iTools Pokémon Go- How to Change Location to Get Rare Pokémon

August 12, 2022Ashley Mae

Is it possible to get a rare Pokémon outside your area, but without actually going there? Yes, you can use iTools for Pokémon Go and spoof location to virtually being there. Since Pokémon Go is a VR game that requires you to catch the Pokémon in the real spot offline, you may go outside your house to catch some. However, there are some rare ones you really want but are outside your community or far away from your home. iTools Pokémon Go can solve it. Without further ado, see the content below to find out how to do it and the best alternative to iTools.

iTools Pokémon Go

Part 1: How to Use iTools for Pokémon Go

You can easily catch a rare Pokémon in your house with iTools Pokémon Go. iTools is a powerful data migration tool specially designed for iOS devices and can even help you spoof location on Pokémon Go with the Virtual Location function in it. You can use this function to fake your location and play the game without going outside your home. Hatching eggs can be easier then. Moreover, with the detailed steps below, you will find it very simple to use iTools for Pokémon Go and catch Pokémon at home.

Step 1:
Go to the official website of ThinkSkySoft and click Products to choose iTools. Free download and install the iTools on your device.
iTools Pokemon Go Free Download
Step 2:
Connect your iOS devices to the computer and launch the iTools. You need to click Toolbox at the top of the main interface and find the Virtual Location.
iTools Pokemon Go Virtual Location
Step 3:
Click Virtual Location and you can enter the location name on the search bar at the top or click on the map to randomly choose a site. Then click Go or Move Here. Once done, open Pokémon Go, and your character will be in the new location.
Spoof Location iTools Pokémon Go

Part 2: Best Alternative to iTools Pokémon Go

As the best alternative to iTools Pokémon Go, Aiseesoft AnyCoord can help you change the GPS location without any hassle. With this handy software, you cannot only show up virtually in a spot but also walk from one spot to another and find Pokémons along this route or area.

Bad weather or long distance will never be the obstacles that prevent you from capturing your favorite Pokémon characters. Finally, you can play Pokémon Go at home without any geographical or weather restrictions.



AnyCoord - Set Virtual Location for iPhone

  • Move freely on the map with Joystick mode.
  • Set precise virtual location to spoof Pokémon Go.
  • Play Pokémon Go on iOS devices without walking.
  • Customize a fake route to pretend your iPhone location.
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How to Use iTools Pokémon Go Alternative

Step 1:
Free download and install this iTools alternative on your computer. Next, you need to connect your phone to the computer via a USB cable. Then, launch the program and click the Start button on the main interface.
Click Start Button

A window will pop up on your iPhone after connecting to the computer, and you need to tap Trust to access all functions.

Step 2:
You need to click the Modify Location button on the left side of the window. Then, a map will show up. You can change your location by typing the destination on the search bar above or dragging your mouse cursor on the map and clicking to find a location.
Map Interface
Step 3:
Once confirm your choice, just click the Confirm Modify button or Move To button to spoof your location and let your phone virtually be there. Open Pokémon Go on your phone and your character will be on a new spot. Then, go and catch a new Pokémon.
Click Confirm Modify

Part 3: FAQs about iTools Pokémon Go

Is it safe to use iTools for Pokémon Go?

iTools location spoofing function is really convenient when you cannot go out to catch Pokémon due to bad weather or other reasons. However, you need to be careful when using the iTools Virtual Location function for Pokémon Go. Because there is a risk that the tool might let Pokémon know you are faking the location, and your account may be banned or suspended for periods.

What is the speed limit of Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go has a speed limit of 10.5 km/h (6 m/s), so if your travel speed exceeds this limit when hatching eggs, then the distance will not be counted. By the way, according to Niantic, if the game detects that you are traveling at a speed of over 30MPH, then you cannot collect any rewards. Hence, when using iTools location spoofing, be careful with your speed.

How to fix iTools Virtual Location not working?

The iTools Virtual Location function sometimes can crash for different reasons. If the map does not show up, you can try restarting iTools and start from scratch. If the Virtual Location is stuck in developer mode, this usually occurs because you are running an outdated version of iTools, you can upgrade to fix it. If the software is not compatible with your iOS 13, you can turn to the alternative for help.


To conclude, iTools Pokémon Go can help you create a virtual location and play the game from home without walking outside. However, not all elements guaranteed by iTools can be achieved in reality and the software is undergoing maintenance to ensure you remain on the right side of Niantic. To avoid your account getting banned, you may try the best alternative to iTools and explore more modes for faking your position to play Pokémon Go.

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