How to Delete Search History on iPhone from Google Chrome and Safari

September 08, 2023Louisa White

At some point, you will have to clear the browsing history on your iPhone, and there are many reasons why it is important. First, all accumulated cookies from browsing activities can impact the system and slow the browsing speed. So, deleting them not only boosts browsing efficiency but also enhances the device’s overall performance. Second, cleaning your browsing history prevents cyber threats caused by prying eyes and protects your digital privacy from hackers. Overall, these are the best reasons to use this post as your guide to clean browsing history on your mobile device.

Clear History on iPhone

Part 1. How to Clear Google Search History on iPhone

Aside from Safari, Google Chrome is a popular web browser for iOS devices. While it stores information anonymously, the web browser gathers information from your account, like shopping habits, commutes, and more. Furthermore, it will likely promote similar ads to your interests or hobbies. This can be frustrating, so the only thing to do is to delete cookies and online activity history. Remember, removing the search history will also manifest on other devices if you use the Google account on them.

Step 1:
Open the Chrome browser. Tap the horizontal ellipsis from the bottom part of the screen and choose the History option. Sometimes, History is accessible on the Chrome homepage. Select the Clear Browsing Data option.
Step 2:
On the History page, uncheck the data you want to keep. You also have the option to check Saved Passwords to log you out from websites automatically.
iPhone Google Chrome Clean Browsing Data
Step 3:
After setting up, tap the Clear Browsing Data button. Depending on the amount of data, deletion may take some time.
Step 4:
If you want to keep your history clean without manually deleting data, Google Chrome offers an Auto-Delete option, which removes history data by default. Log in to your Google account using a computer, then go to the My Activity menu and select Activity Controls.
Step 5:
Scroll down until you see the Auto-Delete (Off) option. Choose the time range for using the feature (it can last up to 36 months). Press the Confirm button to apply the changes. This setting will apply to all if you use the Google account on multiple devices.
iPhone Google Chrome Auto Delete

If you want more tips related to Google Chrome, find more solutions below to help you out.

Do you want to erase one website from your search history on Google? Well, it is an accessible option from the history. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1:
Open the Chrome app and tap the History button from the homepage. You can also access it from the More menu with the three-dot icon.
Google Delete Individual Website
Step 2:
Tap the Edit button from the lower right corner of the screen. Check one or more websites to erase. Once done, tap the red Delete button.

Alternatively, you can clear your websites, cookies, and caches within a specified period. This will allow you to keep important sites and information while boosting overall performance. Follow the steps below.

Step 1:
From the Chrome main page, tap the More menu and go to the History page.
Step 2:
Tap the Clear Browsing Data button at the lower left screen, and it will open more options.
Step 3:
Choose Last Hour, Last 24 Hours, Last 7 Days, etc. Once set, return to the History page and tap the Clear Browsing Data button.
Google Delete Time Range

Note: All active websites included in the chosen period will get deleted. This includes sites with your accounts and passwords.

Part 2. The Default Way to Clear History on iPhone Safari

Safari is the default web browser for Apple gadgets, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Like Google Chrome, it can keep information from browsed web pages, online shops, and accounts that need a username and password. Even with increased performance, there is a chance Safari will slow down with all the cookies and caches. Clearing this app’s cache on iPhone or clearing other data is important to experience a better browsing experience. To do so, here are the steps you need:

Step 1:
Open the iPhone’s settings app and look for Safari by scrolling down. Tap on it to open the browser’s settings.
Step 2:
Find the Clear History and Website Data option. Once you tap it, a prompt will appear on your screen. Confirm the action by pressing the Clear History and Website Data button.
iPhone Safari Settings Clear History and Data
Step 3:
Any opened website on Safari will be removed automatically. What you will see when you open the browser is the official website.

Is it possible to remove one site from your search history on Safari? Definitely, yes. It is an ideal method to help you keep some websites on your search history for future usage. Without further ado, see how to clean one website on Safari:

Step 1:
Launch the Safari app on your device and look for the Bookmark icon. Depending on your mobile unit, the icon is usually at the bottom of the screen.
iPhone Safari Browser Delete One Site
Step 2:
Tap the Clock tab, and it will direct you to the History page. Search for the website you want to delete. Then, swipe it to your left and tap the Delete button.

Safari allows you to delete accessed websites from a specific time. This means only the specified time is removed while keeping the rest of the information unbothered. Moreover, Safari is more specific with time than Google Chrome’s. With that said, what you need to do is:

Step 1:
Open Safari and locate the Bookmark option. Tap the Clock button to open the History page.
iPhone Safari Browser Clock All Time Today Yesterday
Step 2:
The timeline option will appear when you tap the Clear button from the bottom of your screen.
Step 3:
Specify the time. It can be All Time, Today, Yesterday, Today and Yesterday, and Last Hour. Safari will remove the search history within the selected range.

