Best Solution to Convert DOC to PNG Using the Best Accessible Converters

September 01, 2022Gerald Christian

DOC is the default format when you export the word document you process on Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Typically, DOC files are supported in different word processors on Windows and Mac, yet there will be a time you will need to convert it into a raster image like PNG. Sadly, you can't directly export the .doc file as .png, but with a converter, it is possible. Here, we will present to you the easiest way to convert DOC to PNG in the fastest way manner.

Convert Doc to PNG

Part 1. How to Convert a DOC File to PNG In Less than a Minute

Aiseesoft Free JPG Word Converter Online is the most capable converter you will ever need to convert DOC to PNG. Though the name suggests that it is a DOC to JPG converter, you can still manage to make the output as a PNG or GIF. This converter is the perfect solution for converting because it is fast and effective.

Compared to the other converters online, this is the cleanest we have ever seen; you wouldn't see ads on it while using it. To teach you how to convert the word file into a PNG format, you can follow the succeeding steps we include below.

Steps on How to Convert DOC to PNG with Aiseesoft Free JPG Word Converter Online:

Step 1:
Open the web converter on your chosen web browser by searching the name it, or you can click this link. As we say, the tool is clean, and you wouldn't see any traces of ads on it, and you wouldn't need to download any installer to use it.
Step 2:
A folder will show on you once you've clicked the Add Word File. Select the .doc file and press Open to upload the image.
Add Word to Convert PNG
Step 3:
After uploading the.doc file, choose the output format on the list, and select PNG. Then click Convert to start transforming the DOC file.
Select PNG Output
Step 4:
Wait a few seconds to convert, then click Download to save the PNG file you convert here. It will directly download the file on your local drive.
Start to Convert Word to PNG

Part 2. How to Save Google DOC as PNG on Windows & Mac Operating System

How to save Google DOC as PNG? Is it possible to do it? The answer is no, you cannot export the doc file you've created on Google Doc as PNG, yet you can save it as ODT, RTF, PDF, TXT, HTML zipped, and EPUB. Other than the mentioned format, you cannot save the file as PNG. There are two ways to do it: exporting the format as .doc and using the tool we mention, or you can screen capture it on your Windows or Mac. There is no need to worry because we will only use the available screen capture tool on your Windows and Mac device so that you can easily save the DOC file as a PNG.

How to Save DOC File as PNG on Windows [Snipping Tool & Paint]

On Windows, you will need to use two tools to save the DOCX to PNG; these are natively available on the system, so you wouldn't need to download any files. To know how to do it, follow the steps we add below.

Step 1:
Open the Google Doc file you want to save as a PNG on your web browser.
Step 2:
To take a quick snap, you can tap Control + Shift + S, then choose what type of screen capture you want to do. You can do a rectangular, freeform, window, or full-screen capture; choose which option you prefer.
Step 3:
After you capture the Google Dos file, hit the windows key, type Paint, and launch the software by clicking it twice.
Step 4:
Hit Control + V to paste the image you screen capture, click the save icon, and press the drop-down to choose the PNG as output format. After that, click Save, and repeat the steps if you need to save more files on your Google Docs.

How to Save DOC File as PNG on Mac [Native Screen Capture]

On Mac, you wouldn't need to go into much trouble like on Windows because every image you capture is automatically saved on your desktop and is in the PNG format. So, if you want to start capturing the file and save DOC to PNG, follow the subsequent steps we add.

Step 1:
Open the web browser on Mac, then open the doc file you want to screen capture and save as PNG.
Step 2:
To take a screenshot, you can press any button we include. Suppose you want to capture the whole screen, press and hold Shift + Command + 3. Suppose you want to capture a portion of the Google Doc file; press Shift + Command + 4. If you want to capture a specific window or menu, press Shift + Command + 4 + Space, then place the small camera to capture the Google Doc file.
Step 3:
Once you've seen a thumbnail of the image you capture on the right corner of the screen, the file you capture is saved as PNG.

Part 3. FAQs on How to Convert DOCX to PNG

Can I save the DOC I created on Microsoft Word as PNG?

Like Google Docs, this word processing tool you can use can't export any document you process as an image. You can use either screen capture the image or convert it into a PNG format like the Aiseesoft Free JPG Word Converter Onlinecan do for you.

Can I create a DOC file on Mac?

Yes, Microsoft Word is available on Mac operating system. You can visit Microsoft's official website to download the official version of it on your OS, and it works the same as the PC version. So, if you have changed your OS to Mac, they still have the same looks and overall function.

Does converting DOC to PNG become transparent?

After you convert the DOC file into a PNG, the file will remain not transparent even though the PNG supports 1-bit transparency. So, if you worry about removing your file background, then worry no more because it won't.


The problem is solved! To save or convert DOC to PNG, you can screen capture it on your Windows or Mac or use a straightforward DOC to image converter like the Aiseesoft Free JPG Word Converter Online. If you have multiple files on your DOC, you better convert them to save them as PNG because taking a screen capture on each would be time-consuming for everyone who wants a hassle-free way.

There is no need to worry because this online tool is safe to access, and it is more capable of handling any problem you have regarding converting images into a standard format like PNG, JPG, and GIF. Did this article help you? If so, share this information with your relatives, friends, and others to help them solve the same problem you have encountered.

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