Complete Tutorial on How to Repair Videos on Windows, Mac, and Android

July 12, 2023Jenny Ryan

Video repair is a crucial process that involves restoring and resolving issues in damaged or corrupted video files. It encompasses various techniques to analyze the video file's structure and identify its errors or inconsistencies. Thanks to remarkable technological advancements, we can now access powerful tools that can efficiently repair video files by recovering missing or corrupted data, reconstructing file headers, rectifying encoding problems, and addressing synchronization issues between digital components.

However, it's important to note that the effectiveness of video repair ultimately depends on the software you choose to utilize. Some software options offer automated features that require minimal user intervention, while others provide advanced manual repair options for more precise control. This article has curated a list of the best tools for repairing damaged or corrupted videos. By exploring these tools individually, you will gain insights into their capabilities and learn how to utilize them for video repair effectively.

Repair Video

Part 1. Ultimate Approach to Repair Video on Your Computer Easily & Effectively

Aiseesoft Video Repair is a widely recognized tool for repairing video files quickly and effectively. The app features an advanced repairing algorithm only available on premium-class applications like this. The app proves it can fix any video format if you upload a sample video it can reference. Imagine having this tool at your disposal, and you would not need to become an expert in fixing your issue on video. If you are wondering how to use it, the steps provided here will teach you how to use it.

Step 1:
First, you must download the software by clicking the download button below. Open the downloaded package on your computer, install, do the quick setup, and launch it immediately to start using it.
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Step 2:
On the main interface, click the + button to import the corrupted video first. Then, the other + button to upload a sample of a complete video can be either the same format or the same device to capture. After that, click Repair.
Import Video
Step 3:
Before you export the repaired video, you can take a quick preview of it, and if you are satisfied, click Save to export the repaired video and enjoy watching it on your computer.
Save Fixed Video


  • It is a perfect video-repairing tool for beginners and pros.
  • The app offers an advanced algorithm to analyze broken or corrupted videos.
  • It offers a quick preview of the repaired video before exporting.
  • It supports varieties of video formats and codecs to fix.
  • Regular software updates with bug fixes and improvements.


  • It is paid.
  • You need to download it on your computer before you can use it.

Part 2. Repair Damaged Video via Open-source Media Player on Windows & macOS

VLC Media Player can help you fix video errors immediately. This video player has a built-in feature wherein you can upload a broken video, and the player will process i, and you can also use VLC to edit videos. But the repairing feature offers only basic, which means fully damaged video can not be fixed here. If you want to try using this to fix your broken video, follow the steps we provided below.

Step 1:
Launch the VLC player on your computer, go to the Media menu, and select Convert/Save from the list that will appear. Inside the Open Media dialogue box, click Add to import the video.
Step 2:
In the same dialogue box, hit Convert/Save, and a newer dialog box will appear. Select the destination or folder provided.
Step 3:
Click the dropdown menu and select the conversion profile from the list that appears. Hit Start to begin the conversion process.


  • Free to access on any device.
  • You can play corrupted videos for a few seconds or minutes.
  • It supports multiple of video formats and codecs.


  • The repairing feature is minimal.
  • Fully damaged videos can’t be fixed here.

Part 3. Fix Broken Video Files on Your Android in a Minute

MP4Fix Video Repair Tool can repair damaged video files on any Android device. With it, analyzing the video file structure and repairing power on every damaged or corrupted MP4 file is not at par with other apps. However, the app can not fix videos downloaded online, limiting its fixing prowess. Also, it can only fix damaged MP4 and phone camera recordings. To know how this app works, follow the steps below.

MP4 Fix Android
Step 1:
Download the app by going to the Play Store and then launch the app.
Step 2:
Once you have opened the app, tap Select Video, and let the app access your photos library on Android. Pick the video that is corrupted in the folder that will appear.
Step 3:
When analyzing is done, tap the Repair to fix the problem of your video. And you will be no longer bothered by the videos not playing on Android issue.


