A Detailed Guide to Downloading GIFs from Twitter

June 18, 2024Ashley Mae

Nowadays, we all like to save and collect various GIFs for adding humor, reactions, and emotions to communication. These animated GIFs offer an unconventional way to share content and ideas in tweets, messages, and social media posts. While browsing tweets, you may easily find some GIFs that can perfectly express yourself. Surely, you want to download these GIFs. This article will show you how to save GIFs from Twitter on your iPhone, Android phone, and computer.

Save GIF from Twitter

Part 1. How to Save a GIF from Twitter/X on Your Desktop

When you see a GIF, you want to download on Twitter/X, you may right-click on it and look for the Save GIF option by force of habit. When you do that, you will only get the Copy GIF Address option. Twitter does not give a direct download button. So, you have to rely on some related Twitter downloading websites or browser extensions.

Download GIFs from Twitter with Online Tools

Many free online Twitter video downloaders and URL-to-GIF converters claim to easily save Twitter GIFs. However, some of them can’t analyze Twitter GIFs. You should select a reputable and really working one like Imgflip Animated GIF Maker. It can generate animated GIFs from Twitter, GIPHY, YouTube, and many other websites.

Download GIF from Twitter Online Imgflip

Once the Twitter GIF is analyzed, you get various customization options to edit and enhance it. For instance, you can crop and rotate the GIF file, add text, images, and stickers, draw on it, adjust FPS, and more.

Save GIF from Twitter on Computer Imgflip

There are many other online Twitter GIF downloading tools offered on the market. Popular ones include Twitter Video Downloader, Ezgif, and Convertio URL to GIF. However, through my tests, they may fail to analyze the Twitter GIF you want to save.

You can also choose to install a browser extension specifically designed for downloading Twitter GIFs. Open your web browser and go to the extension store. When you get there, search for Twitter GIF downloader or similar keywords to locate them.

Save GIF from Twitter Chrome Extension

Create a GIF for Sharing on Twitter (X)

Besides saving GIFs from Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and other social apps, you may also want to create animated GIFs with your own elements, such as captured photos and video clips. Whether you want to convert images or videos to GIFs, you can rely on the easy-to-use Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. It has a specially designed GIF Maker to do that.

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When you want to create GIFs for sharing on Twitter, you can download this GIF creator on your computer first, launch it, go to its Toolbox, and then select the GIF Maker tool.

Toolkit New

You get two main solutions to make your animated GIFs: Video to GIF and Photo to GIF. Pick one and add your media file. You can view the added image or video file, freely edit it, set the output size, customize the frame rate, enable loop animation, and more. Click the Preview button to check the created GIF, and then click Generate GIF.

Make GIF New

Part 2. How to Save GIFs from Twitter on iPhone and Android Phone

Like the web version, the X or Twitter mobile app does not allow you to save GIFs directly on your iPhone or Android phone. Still, you need a third-party app or website to download those short, looping animations. Both the App Store and Google Play Store provide a variety of related apps specifically designed to download GIFs from Twitter. You should check their features, reviews, ratings, and other information to select a reputable one.

Android Apps to Download Gifs from Twitter

When you find a good GIF downloader app, install it on your device. Then, open the Twitter app and navigate to the target tweet containing the GIF you want to save. Copy the Tweet URL and then paste it to the search bar within the newly installed GIF downloader app. It will typically analyze the GIF and provide one or several download options.

Part 3. FAQs of How to Save GIFs from Twitter

What is the shortcut to save GIFs from Twitter?

You can handily download animated GIFs from Twitter, whether on an iPhone, Android phone, or computer. However, there isn't a built-in shortcut within the Twitter app that allows you to save GIFs directly.

How do you turn a video into a GIF on Twitter?

The Twitter app doesn’t offer a specific feature or direct way to convert your video into a GIF file while posting a tweet. However, you can rely on some online video conversion tools to turn video clips into GIFs, such as Clideo, EZgif, VEED, Zamzar, Media.IO, and Clideo. To directly convert videos to animated GIFs on your phone or tablet, you can use associated third-party apps like Video to GIF, GIF Maker, and Video to GIF Editor.

How do you repost a GIF on Twitter?

Considering that Twitter doesn't have a built-in Repost option when you want to repost a GIF, you can choose to repeat the GIF-posting operation and share the same content with your Twitter. If you want to repost a GIF you found on someone else's tweet, you can click the Share button and choose Copy Link to Tweet. Then, paste the copied URL to your tweet composer and add /video/1 at the end of the pasted URL. Also, you can download the target GIF file first and then repost it.


This article gives you a guide to saving animated GIFs from Twitter. Whether you want to download perfectly timed movie clips or user-created memes, you can easily save them on your device using the methods above.

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