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September 13, 2022Jenny Ryan

Not long ago, users sought a reliable and easy-to-use PDF to TIFF converter to change their PDF file into a single editable TIFF file, but there are many tools on the market. Instead of trying all the converters on the market and wasting time, we will make things easier for you. We sifted them out and only added the well-founded and intuitive software, which you can access on the web or download on your desktop. Without further ado, let's jump straight to this topic and let us assist you in doing it!

Convert PDF to TIFF

Part 1. Why Do I Need to Convert PDF to TIFF Format?

Are you wondering why do you need to turn your PDF to TIFF? Many users wonder why they need to convert PDF files into a TIFF image format. Based on facts, there are several advantages you will get when you convert the file you have into a TIFF. Want to know what are these? Well, we include a few pointers that highlight the overall strength of the TIFF format.

1st Advantage. TIFF Produces High-Quality Images than PDF Image

TIFFs are considered a family of raster formats, for they use pixel data to build up the appearance of a digital file. The pixels show that the raster images develop more detailed imagery than vector images. Once you convert PDF to TIFF, you will see that the photo will become pixel-based.

2nd Advantage. TIFF Uses a Two-Way Compression

What do we mean by that? TIFF files can be saved as lossy or lossless compression, allowing you to shrink the file size without affecting the overall quality. It is much smaller if we compare the size of it to a PDF file. Most editors support a TIFF with lossy compression and TIFF with lossless compression as your final output.

3rd Advantage. TIFF supports Transparency, and Alpha Channel

PDF files are saved on Adobe PDF 1.4, Acrobat 5.0, or updated if you apply transparency flattener presets. At the same time, raster formats like TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPEG 2000, and more have transparency or an alpha channel bound into them, which is great for creating logos, design, etc. When you do a PDF to TIFF conversion, the transparency will remain.

4th Advantage. TIFF Supports Layered Images

You can add extra photo data and information, such as layers, with TIFF. You can edit them based on your preferences on Adobe Photoshop or the other TIFF editors you can use.

Part 2. How to Convert Files in PDF to TIFF without Downloading a Converter [Online]

Aiseesoft Free PDF PNG Converter Online is an AI tech-supported converter you can safely use on the web. Professionally, it is an ideal converter for it provides a final output that you can have on a professional tool but it is a beginner's great choice. There is no complexity on how to use it and no limitation on converting almost any image file into popular formats. So, do you want to know how to convert PDF to TIFF with this converter? Let's take a closer look at how this tool converts the PDF file you have on your desktop.

Step 1:
To open the web converter, click this link, which will directly lead you to its official website. There is no need to worry if it is safe to access because it is, and the converting process is secured.
Step 2:
Now that you are on the official website click Add PDF File to upload the PDF file you want to convert into a TIFF format. You can upload as many PDF files as you want here and convert them into a new format.
Upload PDF to Converter to TIFF
Step 3:
Under Convert to, choose the TIFF format to save the final output as .tiff. Then press Convert to start transforming the format into the TIFF.
Choose TIFF And Convert
Step 4:
When the final output is in the result, click Download to export the image file on your local drive. After 24 hours, the file will be deleted from the server immediately so that it won't exploit the file to anyone.
Export TIFF File

Part 3. How Adobe Converts PDF to TIFF in a Professional Manner [Offline]

Can Adobe convert PDF to TIFF? You can use Adobe Photoshop to convert the format into a new TIFF format. It is known and developed to be a professional converter that most experts love to use. With the advanced features and functions that Adobe adds, it already attracts millions of users across the globe, and because of that, we add it here. However, you will need to attain a plan here to continue using this software if you have finished the trial period, and its plan is pricey. This software is too much if you are about to use it as a converter, but if you have it, you can try out the steps we provided below.

Step 1:
Once you have downloaded and installed the software, proceed with launching it to start using this professional software you have on your desktop.
Step 2:
Firstly, upload the PDF file by clicking File, then Open. Choose the PDF file page you want to turn into a TIFF and press OK to load it up.
Import PDF File to Convert
Step 3:
You can edit the image if you want to by using this tool's features on the left side of the interface. If you don't want to edit the image, proceed to the last step.
Step 4:
Hit the File menu, press Save As, click the drop-down button, choose the TIFF, and press Save to download the converted PDF file on your desktop.
Convert PDF to TIFF File

Part 4. FAQs on How to Convert PNG to Vector

Does TIFF contain metadata?

Yes, it does store metadata; there is a known extended version of this format capable of storing geographical image data, known as GeoTIFF. If the metadata is inaccurate, you can use a metadata editor to adjust, change, and correct them easily./p>

Will the quality change after converting PDF to TIFF?

You will see that when you zoom in to the image, you will visually see that the picture isn't as sharp as the PDF because it is composed of vector images before. Once you zoom into the picture, you will see that the image now has a tiny pixel that every raster has. But the quality of the raster is superior, for it has data on each pixel that a vector image can't offer you. Quality might improve slightly, but it isn't much.

Can I open TIFF on any devices?

You can easily view the TIFF you have on your pre-installed application on Mac, Windows, and Android, yet on iOS, you will need to download a TIFF viewer. So, if you want to view your TIFF file without worrying if it is opened, you can change the format into a PNG.


Listed above are the advantages of converting PDF to TIFF and the tools you can use. We add to the tool by following the steps, and you can finally do the converting hands-on. Did we miss something on this topic? If so, you can mention that later by leaving a comment below!

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