  • Free to download on any newest Android version.
  • The app UI is straightforward.
  • It functions with simple operation.


  • MP4 is the only one supported.
  • There are limitations on what video you can upload here.

Part 4. How to Fix Corrupted Video Files Using Multimedia Framework

FFmpeg is a free multimedia framework to fix corrupt video files. It uses a command-line tool that provides a variety of libraries and programs for processing multimedia data, such as upscaling video resolution to HD/4k. Since it has covered most of the needed features, the app has become widely used and is highly versatile for media production, video transcoding, streaming services, editing, and more. To know how to use this app, copy the codes we included below and the steps accordingly.

Step 1:
Download and set FFmpeg on your computer. After that, launch the command prompt or terminal window on your desktop.
Step 2:
After that, use ignore_errors to fix certain types of corruption on your video file. Run the following command like this. ffmpeg -err_detect ignore_err -i input.mp4 -c copy output.mp4. Remember to change the input.mp4 with the video file name, the format of your corrupted video, and output.mp4 into your desired output file name.
Step 3:
To start the processing, hit Enter on the command you have changed and wait for it to process. When it is complete, you can now open the corrupted video file on the media player on your computer to see if it is already restored to its original state.


  • It offers a wide range of processing capabilities.
  • It supports the popular video formats and codecs.
  • Free and open-source software with frequent updates.


  • The command-line interface may require some technical knowledge.
  • No dedicated GUI.
  • Repairing video difficult will always depend on the corrupted video state.

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Part 5. Comparison Table about the Video Repair

Whenever you need to fix a broken video file, you can depend on all of the tools we included here. To have a deeper insight into each tool, we have included a comparison chart to see the difference and similarities of each app.

Features Aiseesoft Video Repair VLC MP4 Fix Video Repair Tool FFmpeg
Platform Supported Windows & Mac Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android Android Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android
User Interface Userfriendly with the best graphical interface Userfriendly with a graphical interface Command-line interface Userfriendly with a graphical interface
Repair Capabilities Fixes any type of video format quickly using an advanced algorithm Limited repair features, only playback Repairing corrupted MP4 files on Android Wide range of video processing capabilities, including repair
Supported Input/Output Format Supports all of the popular video formats and codecs Supports a wide range of video formats and codecs Focuses specifically on MP4 files only Supports a wide range of video formats and codecs
Easy to Use Easy Average Average Difficult
Previewing Supported Yes No No No

Part 6. FAQs about Video Repair

How to repair an 8mm videotape?

First, inspect the tape to identify the extent of the damage. If the tape is loose or tangled, gently wind it back into the cassette using a pencil or your fingers. If the tape is broken or torn, use a fine-tip tweezer to align the edges, and you can place a small clear adhesive tape over the tear, then trim the excess tape using a sharp blade or scissors. Straighten out the affected section using your fingers if crinkles or wrinkles happen. If it is severely damaged and requires splicing, you can ask for professional assistance in doing it.

How do I uncorrupt a video on my phone?

To do it, you will need specialized software that can help you fix corrupted videos on your phone, like the MP4Fix Video Repair Tool on Android. The app can help you fix corrupted MP4 files and retrieve all possible data that can be restored.

Is there an app to fix broken videos?

Yes, there are apps that you can use to fix broken videos however, there are limitations in their capabilities because every other repairing software can not fix fully damaged videos. An advanced algorithm-supported app gives you a bigger chance of repairing any type of broken video.

Does repairing corrupted video easy?

Depending on the software that you will use. The difficulty of repairing will always depend on what method or technique you will use.

Can I do video repairing even without experience?

Yes, you can easily repair a video using Aiseesoft Video Repair. The app is easy to use, and even beginners can get the hang of using it.


Now, you have ideas on how to repair broken videos with the methods we have introduced here. Follow the steps to learn how to, but if you do not know what to use, then start using first Aiseesoft Video Repair to have instant success on the first attempt.

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