How to Measure Distance on Different Devices Using Google Maps

September 06, 2022Ashley Mae

You often need to calculate the distance between 2 or more points on the map. For instance, you want to measure the distance between 2 cities. Almost all map apps can help you measure mileage in a straight line. So you may wonder, how to measure distance on Google Maps?

The location services of Google Maps on your Android phone, iPhone, iPad, or computer allow you to easily determine the distance between two points. This post will guide you to map distance measuring on Google Maps. What's more, we share another easy way to help you measure the distance between 2 or more addresses.

Measure Distance on Google Maps

Part 1: How to Measure Distance Between Two Addresses Using Google Maps

Google Maps is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Windows PC, and Mac. You can use the Google Maps app or its web version on different devices. It can show you real-time GPS navigation, traffic, transit information, nearby local businesses, and more. You can easily figure out your location, get driving directions, and measure the distance between two pinned locations. This part will show you how to use Google Maps to calculate distance on portable iOS/Android devices and computers separately.

Use Google Maps to measure distance on Android phone, iPhone, and iPad

Step 1:
The Google Maps app is pre-installed on Android devices. So as an Android user, you can directly open it. While for an iOS user, you need to free install the Google Maps app from App Store first.

You can use similar steps to measure distance on Google Maps, whether you are using an iPhone or Android phone. So here we take the iPhone as an example to show you how to make the map distance measuring.

Step 2:
When you enter Google Maps, you can wait for a few seconds and let the app display your current location. You can scroll down to check the hotels nearby and other information. Tap anywhere on the map to raise a red pin. Under the Dropped pin, you can get other options like Directions, Start, Save, Label, and Share.
Step 3:
Tap on the Measure distance option, and drag the map to another address you need. While dragging the map, you can see the distance changes. You can see the distance between two points. You can tap the Add point in the bottom-right corner to measure distance in miles (mi) and kilometers (km). After that, you can drag the map to calculate the distance among three or more addresses.
Measure Distance Google Maps App iPhone

Measure distance on a computer using Google Maps

Step 1:
Open a web browser like Chrome and go to the Google Maps website on your computer. It will also display your current location based on your PC's ID and GPS location services.
Step 2:
Input one address in the search box of Google Maps and click on the Search button to get there. You can right-click on it to display the Measure distance feature. You need to use it to measure distance on Google Maps.
Google Maps Measure Distance Feature
Step 3:
To determine the distance between two places, just simply click another place on the map. You can see the distance in miles (mi) and kilometers (km) in the Measure distance popup.
Measure Distance Google Maps

Part 2: How to Measure Distance or Change Location Using AnyCoord

When you want to accurately measure distance between two addresses, you can also rely on the easy-to-use AnyCoord. It is mainly designed for changing your GPS location to any other position to stop sharing your location with others on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, or to play games and use apps. You can free download it on your Windows 11/01/8/7 PC or Mac to calculate distance with ease.



AnyCoord - Measure Distance on Map

  • Measure distance between two points on Windows PC and Mac.
  • Change the current GPS location to a virtual one for playing games and using apps.
  • Offer One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, and Joystick Mode to move your route.
  • Fake iPhone GPS location to stop sharing location and protect privacy.
Step 1:
After free downloading and installing this location calculator and changer software on your device, you can launch it and then click on the Start button. Connect your iPhone to it using the USB cable. Tap Trust on your iPhone screen to establish the connection successfully.
Click Start Button
Step 2:
You can see the Modify Location feature and three modes when you enter its home window. To easily measure the distance from one address to another, you can choose the Multi-stop Mode.
Choose Multi Stop
Step 3:
You can enter and locate the start place in the box or directly select the target point on the map. Then you can input another destination address. After that, the distance calculator will automatically calculate the distance for you.
Find Distance Between 2 Addresses AnyCoord

When you need to change or fake your current iPhone location and prevent others from tracking your real-time address, or you want to switch to a virtual location for playing games and using applications, you can also rely on it.

Part 3. FAQs of Map Distance Measuring on Google Maps

Can I measure the distance between two addresses in Find My?

No. The Find My app is specially designed to help locate your Apple devices. It is not a map app for measuring distance or opening two addresses.

How to measure distance on iPhone using Apple Maps?

Open the Apple Maps app, enter and search for the destination location, and choose your target location from the search results. Apple Maps will automatically measure the distance and show it to you. You can also use its Dropped Pin feature to easily calculate the distance between two points.

Can you measure the distance between two zip codes?

There are many ZIP code distance calculators offered on the market that can help you measure the distance between two addresses through zip codes with ease. You can also measure distance through zip codes using Excel.


This post has mainly talked about how to measure distance on Google Maps. You can follow the related guide, whether you want to calculate the distance between two addresses on a computer or directly on your portable iOS/Android device.

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