Effective Ways to Resize the Picture for Twitter with the Exact Pixels

Twitter is a microblogging networking service that users can use to exchange tweets worldwide. It allows anyone to add images on posts, profiles, headers, and ads here. Thus, users do have a problem uploading images they want to this social media service because there is a recommended standard that everyone must follow. Are you one of the users having trouble with the Twitter image size? Worry no more, for this article got you covered! Know the best size that fits the standard in this article, so in that way, you wouldn't have any trouble.

Twitter Image Size

Part 1. Best Twitter Image Size You Must Know This 2022 [Officially Updated]

Twitter wants you to follow the ideal dimension of the image to match up with their standard. Everyone must be well aware that the sizes on each post are different, so it is a must to know what these are. To make you aware of the sizes, you must read the list we added below to help you recognize them before you resize the picture for Twitter.

1. Twitter Header Ideal Size

Twitter headed allows you to upload the cover image you want to have that is placed at the top of your profile picture. Adding the right size to your header is essential to make it fit with the standard header size. But if your image doesn't fit the right size, you can adjust it on Twitter before posting it. However, not all of the content of your image will show, and some will be left out. Do you want to know the standard? If so, read the information below.

Recommended Pixels: 1500 × 500 px

Maximum File Size: 5MB

Perfect Aspect Ratio: 3:1

Supported Image Formats: JPG, PNG & GIF (not animated)

2. Twitter Profile Picture Ideal Image Size

We know that the Twitter account must have a profile picture as a visual representation, whether for business or personal. But not all image sizes here are supported, so you must follow a certain standard before using the image as a profile picture. Are you here to know the standard for profile pictures before you resize the image for the Twitter profile picture? If so, the list below will tell you what it is.

Recommended Pixels: 400 × 400 px

Maximum File Size: 2MB

Perfect Aspect Ratio: 1:1

Format: JPG, PNG, & GIF

3. Tweeted Images Ideal Image Size

We must not forget about the images that we can post on Twitter. Here, you must also follow a standard on images you want to post. Moreover, you can tweet four images in a single post if you want to, but their aspect ratio that will show on Twitter will be compressed to 7:8 as a whole, not per image.

Recommended Pixels: 1200 × 675 px

Maximum File Size: 5 MB but on website can go up to 15MB

Perfect Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Format: JPG, PNG, & GIF on loop

4. Twitter Ads Ideal Image Size

Twitter can be a good way to promote your business and improve your sales as a marketer or entrepreneur. Like other media sites, you will need to follow a standard before you can post lead generation cards or website cads as ads. The Lead Generation cards ofternly shows a call-to-action visual representation about the users, the image size of it should be 800 × 200 px. If you want to add a web banner, use the website cards; you will need to make the image size 800 × 320 px as an ad. The Twitter image compression 2019 on ads is changed, so you must now follow this standard.

5. Twitter Card Ideal Image Size

On Twitter, you can use different types of cards to display on this media platform to drive traffic to your website. It uses to promote like Twitter Ads, which is usually associated with it. To know the standard on each type of card, read the following details below.

Types of Twitters Cards and Their Ideal Image Size:

1. Summary Cards

Here you can present your website's featured image, title, author name, thumbnail, and meta description that could be 200 characters long.

Recommended Pixels: 120 × 120 px

Maximum File Size: 1 MB

2. Media Player Card

You will need to use the media player card responsible for posting audio or video clip cards. The thumbnail you want to use must follow the standard below, and also, don't forget the standard Twitter image compression.

Recommended Pixels: 640 × 360 px

Maximum File Size: Less than 5MB

3. Gallery Cards

Gallery cards are your go-to if you want to upload more images and present a short URL description on Twitter.

Recommended Pixels: 1200 × 675 px

Maximum File Size: 5 MB maximum or less

4. Product Card

Allows you to make the users see what the product is about. They are mainly used by a seller who wants to promote their product in retail and redirect the interested users who want to use it on their website.

Recommended Pixels: 160 × 160px

Maximum File Size: 5 MB or less

Part 2. How to Resize the Picture for Twitter Using Web Services

1st Method. Crop the Picture with IloveIMG

IloveIMG allows any users to crop JPG, PNG, and GIF to make them fit with the standard of Twitter easily. This tool is easy to use, and you can learn how to use this app easily in no time. Want to know how to resize the image for the Twitter profile picture? Please proceed to the steps we add below.

Step 1:
Open the leading website on your web browser and press Select Images to upload the image you want to resize.
Add Image Crop Twitter Size
Step 2:
Input the proper measurement of width and height to crop the image precisely.
Input Twitter Measurement
Step 3:
Click the Crop Image to start cropping the image you upload.
Crop Twitter Image

2nd Method. Resize the Picture Without Reducing the Dimension of Image

Doesn't like to compromise the image's visual appearance because the details you will be cropping are needed on the image? Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online can help you to upscale the image to make it precisely fit with the Twitter standard. It also supports AI technology to help you process the image immediately once you upload it here. Do you want to know how to resize the picture for Twitter? Kindly read the steps we add below with the help of this best image upscaler you can use on the web.

Step 1:
Click this link, and it will lead you to the official website of this image upscaler.
Step 2:
To add the image you want to upscale, click Upload Photo and select the image you want to resize.
Upload Image to Resize
Step 3:
Click what type of magnification you want to apply to your image; at the bottom, there will be a sample pixel of what the image would look like. See if the image pixel is the right for your post.
Choose Twitter Pixels
Step 4:
Now that you have achieved the suitable pixels click the Save button to have the image you resize here.
Save Resize Twitter Image

Part 3. Additional Part: How to Compress the Twitter Image File on the Web Easily [Best Image Compressor]

Suppose you don't have a problem with the dimension of the image but do have a problem with its file size. In that case, you can use the Aiseesoft Free Image Compressor Online, which is the best for compressing images. With it, you will not have a Twitter compressing images problem because this tool can solve it, follow the steps we add to help you.

Step 1:
You can click this link to open the online compressor Aiseesoft provides.
Step 2:
Press the Upload Image; a folder will show, and select the image you want to compress.
Upload Twitter Image to Compress
Step 3:
The process of compressing will automatically start; after it is finished, click the Download icon to have the image compressed.
Download Compressed Twitter Size

Part 4. FAQs on Twitter Image Size

Do I need to follow the standard Twitter Image Size?

Yes, you will need to follow it, or else you will need to change the image size by decreasing or increasing the size of it. So, if you don't want to go into this trouble, then you'll need to know the standard of Twitter on posting images.

Can I adjust the image size on Twitter?

This website allows Twitter users to adjust the image and make it fit the standard. However, it is not a dedicated image editor. Twitter built-in editing features can't do things such as compressing and others.

Why can't I upload an animated GIF on Twitter?

Because Twitter doesn't support or allow users to post an animated GIF on the website, you can post looped GIFs if you want to.


Whether you need to resize or compress the image for the Twitter pic, this article covers the important things you need to know about the standards. These standards are updated and officially follow the image size standard on Twitter. Did we miss something? Mention it below and tell it to us!

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