files

You can also use this software to trim, split and merge the video and audio files conveniently.

After adding the video or audio files into this program, click the "Trim" button in the main interface, and you will enter the trim window.

For cutting one video or audio file into two parts, you should use the "Split" option.

Adjust the processing arrow and bar to set the starting point and the breaking point, then click "Split" to cut the video into 2 parts. Then click "OK" to confirm it.

Split videos

For creating a new clip file, you just need to move the processing arrow to set the starting and ending point, then click "New Clip" to create a new clip.

Create New Clips

Want to merge the clips into one video file, just select the checkbox of "Merge into one file" to confirm it.

If you want to rearrange the clips, just use the arrow-down or arrow-up pointer on the right side to do it.

Merge Clips

Surely, you can come back to the main interface, and use the arrow-down and arrow-up pointer to rearrange the position for all the files and select the checkbox of "Merge into one file" to do it.

Merge All Video Files

Part 3. (New added) How to add external subtitle or audio tracks to the video?

In the latest version of Video Converter Ultimate, you can also add external subtitle or multi-audio track to the video.

Step 1. Open Video Converter Ultimate software on your PC. Click "Add File" on the menu bar to select and import video(s) to this program.

Add File

Step 2. Click the audio track option to add or remove external audio tracks in the video. Click "Add Subtitle" button to add the subtitle to your video.

Add Audio File

Step 3. Choose the suitable output video and save the video file.

Part 4. More preference settings for Video Converter Ultimate

The above step guides show you how to use Video Converter Ultimate to convert, edit videos to add subtitle/audio tracks. Besides, there are still some features you cannot miss in this part.


For checking the new feature of this software, you need to make settings to get the update reminder. Click "Menu" > "Preferences" > Tick "Check Updates Automatically".

Comparison between free and register version

Video Converter Ultimate has its free version and register version. You can check the functions between them from the table as below:

Main Features Trail Version Register Version
Free trial 30 days Unlimited
Convert videos 5 minutes or less Unlimited
Free technical supported and upgrade no yes