Techniques to Convert Image to WebP Lossless & Lossy Compression for Web

As a webmaster and web developer, you will need to optimize an image since the image creates more visits and eye-catchy interactions with the audiences on the web. Since blogs belong on the web, choosing the right format can be troublesome, for there are many options. Luckily there is WebP, a format that is well-optimized for the web. Due to its design on compression, the file size of WebP is much smaller than PNG's. So, if you want to change or convert the image to WebP format, you will need to use the included tools here with steps.

Convert Images to WEBP

Part 1. How to Convert Image to WebP Online for Free

1st Way. Convert.11zon

Convert.11zon is a Swiss army converter to convert images to WebP, compressor, PDF solution, and more. With this app, you can convert without worrying about how many times you can use it since it is limitless. Even though you convert multiple images into a new format, such as WebP, you wouldn't experience much processing time, for it supports a powerful conversion. You can experience speed and batch conversion with the help of the steps on how to use this app.

Convert 11 Zon

Steps on How to Use Convert.11zon:

Step 1:
Open the web converter and open the Image to WebP option.
Step 2:
Kindly click Select Image to import the photos you want to convert into a WebP.
Step 3:
When uploading is done, click Download or Download ZIP to export the WebP file.

2nd Way. Image-online Converter

Image-online Converter has a profound way of technicalities applied to how to convert images to WebP. With it, you can upscale images up to 4k by changing the output settings like what 4k offers. Despite having the same main function as other converters, this app has variations in converting, for you can set the advanced settings manually. Though it has this option, you can still choose this to convert your image into a new format by following the next steps.

Image Online Converter

Steps on How to Use Image-online Converter:

Step 1:
Use your browser to search for this converter's name and open it.
Step 2:
Select the Convert Image to WebP, and click Choose File to import the images you want to convert into a new format, or you can upload photos that are on your DropBox or Google Drive.
Step 3:
Next, change the optional settings based on your preferences, and afterward, click Start.
Step 4:
Wait for a few seconds for the app to process the imported file. When done, you will see that a Download button appears; click it to export the file.

Part 2. How to Convert Image to WebP Offline on Windows/ Mac/ Linux

1st Way. XnConvert

XnConvert is a well-developed app you can download on Windows, Mac, and Linux to convert images to WebP or another format. If you have a problem opening images since it is unsupported, you can use this converter, upload it here, and convert the file into a better format. Other than converting, you can also use this to resize images without stretching out the display. So, if you are wondering how this app works on converting the file, you can start copying the steps below.


Steps on How to Use XnConvert:

Step 1:
Download the app into your computer, launch the app, and press Add Files to import the images you want to convert.
Step 2:
Go to the Output menu and click Format; choose the WebP format on the drop-down list.
Step 3:
After setting the output format, click Convert to change and save the final output as WebP.

2nd Way. WebP Converter

WebP Converter is a straightforward application you can download, which means you can learn how to convert images to WebP, even if you are a beginner. With its simple UI, you can't do much other than alter the file into a WebP or converting WebP to JPG. Unlike the first offline tool, you can't download this app on Linux, for it doesn't support the system. So, if you want to try using this application, follow the steps below.

WEBP Converter

Steps on How to Use WebP Converter:

Step 1:
Install the app on its official website of it and launch it.
Step 2:
Press Add Images to upload the photos you want to convert into a WebP format extension. You are allowed to access and import image files from the computer.
Step 3:
Click the drop-down icon and choose JPG/PNG to WebP.
Step 4:
To start encoding the file, click Convert, which will be automatically saved into your local desktop drive.

Bonus: Ultimate WebP to Image Converter on the Web

What if you want to do the opposite thing of converting the image to WebP? In that case, choose Aiseesoft Free Image Converter Online to handle the task of converting the WebP into a popular format. With this converter online, you can save WebP as JPG, PNG, or GIF easily without losing the original quality. Though it doesn't support advanced options, you can let the AI decide to set the options for your fixed output format automatically. Moreover, you can upload multiple WebP images here and batch-process them into a new format. Follow the complete steps below to convert the WebP file into a new format.

Steps on How to Use Aiseesoft Free Image Converter Online:

Step 1:
Use your browser, search the Aiseesoft Free Image Converter Online, and open its official website.
Step 2:
Choose the output format from JPEG, PNG, or GIF before importing any image or WebP files.
Select Image Format
Step 3:
After selecting the output format, click Add Files to upload the WebP image you want to convert.
Import Image to Convert
Step 4:
Wait for the AI to convert the WebP files you upload into the selected output format. Under Result, you will see that the WebP file is successfully converted into a new format; click Download All to export the images you convert here.
Download All Converted Photos

Part 3. FAQs on How to Convert Image to WebP

Does WebP support animation?

Yes, WebP does support animation like what GIF has. However, the compression GIF support is lossless, while WebP is a lossy compression. So, if you convert WebP to GIF animation, your final output will remain a moving image.

Does transcoding an image to WebP makes the file size smaller?

Though the file size of the image will become smaller when converted to WebP, the original quality of it is still attached to the WebP. This format has better compression compared to JPEG and PNG.

What type of transparency does WebP support?

WebP lossy uses an alpha channel usually seen on most image formats that support transparency.


How to convert images to WebP? This question has been answered with the help of online and offline tools you can pick on the market. Plus, we include a tool you can use to convert WebP files into a popular and standard format such as JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

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