Best 4 Methods to Help You Open an iPad Without Passcode

June 06, 2023Ashley Mae

Nowadays, so many places need accounts that so many passwords always surround people that it's really common to forget or remember them. When you need to use your iPad, have you ever forgotten your password so much that you can't unlock the screen?

As we all know, if you repeatedly enter the wrong password more than a certain number of times, the device will be automatically locked. You may feel anxious about not being able to use your device properly. Maybe you can find a solution in this article. We will provide 4 ways to help you fix how to open iPad without password. Read on and explore with us!

Open an iPad without Passcode

Part 1. Best Tool to Help Open iPad Without Password

Screen passwords can protect your privacy somewhat, but forgetting them happens occasionally. Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker will be your best helper if you want to open iPad without a password. This tool enables you to recover and remove Screen Time passcode from 4-digit, 6-digit, Touch ID, and Face ID easily without data loss. After removing the lost passcode, you can change a new one to activate your iPad. This tool is easy to use, and each step comes with detailed instructions to guide you, so you don't have to be afraid of not being able to operate it smoothly. Download and install it on your computer and try it out!

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Here are the detailed steps for you to follow with.

Step 1:
First, you should download and install Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker on your computer. Use a lighting USB cable to connect your iPad to the computer. You may be asked to set up your iPad to trust the computer in this step. Just choose Trust.
Step 2:
Select Wipe Passcode among the 4 key functions provided by iPhone Unlocker. And press Start.
iPad Wipe Code
Step 3:
You will be asked to confirm the information about your device after your iPad has been connected to the computer successfully. Then click Start to download a firmware package.
iPad Download Page
Step 4:
After downloading the package, click Unlock, then enter 0000. Finally, Click Unlock to open your locked iPad.
iPad Unlock

Part 2. Common Methods to Open iPad Without Password

In addition to using the best unlocker, several other methods are available to you. We will list 4 more general methods to ensure you can unlock your iPad without a passcode. You can choose to unlock your iPad via iTunes, iCloud, or Recovery Mode, and to ensure that you can apply these methods smoothly, we provide detailed step-by-step instructions for each of these tools. Let's look at the kind of situation that best applies to you.

Way 1. Open iPad Without Passcode in Recovery Mode

If you have not synced your iPad with iTunes earlier, this method will be used. You can use iPad Recovery Mode to open your locked device, and your passcode will be erased. But compared to other methods, the detailed steps of this kind are more complicated. But you don't have to worry. We will provide you with detailed instructions.

Here is the step-by-step guide to help you.

Step 1:
Connect your device to the computer

Enable iTunes on your computer, and open it. Connect your iPad to the computer via a lighting USB cable.

Step 2:
Put your iPad into Recovery Mode

If your device has the Home button, press and hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously until Connect to iTunes appears on the screen.

If your device does not have the Home button, press the Volume Up button and the Volume Down button. Finally, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until Connect to iTunes appears on the screen.

Step 3:
Restore your iPad

Turn to the interface of iTunes, click Restore, and your iPad will be restored as a new device.

iPad Restore iTunes

Now, you can open your iPad without the passcode and set a new one for use. But this method will also erase the files on your iPad, so it's best to back them up to another device first.

Way 2. Open iPad Without Passcode with iTunes

If you have ever synced your device with iTunes, this method will suit you well; if not, this method will be useless for you. iTunes will restore your iPad to factory settings so that you can remove the passcode to the original state.

You can follow the below steps to unlock your iPad without the passcode.

Step 1:
Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer. Connect your iPad to it with a USB cable.
Step 2:
Click the icon of your iPad, and turn to Summary. Press Restore iPad and the passcode of your device will be removed.
iTunes iPad Restore

Also, you need to back up your files in advance to prevent data loss.

Way 3. Open iPad Without Passcode with iCloud

Apple's Find My iPad feature is another choice if you want to open an iPad but forgot the passcode. You can reset your password by operating on iCloud's website. This method is very simple. Here are the detailed operation steps.

Step 1:
Enter and log in with your Apple ID.
Step 2:
Locate Find iPhone, and press it.
iPad Find
Step 3:
Click All Device and select your locked iPad from the drop-down list.
iPad All Find
Step 4:
Click Erase iPhone. Then the passcode will be removed.
iPad Erase

Now you can unlock your iPad without the passcode.

Part 3. FAQs for Opening iPad Without Password

Can I open my iPad if I break its screen?

Of course, you can. Even if your iPad screen is not working properly, there are many ways for you to choose. You can use our tools or connect your iPad to another device to manipulate it. You can also unlock your iPad without a password through iTunes or iCloud, but there is a risk of losing the data and files, so you better back up your iPad first.

How many times can you try to unlock an iPad?

You have six chances to try to enter the correct password. However, if you repeatedly enter the wrong password six times, you will be locked out of your device. Now, you can choose tools or Apps to help you unlock your device and reset your password.

How long can an Apple device be disabled?

If you enter the wrong password six times in a row, your iPad will be locked for 1 minute; seven times will cause your device to be locked for 5 minutes; eight times will result in a 15-minute lockout; and ten times will result in a one-hour lockout. The more errors you make, the longer you will be locked out.


This article discusses how to unlock an iPad if you forget your password. Four solutions, including the best helper, are provided. By now, you should have found the kind of method that works best for you. We hope our content is helpful to you!

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