Part 3. Best Way to Clear All Browsing History on iPhone

Use Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner to delete all Google Chrome and Safari search history. The AI tool has a cleaning algorithm to erase private data prone to hackers and malicious sites. It can clean up junk with one tap, freeing up more space and increasing performance. Meanwhile, you can connect iOS with a compatible USB cable and perform cleaning on Windows or Mac. The iPhone Cleaner supports removing duplicated files while the user can choose a safety level for wiping data on iOS. Try for free and clean the search history on your iPhone effectively.

iPhone Cleaner


Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner – Delete Photos from iPhone

  • Quick scan to delete all unwanted files and boost the browsing speed.
  • Support export and restore backup files from iPhone and other devices.
  • One-click erase all data and private data with a 100% safe process.
  • A universal tool to integrate with other platforms to backup and restore.
Step 1:
Download Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner and install it on your device. Launch once done with installation. Ensure you have the latest iTunes version ready on the computer. Then, connect the iPhone with a USB cable.
Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner Connect Device
Step 2:
When iOS is connected successfully, the iPhone Cleaner will show the device’s storage, use, and available space. Go to the More Info menu to see more details about your phone. You can also copy the information to the clipboard.
Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner Quick Scan
Step 3:
To erase all content and settings on the iPhone, click the Erase All Data menu from the left panel. Make sure no app is running or updating in the background, as all data is backed up to iCloud.
Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner Erase All Data
Step 4:
For the One-click Erase option, it will automatically scan and delete all private data. See more available tools on the Recommendation menu to restore, back up, and transfer data.
Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner Recommendation

Part 4. How to Remotely Wipe iPhone

Is it possible to erase the personal data and all settings of an iPhone that is not around? If the device is stolen or lost, you can still erase all information using the Find My feature on iCloud. Its main purpose is to locate the device, but it can also erase data, especially when you know you will never get it back. However, many requirements exist to use the Find My feature. First, the function is already enabled on the device with an Apple ID. Next, the phone must be turned on and connected to an internet connection. Once you are prepared, follow the instructions below:

Step 1:
From your browser, search for on your laptop. Sign in with your Apple ID and hit Enter.
Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner Connect Device
Step 2:
After successfully connecting the mobile device, click the Quick Scan button, and it will scan the phone’s file. Proceed with deleting files and uninstalling apps.
Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner Quick Scan
Step 3:
If you need to erase all data from the iPhone, you can choose the Erase All Data option from the left part of the interface. Choose one security level to prevent data recovery. Then, click the Start button.
Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner Erase All Data
Step 4:
The Custom Erase option selectively removes data, including call history, messages, and more. On the other hand, click the One-click Erase button to erase all data from the device immediately. Remember to back up all the files on your iCloud account before using these options. Enter your Apple ID passcode to proceed with deletion.
Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner Custom One Click Erase
Step 5:
In case you need other tools for file management, data recovery, and data extraction, go to the Recommendation menu and choose other Aiseesoft tools for quick action.
Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner Recommendation

Part 4. FAQs about Clearing History on iPhone

Why can't I clear my history on Safari iPhone?

It can be the Content & Privacy Restrictions option, which is used for age limits. You can turn it off by going to Screen Time on the settings. Tap the Content & Privacy Restrictions and enter the passcode. Tap the Unrestricted Access button and try cleaning the history on your iPhone.

How do you delete YouTube search history on the phone?

Open YouTube on your device and go to settings. Tap the Manage All History button to open the window. Tap Delete, and it will open a submenu. Choose the time range to delete search history. Then, it will automatically process the deletion.

How to clear Cash app history on iPhone?

Launch the app and tap the profile icon from the top right corner. Choose the Support option from the Something Else menu. Navigate to the Account Settings and tap the Delete Your Personal Information button. All data on the Cash app will be deleted immediately.

Is it possible to block cookies on my iPhone?

Yes. You can block the website cookies by going to the Settings app. Head to the Safari page and tap the Block All Cookies button. Confirm the action by tapping the Block All button when a prompt appears.

Should I always clear my search history on my iPhone?

It is up to you. Unless you want to keep your search history private, it is recommended to delete it often. In contrast, removing cookies and history will avoid slow browsing speed, and if that bothers you, clear them regularly.


Truly, it is easy to clear the history on an iPhone. This article guided you on how to remove cookies, caches, and history on Safari and Google Chrome. More options are also specified here to delete individual websites, selected time periods, and all data. Also, Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner is an additional program that can help you erase data from your iPhone with a single click. Visit the official website to see more exciting features!

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