How to Delete Apps from Siri Suggestions on iPhone Properly

January 07, 2022Ashley Mae

“The Siri suggestions feature on my lock screen is annoying, and everyone can read my new emails without unlocking my iPhone, how to delete Siri suggestions?” Since iOS 14, Apple added the Siri Suggestions widget to iPhone and iPad. It can appear on your home screen, lock screen, and Today View. With this feature, you can access new information quickly. However, this guide will explain how to delete Siri Suggestions from iPhone.

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Part 1. How to Delete Specific Apps from Siri Suggestions

Sometimes, the Siri Suggestions is a convenient way to read emails, new messages, and other notifications. If you just want to delete specific apps from Siri Suggestions, the methods below are available.

How to Delete an App from Siri Suggestions on Home Screen

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Step 1:
When you see an unwanted app appearing on Siri Suggestions widget, press and hold down it.
Step 2:
Then you will get a popup menu. Tap the Don’t Suggest item.
Step 3:
When prompted, tap Don’t Suggest button again to confirm it. Now, you won’t see the app on Siri Suggestions anymore.

How to Delete an App from Siri Suggestions by Settings

Step 1:
If you want to delete an app from Siri Suggestions but you cannot find it on the widget, open the Settings app from your home screen.
Step 2:
Choose the Siri & Search on the Settings screen. Now, you will see all apps on the widget.
Step 3:
Tap the desired app, toggle off the Suggest App under On Home Screen, and turn off Suggest Shortcuts for App under On Lock Screen . Disable Learn from this App too.

Note: Now, you may still see the app on Siri Suggestions on your home screen. You need to lock your iPhone and unlock it.

Part 2. How to Disable Siri Suggestions

Method 1: How to Disable Siri Suggestions Widget

Siri Suggestions works as a widget on iPhones and iPads. Therefore, you can delete Siri Suggestions from your iPhone by removing other widgets. Here are the steps to achieve it quickly.

Step 1:
Swipe right from your home screen until you enter the Today View.
Step 2:
Scroll down to the bottom and tap Edit.
Step 3:
Locate the Siri App Suggestions option, tap the red minus icon, and touch Remove. Tap Done at the top of the screen to confirm it.Edit.

Method 2: How to Disable Siri Suggestions from Settings

The Siri Suggestions not only appears in Today View but also displays on the Lock Screen, Home Screen, and Search. If you want to get rid of the feature from your iPhone completely, perform the steps below.

Step 1:
Fire up the Settings app from your home screen, and tap Siri & Search.
Step 2:
Scroll down to locate the Siri Suggestions section, and you will see several options.
Step 3:
Make sure to turn off Suggestions in Search, Suggestions in Look Up, and Suggestions on Lock Screen. Go back to your home screen and the feature disappears.

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Part 3. FAQs about How to Delete Siri Suggestions

How does Siri Suggestions work on iPhone?

According to Apple, Siri makes suggestions for what you might want to do next, such as calling into a meeting, opening and reading an email, and more. It displays app information on the widget on your lock screen, home screen, and more.

Can I customize Siri Suggestions?

Yes, you can customize Siri Suggestions in the Settings app, such as display or disable an app, show suggestions on the lock screen, home screen, and more according to your need.

How to prevent Siri Suggestions from sending my location?

Go to the Settings app, tap Privacy, and touch Location Services. Scroll down to System Services and tap it, and toggle off Location-based Suggestions.


Now, you should understand what Siri Suggestions is, how does it work, how to delete specific apps from it, or disable the whole suggestions on iPhone. Every coin has two sides, so does Siri Suggestions. It allows you to access information quickly but there are risks to leaking your privacy. Aiseesoft iPhone Eraser can help you to free up iPhone space or erase the data on iPhone securely. If you have better suggestions or other questions, please write them down below.

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