5 Easy Methods to Make Time-lapse Videos with High Quality

December 22, 2021Ashley Mae

Time-lapse is a magic technique on your phone to take a long-time video of scenery but export it in a short time. It's wonderful to record the movement of clouds, the rising of the sun, the ebb and flow of the tide. This function is available on most mobiles to make time-lapse videos and capture beautiful natures easily. But do you know you can also make a normal video to time-lapse? No need to find powerful cameras with the time-lapse function, you can use video speed controllers to make time-lapse videos with high quality and smooth. Here are 5 efficient ways for you. Keep reading and learn more!

Make Time-lapse Video

Part 1: The Ultimate Way to Make Time-lapse Video with High Frame Rate

To make time-lapse videos from the videos at normal speed, you can simply use Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate to speed up the videos on Windows/Mac. In this way, you can keep the high frame rate of the time-lapse videos, which will provide higher quality than the time-lapse videos taken by phones. Moreover, you can adjust the video quality, frame rate, resolution freely to export high-quality videos.

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Best Software to Create time-lapse Videos on Windows/Mac

  • Speed up videos at a maximum of 8x speed to make time-lapse videos easily.
  • Able to adjust the video frame rate and resolution to keep the high quality.
  • Choose the most suitable speed according to the previewed effects.
  • Provide additional editing tools to add effects and filters to time-lapse videos.
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Step 1:
Download Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate on Windows/Mac and launch it. Choose the Toolbox menu and click the Video Speed Controller tool. Then click the Plus icon to add the desired videos to this time-lapse video maker.
Step 2:
After a window pop up, you can choose the speed from 0.25x to 8x. To make time-lapse videos, you'd better adjust the speed at an 8x rate, which equals the 4 fps videos taken by your phones. Of course, you can preview the effect in real time and change the speed rate freely as you like.
Video Speed Controller
Step 3:
Before exporting videos, click the Output button and adjust the video format, resolution, frame rate, and quality. Thus, you can make time-lapse videos with a high frame rate and quality. Then click the OK button to save the changes and click the Export button to save the videos.

Part 2: Top 3 Best Time-lapse Video Makers on Windows/Mac

There are also many powerful video editors that support speeding up and making time-lapse videos. You can learn about 3 easy-to-use time-lapse video makers with their pros and cons in the following.

1. LRTimelapse (Windows/Mac)

As the name said, LRTimelapse is a professional time-lapse video maker with powerful editing features. It supports video speed controlling, frame-by-frame editing, keyframe generation, and rendering. You can apply different speed rates in the same video.


  • Supports high quality of even 8k resolution.
  • Make time-lapse videos with animation and flickering effects.


  • A complex interface with many unnecessary values for beginners.
  • Can only be used after the installation of Lightroom.

2. Final Cut Pro (Mac)

Final Cut Pro is a famous video editor that supports making time-lapse videos at the desired speed. You can adjust the speed rate freely without a fixed value. But it has a limit to the speed of 2x, which can't achieve the effect of time-lapse videos taken by phones.


  • Flexible adjusting and editing functions.
  • Preview the playback speed and customize it at any time.


  • Only support the maximum 2x speed rate.
  • Very expensive for the pro version.

3. MakeAVI (Windows/Mac)

Unlike the above two time-lapse video makers, MakeAVI is designed for making time-lapse videos from multiple pictures. You can import more than 4000 images in one video and export time-lapse videos in AVI format.


  • Adjust the fps to make time-lapse videos.
  • The best software to make stop-motion animations.


  • Can only export videos in AVI format.
  • Pretty basic without any additional editing tools.

Part 3: How to Make Time-lapse Videos from Photos on Android/iPhone

As mentioned before, Android and iPhone support making time-lapse videos through the default function on photos. Although it will reduce the frame rate and lower the quality, it's very convenient to use. Here are the steps:

Step 1:
Open the Camera app on your Android or iPhone. For iPhone users, you can swipe right to find the Time-lapse feature. And on Android phones, you need to swipe left to choose the More option and find the time-lapse tool.
Step 2:
After choosing the time-lapse function, you can also click the Settings button to adjust the interval, stabilization, and encoder. Then click the REC button to start taking time-lapse videos, and it will be automatically saved in the Photos app.

Part 4: FAQs about Making Time-lapse Videos from Normal Videos

1. How to make time-lapse videos through iMovie?

After you import the desired normal videos on iMovie, you can right-click on the clips. Then choose the Speed option and click the Fast or Custom button to make time-lapse videos.

2. Is there a limit to taking time-lapse videos on iPhone?

iPhone only supports taking time-lapse videos with 40 seconds. It means that your videos will have a lower frame rate when you take longer time-lapse videos.

3. Can I slow down the time-lapse videos to normal videos?

Yes, you can. But time-lapse videos always have a low frame rate, thus the videos will lag and stuck after you slow down them.


This article has introduced 5 efficient ways to make time-lapse videos. In addition to the original way to take time-lapse videos on Android/iPhone, you can also use video editors to make time-lapse videos from normal videos by speeding up. Click to learn more on how to make 2x videos. If you have other questions, leave your comment below.

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