Walkthrough to Compress MP3 Online and Offline (Step-By-Step)

April 28, 2022Ashley Mae

No matter what your profession is in the music industry, whether you are a music freak, aspiring musician, a professional DJ, disk space can always be an issue. That can be said to be true if your collection of music is MP3 files. Obviously, you will have this collection if you are fond of listening to music, but you are surprised when you find out that your disk space is full.

Now, you wish to free up memory space on your device. You might think of deleting your audio files, but there is a better workaround you got to try. That is by compressing your MP3 files. There are a bunch of compressors out there that can help you do this. Here you will learn how to compress MP3 audio files as we tackle the 4 of the most helpful and valuable audio compressors.

Compress MP3

Part 1. How to Compress MP3 Files on a PC

1. Video Converter Ultimate

An effective tool to compress MP3 files, Video Converter Ultimate is a desktop app equipped with a lot of practical tools, including an audio compressor. The thing to look forward to about this tool is that it can compress media files up to 90% without hearing any difference from the original file. Additionally, you can preview the audio playback before the compression process begins. So, if there are necessary changes to be made, you can still achieve your desired results. This lets you tweak the format, channel, sample rate, and bitrate. Here is a walkthrough you should follow to compress MP3 files.

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Step 1.
Install the MP3 Compressor

To begin reducing the MP3's media size, click on any Free Download buttons provided. Open the package and install the program on your computer. Right after, launch it and circumnavigate the program's interface and functionalities.

shrink audio size by reducing the sample rate through frequency deduction. Optionally, it offers bitrate modes allowing you to select quality presets and reduce the audio file size. Moreover, you may convert your audio from stereo to mono, so the process will improve the audio quality of the resulting file. On the other hand, here is how to compress MP3 in Audacity.

Step 1:
Install and open the Audacity app on your personal computer.
Step 2:
mport your MP3 audio track to the app and export the file as MP3. Go to the File > Export > Export as MP3.
Step 3:
Then, a folder will appear. Below the interface is the Format Options. From here, select Bit Rate Mode followed by the Quality. Finally, hit Save to save the changes.
Compression Settings

Part 2. How to Compress MP3 Files Online

In this part, you will discover ways how you can compress MP3 files from the web page directly. Actually, many tools facilitate audio file compression. Thus, we researched the most reliable online audio compressors. Check them out below.

1. YouCompress

YouCompress is a browser-based audio file compressor that will help you reduce the file size of your MP3 files. It does get done in a very straightforward way. Observe below how to operate this app to compress MP3 online.

Step 1:
First off, visit the website app's homepage by typing its name on your browser's address bar.
Step 2:
ick on the Select file button and locate the audio track you like to downsize.
Add MP4 Track
Step 3:
After uploading the audio file, tick the Upload File and Compress button to start the compression process. The compressed MP3 file size is free to download. Just hit the Download button once completed.
Save Compressed File

2. AConvert

AConvert is an online freeware that allows downsizing audio files. With this tool, you can twerk the compression settings, including the audio bitrate and sample rate. Plus, you can choose your target format for the file. Learn how to compress MP3 files using this tool by referring to the steps below.

Step 1:
Go to the AConvert's official web page using any browser on your computer.
Step 2:
Once you reach the page, hit the Choose Files button and add your target audio file.
Add MP3 Audio
Step 3:
Next, adjust the Audio bitrate and Sample rate according to your requirements. Also, you may choose your output format for the file. Then, hit the Convert Now! button to initiate the compression process.
Compress MP3 Online

Part 3. Some MP3 Compression Techniques

We all know that MP3 files are lossy formats. But then, the file size can be large or small depending on how it is encoded and sampled. Here we collated a list of tips to help you reduce the file size of your MP3 files no matter their encoding and sampling properties.

  • Lower frequency settings help reduce overall file size.
  • Convert stereo to mono to improve the sound of compressed audio.
  • Always try to adjust the bitrate not lower or higher than 128 kbps.

Part 4. FAQs on Compressing MP3 Files

How can I compress MP3 files for WhatsApp?

Simply compress your chosen MP3 file using any mentioned program in this post and send the audio file back to your mobile phone. By then, you can send it directly from your mobile phone.

How can I compress MP3 files for email?

If you are only sending a large MP3 file, you may use the recommended tools. However, for a folder of MP3 files, you can zip them up in a folder and send them by email.

Is a CD better quality than MP3?

Undoubtedly, CDs have higher quality than MP3s due to the big difference in bitrate value. Also, music files stored on CDs are uncompressed. Yet, MP3 has the upper hand in portability and compatibility.


Therefore, no more worries regarding the disk storage problem. You can compress MP3 files effectively and keep all your favorite music tracks using these programs. Just pick the audio resizer that you prefer.

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