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How to Clear Search History/Cookies on iPad Pro/mini/Air

iPad gains more popularity in the world for its small size, portability and simple operation. You will find it is very common for entertainment and office. Safari, the built-in browser for iPad is the important gate to surf in the internet. You can shop online, watch hot YouTube videos, or search for some private websites. However, Safari will record your browsing search history, and this browser will keep your cookies of credit card number and password, and logging account. That is not safe to protect your private information. Here comes the question, how to clear search history on ipad? we will show you three ways to clear search history and cookies from Safari browser on iPad.

Clear History on iPad

Clear History on iPad

Method one: How to delete search history on Safari

Step 1Open "Safari" on your iPad, click the "Bookmarks" icon (on the top of your browser, like a book image, next to search bar on your iPad).

Step 2Tab "History ", then you will find a list of all the webs that you have visited.

Step 3Hit "Clear" on the bottom.

Step 4Tab "Clear History" in the pop-up window.

Search history on Safari

In this way, you could delete your web history on iPad. But as for removing cookies from iPad, you have to get rid of cookies from your iPad' Settings.

Method two: How to clear cookies and search history on iPad

Step 1Open "Settings" on your iPad, to find "Safari" by scrolling down on the left side.

Step 2Click the "Bookmarks" icon (on the top of your browser, like a book image, next to search bar on your iPad).

Step 3Tab "Safari", and you will find many options on the right side.

Step 4Hit "Clear History" on the bottom to clear your iPad search history. Tab "Clear Cookies and Data" to clear iPad cookies.

Clear Search history on iPad

In this way, you are able easily to clear browsing history and Safari cookies on iPad. But is this way really thorough enough to remove browser history and cookies from iPad? The answer is no. You are capable of recovering your deleted browser cookies and search history on iPad with the help of some recovery tools. And your browser privacy on iPad is at risk of being disclosed.

Method three: Erase browsing history and cookies on iPad

For protecting your private information, you need to erase iPad search history and cookies permanently and thoroughly. And iPad Eraser is the tool exactly that could help you clear Safari history and cookies on an iPad. It could clear all your browser search history and cookies with one click. What is important, other data (photos, videos, music, etc.) will be exacted from your iPad at one time. So you must be careful to follow the steps, and sync iPad to PC for backup.

You can free download this software here, and install and launch it on your PC, and follow the the steps to clear search history and cookies on your iPad.

FoneEraser - iPhone Cache Eraser

Step 1Connect your iPad to PC

Connect your iPad to PC, and wait seconds, this program will detect your iPad automatically.

Connect ipad

Step 2Select erasing level

Select erasing level (Low, Medium and High) to erase your iPad search history and cookies.

Select Erasing Level

Step 3Start to erase

Click the Start button to erase all your history and cookies on your iPad within seconds.

Erase ipad History And Cookies

This is the fastest and safest way to clear all your search history and cookies on iPad. But it will clear all content and settings meanwhile. You must be careful to do that. Not only cookies and history, you could also clear your Apps and games from your iPad.

Permanently Delete Data on Phone play-button

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