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The Easiest Way to Delete Songs from iTunes

If you don't like a song or an album in iTunes, you may delete the songs/albums from iTunes library. Or if you want to free up more hard drive space on iOS devices, you could also remove music on iPhone/iPod/iPad from iTunes. Deleting music from iTunes seems like an easy thing, but there are some hidden problems during the process of deleting songs from iTunes. Because of iTunes sync, Apple Music or iTunes Match, you may also remove the music from iPhone/iPod/iPad when deleting music from iTunes.

Delete Music from iTunes

For solving this kind of problem, here we will introduce several common situations when deleting songs from iTunes.

The handy guide for operation steps of deleting songs

To delete music from iTunes, first go to your iTunes library and find the songs or album you want to delete.

1. To delete one song, just click it once.

2. To remove several contiguous songs from iTunes, hold down "Shift" key when you click them.

3. To delete a few non-contiguous songs, hold down "Control" on PC or "Command" on Mac to pick on them.

4. To delete an album, go to album list to choose the album you want to delete.

5. To delete songs by artists, you can select the artist you want to delete on the artist menu.

After you chose the songs you want to delete, you can right-click on it and choose "Delete", go to "Songs" > "Delete", or press "Delete" key on keyboard.

So easy, right? But there are something more complicated appearing.

Deleting songs from iTunes with different options

Delete Songs Option

When you click "Delete", iTunes will pop up a reminder to ask you to remove songs from iTunes or delete them for good.

Remove Download

If you use Apple Music or iTunes Match and have downloaded the song to your computer, you can see the "Remove Download" option, and if you select "Remove Download", then the music files will be deleted from your hard drive, but the songs will still retain in your iTunes library. So if you want to listen to them again, you can redownload them from iTunes.

Delete Song

If you choose this option, you should be very careful, because once you choose "Delete Song", the song will be removed from iTunes library and iCloud Music Library (If you have Apple Music/iTunes Match on your iOS devices). Of course, this operation will clear Apple hard drive for you, but unfortunately, the song in iTunes library and any iOS devices that are syncing with your iCloud Music Library will be deleted. Therefore, make sure that you want to remove music from iPhone or other iOS devices and do this operation.

Keep File

Depending on versions of iTunes and Apple services you are using or if you press "Ctrl" and "Delete" at the same time on your keyboard, you could see this option. If you select "Keep File", you will delete songs from iTunes, but not remove the song files. So this is unworthy operation, because you cannot find the song, but only the file takes up space on your hard drive.

Move to Recycle Bin(Trash)

Choose this button will remove the song file from iTunes and move it to your recycle bin/trash.

Make sure you understand what happened to your iOS devices

When you delete songs from iTunes, you can remove them forever or just remove files while retain songs for redownloading them again. But what happened to your iPhone/iPod/iPad when you delete songs from iTunes? Let's see it.

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If you are using Apple Music or iTunes Match, every changes you made on your iTunes will automatically be applied to your Apple devices that are using the Apple services. And if you just sync your iPhone/iPod/iPad with computer, every changes you made to iTunes will be applied to your iOS devices when you sync them with iTunes next time.

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