How to Share WiFi Password from iPhone to iPhone or Any Devices for Free

March 21, 2023Ashley Mae

Staying connected to the internet has become essential for people, like breathing. If you are an iPhone user, you might love to have the internet on your side. But how can you stay connected to the web if you don't have internet? There is no possible way, and it is frustrating for an iPhone user to share the WiFi password with someone else. Occasionally, the password can be a long string of different combinations of letters and numbers. Thankfully, Apple has made everything better on the latest iOS system of it since, with a single tap, you can now share it with other devices. But what should you do if the how to share Wifi Password from iPhone to iPhone, iPad, PC, and Android doesn't work? That is why we are here to help you.

In this article, we have highlighted the practical approaches that you can do to make the sharing work and troubleshoot any issue that might arise along the way. So whether you're hosting a party or just want to finish your work, we've got you covered.

Share Wifi Password iPad iPad

Part 1. How to Share WiFi Passwords Between Apple Devices

How to share WiFi passwords from iPhone to iPhone? Or to iPad? Or to macOS? Since they are all Apple products, you can do it comfortably without needing third-party application support. Sharing passwords on other Apple devices is more straightforward and quicker than other non-Apple devices, such as Android. But before you start sharing your password, there is some important notice that you will need to keep in mind when doing it. We have listed it below and the steps on how to do it.

How to Share WiFi Password on Apple Devices using Share Password

Step 1:
Connect the device to the network; this is the first step to sharing the password with another person.
Step 2:
Choose the Wi-Fi you want to share with others and select Wi-Fi Network.
Step 3:
A pop-up notification will appear, and tap Share Password and Done to complete the sharing password process.
Share Password on iOS

Important Notice Before You Start:

How to Share WiFi Password on iPhone to Other Apple Devices via AirDrop

Step 1:
Go to Settings and scroll down to find the Password menu.
Step 2:
Choose the account that you want to share on the list that will appear below.
Step 3:
After selecting it, click the share icon and choose the contact you want to share the password. On the other Apple device, tap Accept, and now the other user can go to WiFi and connect their device to the network to have an internet connection.
AirDrop Password

How to Share All Passwords on Mac into Another Apple Devices Easily

Step 1:
Open your Mac device and open the Settings app.
Step 2:
On the left menu, click the Passwords to see all the accounts saved on the device.
Step 3:
Hit the drop-down menu and click Export All Passwords, then confirm it by clicking the Export Password again. Select the location, and the file will be saved as a CSV file; hit Save. This process only works on Mac devices, and it will export WiFi passwords and all of the passwords saved on your Mac device.
Export All Passwords on Mac

Part 2. How to Share WiFi Password from iPhone to Android or Other iOS

1. Use the Shortcut App

QR Your WiFi is a reliable application you can download on your iPhone to effectively share WiFi passwords on iPhone to Android. It is an extension application that you can have on the Shortcut app. If the Shortcut is downloaded on your iOS, you can install this app and proceed following the steps.

Shortcut App
Step 1:
Open the Shortcut app and go to the Gallery section of it. Search the QR Your WiFi, then run the shortcut to use it.
Step 2:
Enter the Network Name and the WiFi Password, and the app will automatically generate a QR code for you to scan using other devices.
Step 3:
Using the other device, scan the QR code, and when it is recognized, it will connect the Android device to the same network as iPhone.

Update Your iPhone to iOS 17

The newer update of iOS allows you to view the internet password you are connected to simply. If you haven't updated your iOS device, you will need to go to Settings, General, then proceed to Update if it is iOS 17, then you are good to go. This option applies to Android; you can also copy the steps to learn how to share WiFi passwords from iPhone to iPad without needing a QR code and scanning.

Upgrade to iOS
Step 1:
After updating the iOS version, you must go to Settings again.
Step 2:
Here, you must tap the WiFi and select the network you are connected to.
Step 3:
As you may see, the passwords have dots. Click that to view, and the Copy option will appear, tap that to copy the password. Now that you have copied the clipboard password, you may send that thru messaging app so the Android user can copy and paste the password and connect them promptly. Now that you have the password, you can download a WiFi Password Manager on Android for future purposes.

Part 3. How to Share WiFi Password from iPhone to PC Easier Than Ever

If you want to export all of the login accounts on iOS, is that possible? It is possible if you use the Aiseesoft iPhone Password Manager. The app manages all the passwords saved on your iOS and transfers them to the connected device, Windows or Mac. Sometimes there is login information we haven't known for a long time that isn't saved on your device; if that happens, the app will do a deep scan.

Aiseesoft Password Manager

If you have lost your device, backing that file into your desktop is important for safety. You can now download the app on your desktop by clicking the download button we have presented below.

Free DownloadFor Windows

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Part 4. What if Share WiFi Password on iPhone is Not Working - Reasons & How to Fix It?

You can read the comparison chart that we have added below on what could be the reason why you can't share the WiFi password from iPhone to Mac or other devices.

Situation Reasons Solution
Why Sharing WiFi Passwords on iPhone to Android not working? Well, iOS and Android are different systems, so there are major settings that aren't compatible with each other, like portably sharing the WiFi password. You can generate a QR code from your iPhone and then scan it to an Android or share the password manually via a messaging app so that it will connect Android users on the same network as iOS.
Why can't I share my iPhone WiFi password with other iPhones? If your version of your iOS doesn't match the updated version, then you will have a problem sharing the password on another iOS device. Update the iOS system to the latest version, or you can purchase a newer iOS device if updating isn't an option anymore.
Why can't I easily find the Airdrop on my Apple device to share my WiFi password? All macOS developed since 2012 and later do have Airdrop. For iOS, the first AirDrop was introduced in late 2013 as an additional feature for iOS 7. Buy a newer version of Apple device that isn't made older than 2012 for macOS and iOS 6 or lower on iPhone because these versions don't have Airdrop.

Part 5. FAQs on How to Share WiFi Password from iPhone to Another Device

Can you hotspot an Android with iOS?

You can open your hotspot on an iOS device to connect other devices, such as Android, to your network. So, if you want to let them surf on their device while connected, you must open the cellular data. But if you want to know the other WiFi hotspot app, use a better search on the market to have one.

What is the best WiFi texting apps on iPhone?

You can download Whats App and Viber on your iPhone and use them as WiFi texting apps to connect easily.

What is the benefit of sharing a WiFi password?

You let other devices enjoy surfing on the web or using their app to browse onto their platform freely. The Internet plays an important role on every device to do many things; if you don't have the internet, you are limited to doing things on the device.


How to share WiFi passwords from iPhone to Mac? Well, you can export the passwords saved on your Mac by following the steps we have added to this article. All the ways we have added here will help you share your password with anyone, even those using an Android device.

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