Seamless Ways to Access Android Phone to PC [A Step-by-step Guide]

June 15, 2023Ashley Mae

Everyone believes that their smartphone, like Android, is their companion, so it is no surprise why we rely on it for many tasks. With that being said, we can consider them as the mini version of a computer since the standard size of a phone is fitter into our pocket. Even if it is considered the mini version, there are still limitations on the handheld device, which is why you will need to access and ask for the help of a PC. Whether for managing files, transferring data, or even troubleshooting, connecting the phone to PC is a reliable solution. As you delve further, you will discover detailed info about it and learn how to access Android phones on a PC to get all the benefits of this integration.

Access Android Phone on PC

Part 1. Best Way to Access Android Phone on PC Wired or Wirelessly for Free

It has been proven and tested that the Aiseesoft Phone Mirror can easily access Android files from a PC. Anyone who has tried the app believes that it is the best screen mirroring Android to PC app they can download, and now it can be yours as well. Connect your phone to your PC with the help of your internet or your USB cable easily. Once connected, you can do action on it, like manipulating the device screen using the mirrored version on your desktop.

Additionally, you can also do a quick screen capturing and screen recording without any delays. There is no need to worry about your phone compatibility since it supports other mobile phones OS such as iOS. Want to know how powerful this app works? If so, you can read the steps we have added beneath this information.

Step 1:
Download and install the Aiseesoft Phone Mirror on your PC by clicking the below button. After that, launch the application and download the FoneLab Mirror app by going to the PlayStore of your Android phone. Once everything is settled, launch both of the apps.
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Step 2:
Choose the Android device from the available operating system, and now we will teach you how to connect your phone to your PC wirelessly. Ensure that both your devices, PC and Android, are connected in the same name network for this to work.
Launch Android Mirror
Step 3:
After that, click the search button on the FoneLab app until the name of your computer appears. Click the Connect icon to start mirroring the Android screen to the PC.
Search and Connect
Step 4:
Now that you have successfully mirrored your screen to your PC, you can start playing, watching, and accessing applications on a bigger screen like your PC.
Mirror Phone to Desktop

Part 2. Default Ways to Access Android Phones on PC with Different Versions

1. Screen Mirroring

Most Android devices have a built-in screen mirroring to connect to your PC or Mac. With it, you can screen mirror an Android screen to a TV. But on this day, we will teach you how to access Android from the computer and start mirroring the screen.

Screen Mirroring Built-in
Step 1:
Open your Android Settings and activate the Screen Mirroring option available. Different versions of Android do support other names such as Smart View, Wireless Display, and many more.
Step 2:
When it is opened, go to the Windows notification area, and click Connect but make sure that both of your devices are connected with the same network name.
Step 3:
Click the Allow button when a notification appears on your Android device, and the mirroring will start.

2. USB Cable and Android Debug Bridge

To access Android from a desktop, use the USB Cable and the Android Debug Bridge. You can use an ADB command-line tool to access phone files and features. Here is how you can do it.

Step 1:
Open the Android Debugging option of your Android device inside the Developers Settings.
Step 2:
Download the Android SDK Platform Tool, connect your Android phone to your PC, and open the common prompt.
Step 3:
Navigate the directory where you installed the app on your PC, and enter the command adb device to see if your device is visible.
Step 4:
Use various ADB commands to access phone features and files.

3. Android File Transfer

Transferring between Android to PC is doable with the help of a USB cable. Now, we will show you how to access Android from Windows and start transferring files.

Step 1:
Connect your Android to the PC via a USB cable.
Step 2:
Swipe down your Android screen, and select File Transfer or Transfer File.
Step 3:
When the Android device is connected, you can now access all of the files you have on Android and transfer them to your PC.

4. Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Maximizing the potential of Google Chrome is a must, especially if you have it downloaded. Natively on Android, the app is already pre-installed, but on Windows, the browser is now, which means you will need to download it before you can access Android from a desktop via Google Chrome.

Chrome Extension
Step 1:
Download the Google Chrome Remote Desktop on the PlayStore.
Step 2:
Launch the downloaded Google Chrome on your PC, install it, and search for the Chrome Remove Desktop extension. Add the extension to your Chrome.
Step 3:
Sign your Google account on PC and Android to make this possible.
Step 4:
Follow the additional prompts to establish the remote connection.

Part 3. FAQs on How to Access Android Phone on PC

Are there any restrictions when accessing Android phones to PC?

Yes, there is a restriction when you access Android phones to PC, depending on the OS version, who manufactured the handheld device, and specific settings that have been made on the said Android phone. Mainly, the differences between each Android are the security, permission, and USB debugging.

Do the methods of accessing an Android phone on a PC work in all versions?

Screen mirroring, transferring files, ADB, and Google Chrome Remote Desktop are available across Android versions. However, some specific features are not available on another version, but most of it is supported.

Where can I access the Android screenshot?

Visit the Gallery app of your Android, and you will see a designated folder to check out every screen capture you have made on your device. Yet, some users customize the path where the screenshot will be located, which is why you will need to find where they are screenshot saved on Android aside from the Gallery app.


Now, you should understand that accessing Android phones to PC can be done differently depending on what you want to access. If you need to transfer files or access ADB and the Google Chrome Remote app, then we have added the methods you can follow to perform it. You can use the built-in method whenever you need to mirror the screen, but if you want to elevate the mirroring with remote control on a PC, you need to download the first app we have introduced.

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