How to Print HEIC Photos with the Highest Quality Possible [Quickly]

September 16, 2022Ashley Mae

HEIC became the infamous standard image format you can natively use to save photography on your Apple device with high-quality imagery in less space. Millions of users wonder if they can print, open, or stuff with it, and the truth is that everything is limited with this. You will need to convert the format into a compatible or popular format such as JPG/JPEG or PNG. Let us enlighten you if you want to know how to print HEIC photos easily on your Windows and Mac.

Print HEIC Photo

Part 1. How to Prepare for Printing HEIC Photos [Transfer & Convert HEIC File]

Can I print HEIC photos? Yes, you can with the help of this reliable software that we will add in this article. What if the HEIC file is saved on your desktop? How to convert the HEIC file? Let's start solving it by doing the two things we said below.

1st Way. Transfer the HEIC File Saved on iPhone to Computer

FoneTrans allows iOS users to transfer their files into a computer quickly in a much lesser time. Amazingly, you wouldn't need to sync your phone into iTunes or iCloud to do the backup with this software, for you will only need your charger cord. Other than images, you can also transfer videos, contact, messages, files, and more. Do you want to know how to move the HEIC files on the computer and get them ready for conversion? Follow the steps accordingly below.

Step 1:
To download the updated version, click the download icon we added below. Install, follow the set-up, and launch the FoneTrans on your desktop.
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Step 2:
Plug in the cord to connect your iOS device to your computer. Tap the tag Trust on your iPhone screen to access your iPhone. Then if your phone is successfully connected to your PC, you will receive information like this:
Connect Your iPhone
Step 3:
On the left side, click Photos and check all the HEIC files you want to transfer to your desktop.
Select HEIC File
Step 4:
After you've selected the image, click Export to PC, choose the location of the folder, and click Select Folder to transfer all of the HEIC images you specified earlier.
Export HEIC Image to Computer

2nd Way. Convert the HEIC File into a Popular Image Format

After you transfer the files to the desktop, you must now convert HEIC files into a popular format because you can't natively print HEIC images. There is no need to worry about the quality because Aiseesoft HEIC Converter is a delicate software that would handle your conversion. It is known globally because of the ultra-fast conversion and hardware acceleration that its developers add to it. With that, you can process limitless files without delay, even if you have a low-specs PC. Before we do the best HEIC print photo, you must convert it by following the steps we added next.

Step 1:
Download the Aiseesoft HEIC Converter by clicking the download button presented below. After that, launch it and convert your HEIC files into the most commonly used image format.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Step 2:
Drag and drop all of the HEIC files you transfer on your computer and convert them here.
Drag and Drop HEIC Files
Step 3:
After importing the HEIC files here, go to Format and select the output you want to have. The most commonly used format in this modern era is JPG/JPEG and PNG.
Choose New HEIC Format
Step 4:
Press Convert to start changing the HEIC file format into a compatible format used for printing.
Convert HEIC Image for Printing

Part 2. How to Print HEIC Photos on Windows and Mac [Shortcut Keys & Other Ways]

Can I print HEIC photos now after converting it? Now you can print the images without notification from your screen, such as an unsupported file. This part will teach how to print the HEIC file on your Windows and Mac devices using two different techniques.

Tips: Kindly check if your printer is properly connected to your desktop, and see if the downloaded version is right to avoid problems.

1. For Windows OS

1st way. Using Shortcut Key to Print the Image

Open the file you want to print. After you view the image, press the Control + P. A printing setting will appear on your screen on the left side; click Print to start having a hard copy of the image you printed.

2nd Way. Use the Native Image Viewer on Windows

Click the image twice, and it will open the file on the image viewer pre-installed on your Windows. When the image is fully displayed on your screen, click the three-dotted line to see the other options. Under it, press Print. Like the first one, the setting will show; you can change them based on your likeness. To start printing the image, click Print at the lower part.

3. For Mac OS

1st Way: Using Shortcut Key for Printing

First, you must open the image file you want to print. On your keyboard, hit Command + P; this is the shortcut key to print the image on your Mac OS. You can see the image's appearance on the dialogue box after publication. Click the Print icon to start printing the material.

2nd Way: Using the File Menu

Same way, open the image file you want to print, and on the upper menu, tap once the File. Click the last option, the Print, to have a hard copy of the image you want. Change the settings based on your preferences, and click Print.

Part 3. FAQs How to Print HEIC Photos

Is the HEIC the best image for printing?

Generally, it is the best, but not every OS does support the file natively. Despite having an excellent approach to containing the image quality with a smaller size, there are still drawbacks. But if you are a Mac user, you will not have trouble printing HEIC files.

Is iMazing HEIC Converter the best tool to convert HEIC files?

There are rumors that it is renowned for being at par with the best, but is it? So, to help you understand the software and its functionality, click here to learn more about iMazing HEIC Converter.

What are the best HEIC to JPG converters to use?

We can help you extend your knowledge about the best HEIC to JPG converters you can use on your device. Based on their performance and effectiveness in converting the HEIC file into a popular and standard format, the JPG, we've reviewed them.


Easy right? You can say that job well done, for you have learned how to print HEIC photos on your Windows and Mac. Follow the tutorial we added above so that you can do it swiftly. If you have a more excellent suggestion about this topic, you can inform us by leaving a comment below.

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