Complete Guide on How to Change Siri's Voice by Changing Voice & More

June 15, 2023Ashley Mae

Most Apple users think Siri, the virtual assistant on Apple devices, has made lives more manageable. Through voice commands, everyone can search for different information without typing it in like we usually do. However, having the same voice heard repeatedly can become monotonous and boring. That is why Apple added features wherein users can change Siri's voice into different accents and languages. Learn how to change Siri's voice into your preferred accent and make it personalized and enjoyable.

Change Siri Voice

Part 1. How to Change Siri Voice on Your iPhone and macOS Quickly

Want to change the voice of Siri? This part will explain how to change it on your iOS and macOS. Follow the appropriate version so that your changing process is smoothly done.

From iPhone:

Step 1:
Select the Settings app and scroll until you find Siri & Search.
Step 2:
Inside that option, tap Siri Voice, and you will be able to see many voice options you can select, either men or women, with different accents and languages, depending on your region.
Step 3:
Select the voice you want, and tap the play button to review what it will sound like when used as Siri on your iPhone.
iPhone Change Siri Voice
Step 4:
When everything is settled, exit the app and say Hey Siri to activate the assistant and test whether its voice changes.

From macOS:

Step 1:
Press the apple icon atop your screen and open the System Preferences.
Step 2:
After that, click Siri, open the Siri Voice option, and click the drop-down button to see the available voice options you can choose from.
Mac Change Siri Voice
Step 3:
Before you set in the chosen voice, take a quick preview of it by clicking the voice.
Step 4:
When you have set the voice, close the System Preferences and try the Hey Siri activation to hear the new voice of Siri on your macOS.

Part 2. 4 of the Main Reasons Why Siri Voice Is Not Working - Solve the Issue Immediately

1. Outdated iOS Version

The Siri voice option may be tied to specific iOS updates, so if you are using an older version, the possibility of not having the Siri voice option is highly anticipated if you are using an older version. Updating the version of your iOS can resolve the issue.

2. Regional Limitation

Aside from the outdated version, you can encounter issues depending on your region. Regional Siri voices are available in a particular region that is not available in other regions. You can solve the regional limitation problem by changing the region. However, changing the region on your iOS to have more options for Siri's voice has various effects on a date, time formats, languages, availability of other features, etc. Before changing your region, you must understand these factors that may affect your overall experience using Apple devices.

3. Siri Language

Like regional limitations, your device might have a problem with the language set on your Apple device. Changing the language can allow broader voice options to choose from. But changing your device's language to another ethnicity can also have a drawback since the overall language appearing on your device will be the one you have set.

4. Device Limitation

Even updating the device version would only resolve the problem if the version you have has the prowess to change the voice of Siri. Instances may occur that the model of your device does not have the required hardware installed on it, which is why it did not meet the requirement. Therefore, you can not use voice assistant; purchasing a newer Apple device version is the best way to resolve it.

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Part 3. Top 2 Siri Voice Changer You Can Use on iOS for Free & Paid

1. Text to Speech! 4+

Text to Speech! is a Siri voice generator with advanced technology to create natural-sounding synthesized speech from your typed text. One of the standout features this app offers is its ability to customize the synthesized voice since you can adjust parameters to make it personalized. Additionally, you can also choose over 170+ voices available here. Overall, the app is a convenient yet powerful solution for generating speech like Siri provides.

Text to Speech


2. Voice Changer Plus

Voice Changer Plus has a different approach you can use to improve your voice via recording it and changing it with the effects available. With over 55 selections of voice effects and sounds, you can do many crazy things with the audio recording you have done here. Plus, you have the trimming control and full voiceover support. But some ads may appear, so you must purchase them.

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Part 4. FAQs on How to Change Siri Voice

How to delete Siri's suggestions?

Siri suggestions can appear on your home, lock screen, and Today View to quickly access all the information. However, there are times when iOS want to delete Siri suggestions from iPhone, and you can do that by going to the settings or pressing and holding down the widget until the Siri suggestion appears.

Who is Siri's voice?

The voice we often hear every time we activate the voice assistant on our Apple device is Susan Bennet, a voice actor. But the recording she took was for ScanSoft in 2015, but 2011 Apple used it.

Can I use SiriKit to work with Siri?

You can download the SiriKit app to work with Siri, which works similarly to voice activation on Apple devices. However, this app only works with six types of apps, namely Ride Booking, VoIP Calling, Payment, Photo Search, Workouts, and Messaging. Therefore, you must download an additional third-party Siri app that offers more than the SiriKit.


Customizing Siri's voice is simple, even if you use an iOS or Mac. If you need a tutorial, we have added the steps you can follow to achieve the personalized voice for your Hey Siri command. We hope this article helps you understand Siri's importance and how to change the default to something newer. Did we need to include other ways to customize the voice of Siri? If so, mention it in the section below.

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