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How to Permanently Delete Kiki Messages

Many people love using Kik Messenger to chat with their friends and families. But after some time, your Kik Messenger will be filled with messages and conversations. So annoying, right? And so many Kik messages on your iPhone maybe make your iPhone slower. How to deal with it?

Now, you can delete Kik messages permanently to speed up your iPhone. In this article, we will tell you how to permanently delete Kik messages in 4 methods.

Erase Kik Messages from iPhone

Permanently Delete Kik Messages

Solution one: Delete one conversation on Kik Messenger

First, we tell you the basic solution to delete particular Kik messages from your iPhone.

1. Open Kik Messenger on your iPhone, find the conversation you want to delete.

2. Wipe the conversation you just choose to right, and you will see "Delete" button. Tap the "Delete" button and then the conversation will be deleted.

Now, you have known how to delete one conversation from Kik. So easy, right?

Solution two: Delete the whole Kik messages on iPhone

If you have too many conversations on your Kik, there is a way to delete all the Kik conversations and messages with a few taps. Just follow us to learn more.

1. Launch Kik Messenger app on iPhone, go to "Settings" > "Your Account".

2. On the current page, scroll down to "Reset Kik" and tap it. Now, a pop-up window shows, you need to tap "Yes" to delete all the Kik messages.

Tips: Once you choose this one, you need to log in your Kik account again.

In this method, you have deleted all the Kik messages from your iPhone. But if you want to recover Kik messages, you can also have the chance. And also others can also recover your Kik messages with some tools. So here, we will show you how to permanently delete Kik messages in the next method.

Solution three: Permanently delete Kik messages from iPhone

Here, a top Kik messages eraser tool, FoneEraser can help you delete Kik messages forever. And no one else can recover them, because Kik messages have been totally overwritten and cannot be found.


  • Clear Kik messages on iPhone permanently without recovery
  • Clear other data like photos, videos, music, documents, etc. on Kik
  • Delete iPhone permanently with 3 optional levels.
  • Work for iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5, iPad Pro, iPod, etc.

Step 1Connect your iOS device to computer with USB cable, meanwhile, run FoneEraser on your computer.

Step 2Click "Low" from Erasing Level to select the erasing level to delete Kik messages.


Step 3Click "start" to restore your iPhone to factory settings by erasing all content and settings.

Solution four: How to delete a Kik message before they read it

Actually for such questions as:

How to delete a Kik message before it is read?

How to delete Kik messages on both ends or someone else's phone?

The answer is no.

You cannot delete a message on Kik once it is sent. What's worse deleting a Kik message in your chat won't delete it from your friend's chat since all messages a stored locally on each device.

Therefore, before sending the Kik messages, you need to think twice.


We mainly talk about 4 ways to permanently delete Kik messages in this post. You can delete one or the whole Kik chat conversations on your phone. Moreover, for permanently deleting Kik messages, you need use the professional tool to do it. Last note you should keep in mind is that you can only delete Kik messages from your own phone, not from the receiver's phone.

If you have any better solutions, please leave us a message.

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