Trouble Shooting Guide: How to Fix Choppy Video Playback for Beginners & Pro

July 19, 2023Jenny Ryan

Are you tired of experiencing choppy video playback, and now you are looking for a solution? It can be incredibly frustrating when videos fail to deliver smooth and continuous motion, freezing momentarily or skipping frames, ultimately hampering your viewing pleasure. Fear not, as we're here to address this issue comprehensively. In this article, we will explore the various reasons behind choppy playback and provide practical solutions. Additionally, we'll introduce specialized tools to help you overcome these challenges and restore your ability to watch videos with joy and uninterrupted flow. So, sit back, relax, and let us guide you through this article to swiftly resolve the playback problem, allowing you to immerse yourself in seamless video enjoyment.

Fix Choppy Videos

Part 1. What is a Choppy Video

Choppy video refers to a video playback or streaming experience characterized by uneven or irregular frame rates, which results in a jerky or stuttering appearance. Indeed, it is a real setback when it comes to enjoying a seamless viewing experience. Instead of continuous motion on video, there are momentary freezes or skip frames, making it difficult to watch. When it comes to understanding the reasons behind the video playback problem, several common issues can contribute to this problem. Let's explore the five main reasons:

Part 2. Why Does the HandBrake Output Choppy Videos & Ways to Fix It

When it comes to transcoding, Handbrake has the power to convert video format or codec into a new form you desire. Aside from that, the app can export the file with the same video quality or based on the configuration you set before exporting. No matter how good an app is, you may experience an unsuccessful result, which the app leads you to a choppy output. The reason behind it is that only some are suspected. That is why we are here to get detailed on it. Continue reading this because Handbrake videos are choppy and happen in real-time. Let's see the possible solution before using it to ensure smooth results.

1. Hardware Resources

Reason: Video converting is a resource-intensive task requiring a powerful computer for processing. Handbrake sets a certain standard for transcoding that a computer needs to follow.

Solution: Upgrading your hardware or using a better computer can help the transcoding process run smoothly.

2. Video Source

Reason: Using a damaged video and converting it into a newer format will not solve the damage problem of it, but it will make it worse. It includes videos with missing frames and non-standard encoding, which can affect the final output.

Solution: First, try using video repairing software to fix the problem on your damaged or corrupted video and then convert it here again.

3. Software Version

Reason: Older versions of Handbrake have limitations, such as bugs and performance issues leading to choppy output.

Solution: Update the app and get the newest version wherein the bugs and other performance issues have been resolved.

Part 3. Why Gopro Videos Choppy on the Computer & How to Fix

Why are GoPro videos choppy on the computer? Because of the encoding that is used. A GoPro video's encoding is more intensive than other formats. That is why you will need the Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player to play the GoPro videos on your computer without the choppiness. The app is recognizable since it features advanced processing that can play videos smoothly that you can enjoy watching. So, if you want to upgrade your default video player with a video player with speed control on Windows or Mac, this is the one you will ever need.

Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player
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Part 4. 2 Ways to Fix Choppy Video & Have the Best Video Output Ever

1. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

Instances may occur that video will not play properly because of the encoding or format it has on the media player; that is why you will need to convert it into a newer supported format. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is a certified video transcoder that you can use to fix compatibility issues with a video or audio file. The app features advanced transcoding and editing capabilities on par with professional tools. Despite having the feature of it, the app remains simple and easy to use for everyone. So, if the video is choppy because of the format or encoding, follow the steps below and let us help you solve it.

Step 1:
To get the app, click the download button below, install it promptly, and launch the application afterward.
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Step 2:
After that, drag and drop the video file you want here or click the big + button to import files from your folder. You can upload as many video files as you want, and it does support batch conversion.
Upload Video to Convert
Step 3:
Next, click the drop-down button to see the available format supported here. Here, you can select a pre-made setting based on your selected video format and create personal customization.
Choose Output

Optional: Now that you have selected the video format, you can click the ultrafast conversion and hardware acceleration for the app's fastest converting process.

Activate Ultra Fast Conversion
Step 4:
When everything is done, click the Convert All button, and the process of converting will begin now.
Start Video Converting

2. Aiseesoft Video Repair

Aiseesoft Video Repair is a reliable solution when encountering video corruption and damage, but now you can also use the app to fix digital errors such as choppy frames. It is a recognizable app because of its modern user interface and the unique approach it provides for processing the video. Although the app has similar features and advanced algorithms, it remains easy for everyone attempting to fix their video issue. Are you interested in how good this app is? Read the steps below to learn how to use it.

Step 1:
Download the video repairing software on your computer and follow the installation process it requires. Click the download button below to have the package.
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Step 2:
When that is done, launch the app and upload the choppy video on the part where it asks you to upload the corrupted or damaged video. On the other side, upload a reference video in the same format as the one you upload. Then, click Repair to begin the processing.
Add Video to Repair
Step 3:
After that, click the Save button to download the repaired video on your computer. Now, you can watch the video fixed on your native or third-party video player without experiencing the choppiness ever again.
Save Repaired Video

Part 5. FAQs about Choppy Videos

Why does Premiere Pro export videos choppy?

When the app crashes while exporting, there is a high chance that the video will become unstable or incomplete. It is important to note that when exporting, especially longer video, there must be no interruption, and ensure that your computer is suitable for the Premiere Pro standard.

Why sharing videos on teams choppy?

Ensuring a strong connection is a major factor when presenting a video over Teams. Slow internet delivers a delayed output to your end and them. Before entering a conference meeting, check your internet connection to see if it is stable enough to share video on Teams.

Why is the 4k video choppy?

Your device can not properly process a 4K res video because it is a new version of the resolution and uses an old hardware version. As a result, the video will become choppy or laggy, depending on the situation.

What role does hardware play in choppy videos?

More hardware resources, such as a weak CPU or graphics capability, can impact video playback. Upgrading hardware or using a more powerful device can help ensure smoother video playback.

Do I need a video card to play a video on the computer?

Plugging a video card into your desktop is unnecessary if you want to have video playback since modern PCs have built-in GPUs which handle the playback. However, if you want to play a high res video or engage in a graphics-intensive task, then a video card is what you will need.


In conclusion, choppy videos can happen at your end, so you will need dedicated software to help you solve it. We hope you learned a lot thru the tutorial and the information we added here.

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