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9 Best TIFF Viewers for Online/Windows/Android/iPhone

"I am looking for a good TIF viewer that opens quickly and doesn't use a lot of resources to install on our new Terminal Servers…"
"I need to find a TIFF viewer that is embedded into web browser. Moreover, it would be better if I can zoom, rotate and print TIFF files with built-in tools."
Tiff Viewer

Windows Photo Viewer and Photos programs are built-in TIFF viewer for Mac and Windows users. If you want to get other selections to open TIFF images only, then you can also find your best TIFF viewer from the following paragraphs.

Part 1: Top 3 TIFF Viewer Online

During this section, you can get online tools that help you access TIFF photos on web browsers. In another word, both online TIFF reader and plugin choices are available here.

1. Ofoct – TIFF File Viewer Online

Ofoct is a collection of online image viewers. You can get not only TIFF viewer online, but also ePub viewer, CR2 viewer, EPS viewer and more. As a result, you can open a TIFF file online with Ofoct site for free.

For more reading: Convert PDF eBooks to ePub.

Ofoct Tiff Viewer Online

2. TIFF Viewer – Chrome Plugin to Intercept TIFF Images

By installing TIFF Viewer Chrome plugin, you can access all .tif and .tiff files directly. Once TIFF Viewer detects the request of uploading a TIFF image, it can intercept and render the TIFF format by default.

Tiff Vviewer Chrome

3. AlternaTIFF - TIFF Web Browser Add-on for Windows Users

AlternaTIFF can display most types of TIFF image files in most web browsers. The only limitation is that it works on Windows operating systems only.

Tiff Viewer Windows Plugin

Part 2: 3 Best TIFF Viewer on Windows 10/8/7

If you want to get the real TIFF viewer software to organize TIFF images in large amounts, you can look through the following recommendations.

1. Free TIFF Viewer – TIFF Viewer Mac and Windows Compatible

Free TIFF Viewer software can help you open TIFF files instantly. There is no file size limitation, so you can view hundreds of thousands of TIFF files with ease. What's more, Free TIFF Viewer allows users to view TIFF pictures with Zoom in and Zoom out features effortlessly.

Free Tiff Viewer for Windows and Mac

2. Black Ice TIFF Viewer – View and Edit TIFF Files on Windows

You can run this TIFF file viewer to open and edit files in TIFF, JPEG and other image types. In addition, you can replace pages with multipage TIFF files in easy ways. What's more, Black Ice TIFF Viewer offers TIFF viewer Firefox and Chrome plugins as well.

Black Ice Tiff Viewer

3. XnView – View and Convert TIFF Images for Free on Windowse

XnView is the TIFF viewer freeware that can open and convert graphic files including TIFF images. Furthermore, XnView supports the batch conversion and customization for TIFF images as well.


Part 3: Top 3 TIFF Viewer for Android and iOS

For people who want to access TIFF images on portable devices, here are 3 excellent TIFF viewer apps you can get.

1. Multi-TIFF Viewer Free – TIFF Viewer Android APP for Free

Multi-TIFF Viewer Free is a useful application that allows you to view multi-page and single-page TIFF files. Once you install this TIFF viewer Android app, you can manage all TIFF images directly. To be more specific, you can deal with built-in browser, web browsers and other third party applications with ease.

Multi Tiff Viewer Free

You can get many features about viewing images on Android including TIFF files. Moreover, it supports many types of image files like uncompressed, packbits, LZW, Huffman and more. Thus, this can be your default image viewer to open all pictures in fast speed.

Fast Image Viewer Free

2. TIFF GIF Multipage – TIFF Viewer for iPhone and iPad Users

Just as its name shows, TIFF GIF Multipage allows you to open TIFF files, as well as images in GIF format. Thus, when you receive the multipage TIFF images by FAX, you can run this TIFF Viewer app.

Tiff Gif Multipage

Well, you can get 9 different choices to view TIFF files online and offline. No matter which TIFF viewer you take, you can always fix the incompatibility problem. At last but not least, you can also convert TIFF to other compatible formats to fix the problem.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any good TIFF file viewer. If you fail to view a TIFF file, feel free to write down in the comments below. We are glad to help you solve any problem whenever you need.

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