Quickest Ways to Take a Screenshot Without Print Screen

February 07, 2023Gerald Christian

How to screenshots without a print screen? Millions of users have the same problem, and the reason behind it couldn't be easily traced. But is there any alternative key you can use to screenshot everything on your screen? If the classing hitting the PrintScreen isn't working, we have added other ways to successfully take screenshots on Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, and also on your devices.

Screenshot Without Print Screen

Part 1. How to Take a Screenshot without the Print Screen Button

There are only limited choices that you can use to take a screenshot without the print screen button. But today, we have listed all of them here so that you wouldn't need to go over other posts and read them all one by one. Read all the compiled alternative ways to screenshot an image or object even though the print screen button isn't working.

1st. Using Snipping Tool

How do screenshots on a Dell laptop without the Print Screen button? You can use the Snipping Tool pre-made on every Microsoft-supported device, such as the one listed below. If you don't know how this works, follow the step-by-step process.

Snipping Tool
Step 1:
Hit the Windows key on your Keyboard, type Snipping Tools, and then click it to open the app.
Step 2:
Now that you have opened it click the New button to capture the image you want on your screen.
Step 3:
Place the target cursor on the area where you want to screen capture and click it.

2nd. Using Alternative Screenshot Key

How to screen on an HP laptop without the PrintScreen button? Microsoft suggested you hit the Fn + Windows Key+ space bar simultaneously to capture everything on your screen. After that, open Paint and hit the Control V to paste it there, edit it, and save the final output on your device as easily.

Keyboard Shorcut

3rd. Using OSK or an On-screen Keyboard

On-screen Keyboard or OSK is the best option if you want to know how to take a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop without a print screen button. To do this, you must click the Windows key and type OSK to open the keyboard on your screen. When the On-Screen Keyboard is activated, you can now click the PrtScn common there to print screen the area that you want. Be careful to print the screen when using this option and place it in the area that isn't in the middle of the object you want to capture.

Prntscn OSK

4th. Re-assign Key a Newer Command

How to take a screenshot on an Asus laptop without the Print Screen button? You can try to reassign a newer key command to the keyboard keys you are using. But before doing that, you will need to download the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center on Microsoft Store. After that, connect the keyboard that you want to configure or change the action. Hit the Windows button and open the app that you downloaded earlier. Choose the key you don't often use, so it can be re-assigned as a print screen by selecting the command.

Part 2. Easier Way to Take Screenshots on Windows and Mac

The easiest way to take a screenshot without the Print Screen button is by downloading the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. This app has an option where it allows the users to capture an area without hitting a button or shortcut keys. With this app, after you capture the image, you can process it by editing the image based on your preferences. Here, you can doodle the image, add text, add numbers, layer images to the screenshot, and more.

Moreover, it works perfectly fine on Windows and Mac, which means it is not limited only to a single system. The lock-in screen feature is an excellent addition to the app because it doesn't capture the floating toolbar even if it is placed right in the middle of the area you captured. Amazing right? Learn more about how this app works by following and reading the easy and complete steps we have added here.

Step 1:
Download the application on your desktop by clicking the appropriate download button below. Ensure that you download the correct version because if not, you can't install and use it on your device.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Step 2:
Launch the app, and a floating toolbar will appear on your screen. You can use ample options when you have this app, but today, click the Video Recorder.
Select Video Recorder
Step 3:
A newer toolbar will appear where you can adjust the video recording; since you need to screen capture, you will need to click the camera button in the upper right corner.
Video Recorder
Step 4:
When your cursor is changed into a target, click the area where you want to screenshot, edit it, and click the Save icon to export the captured image you have done here.

Part 3. FAQs on How to Take Screenshots Without Print Screen

Where do screenshots go on Windows?

After you have screenshot the image, there are only two possible destinations; the first is the clipboard, and the file folder compiles all of the screenshot images saved on Windows. We can go into much more detail on where screenshots go on Windows if you read an article related to this question.

How do screenshots on Mac?

You can press the command shift 3 to capture the macOS' screen. What if you want to capture a specific area on your screen? Is it possible? It is if you use the partial screen capture or individual windows, icons, or menu. You can learn all of that once you know how to take screenshots on Mac with the tutorials that are available on the web.

Why is screenshot essential?

A screenshot is important because it lets you preserve images on your display to share with others or use later as a reference. Instead of downloading an image, some users prefer to use screenshots because it quickly processes the final output, and there is no waiting in downloading needed.


Which way suits you best to take a screenshot without the Print Screen button? Indeed, the listed solutions in this article are vast and incredibly useful in screenshotting on Windows-type devices. But if you are going to ask us which way we think is the best, the answer will be downloading the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder because the app isn't just a recorder but is also used for screen capturing. There is no need for a key shotcut in Print Screen when you use this app.

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