Is It Possible to Enhance GIF Quality? Here is the Ultimate Guide

January 12, 2022Ashley Mae

If you have downloaded some GIFs online, or convert video to an animated GIF, you might find the animated GIF blurry and pixelated. Is there a method to enhance GIF? The animated GIF gathers the advantages for both video and photo in expressing emotions and conveying messages vividly. Just learn more about the reasons for the pixelated animated GIF, as well as the ultimate guide to increase GIF quality from the article.

Enhance GIF

Part 1: Why the Animated GIF Not Good in Quality

Why do GIFs seem blurry and pixelated than videos? The GIF format by the nature of its design supports only 256 colors max at the same time along with a single, index-based color for transparency, small files, best suited for short clips with pretty similar frames. It is the reason that animated GIF is not good in quality. What should you do to enhance GIF quality, especially when you need to convert videos to GIFs?

Here are some important tips you should know to increase the quality of GIFs. Implement lossy LZW compression instead of Gifsicle or Lossy GIF encoder. Choose the best size/quality ratio when converting video or photo to GIF. To avoid frame drop and enhance GIF, you should also choose the best frame rate. Moreover, you can also optimize the transparency to increase the animated GIF quality.

Part 2: The Ultimate Method to Enhance GIF Quality

Is there an all-in-one method to enhance the GIF? Whether you downloaded the GIF online or converted a video file to an animated GIF, Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is the initial choice to increase the GIF quality. It provides video resolution enhancing features and adjusts the frame rates. Moreover, you can also cut out the desired part, apply the video filters, edit the animated GIF with advanced features, and even create GIF from images.

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Best GIF Enhancer - Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

  • 1. Tweak the frame rate, output size, and more to make an animated GIF.
  • 2. Upscale the video resolution, remove noise, and enhance video quality.
  • 3. Enable you to make GIFs from a series of photos and videos directly.
  • 4. Apply different filters to make multiple variations of your input image.
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How to Enhance or Upscale Videos for Converting GIF

When you need to convert videos to animated GIFs, you can simply upscale the video resolution to enhance GIF. It provides 4 methods to increase the video resolution, such as up-scaling video resolution, reducing video shaking, optimizing brightness and contrast, and even removing video noise.

Step 1.
Download and install Video Converter Ultimate, you can launch the program on your computer. Go to the Toolbox menu at the top of the user interface and find the Video Enhancer option.
Toolkit New
Step 2.
Click the Plus button to import the desired videos into the program. It provides 4 different ways to enhance your GIFs, such as Upscale Resolution, Reduce Video Shaking, Optimize Brightness and Contrast, and Remove Video Noise.
Video Converter Tool
Step 3.
You can also upscale the video resolution to 4096 × 2160. Just view the enhanced video you want to convert animated GIF. After that, you can click the Enhance button before enhancing your GIF.

How to Enhance Downloaded or Converted GIF

Once you have up-scaled videos or downloaded the GIF, you can also use Video Converter Ultimate to make and enhance the GIF quality with the GIF Maker option. It enables you to adjust the output size and frame rate to get the desired animated GIF.

Step 1.
Go to the Toolbox menu and click the GIF Maker button. After that, you can choose the Video to GIF option to import the up-scaled video or upload the downloaded GIF with the Photo to GIF option.
Toolkit New
Step 2.
Click the Plus icon in the toolbar to upload a video or images that you want to enhance animated GIFs. Choose the desired output size and select the original or optimal frame rate.
Make Gif New
Step 3.
Once you have enhanced the GIF file, you can click the Folder button, and select a specific folder in the Save to box. Click the Generate GIF button to begin creating GIFs.

Part 3: FAQs about Enhancing Animated GIFs

How do I download a GIF from Tenor?

When you need to download an animated GIF, you can locate the desired GIF file, right-click on the GIF image and select the Save image as… option. After that, you can select the location and keep the format in GIF. Just import the animated GIF to enhance the quality.

Can you upload a GIF to Instagram?

No. Because Instagram does not currently support uploading GIF images, if you want to share the animated GIF files with the social media site, you can convert GIF to a video format beforehand. After that, you can upload the video to Instagram accordingly.

How to find out what resolution of a GIF file?

Open the GIF and keep the cursor on the file, then the resolution of your file will appear. Also, you can try to enter the Image Properties option and check image details. If you are a Mac user, the image resolution for GIF is shown right under the name of the image.


This article mainly explains why the GIF usually seems blurred and the best method to enhance the quality of GIF. Whether you want to convert video to GIF with high quality or loop GIF automatically, Video Converter Ultimate should be the ultimate solution you should try.

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