Ultimate Guide to Speed Up Animated GIF with High Quality

December 17, 2021Ashley Mae

If you want to make interesting GIF memes, you can simply try speeding up Animated GIF pictures. In this way, you can make the GIF file looks smoothly and also reduce its file size for better spreading. Since animated GIF is an image format with several pictures instead of videos, it seems a bit difficult to speed up GIF files. Don't worry. This article will provide 4 efficient ways to speed up GIF on Windows/Mac. You can learn the best 4 GIF speed changers for desktop and online with the detailed steps.

Speed Up GIF

Part 1: The Best Way to Speed Up GIF on Windows/Mac with High Quality

To speed up GIF files with high a frame rate and high quality on Windows/Mac, you need to rely on Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. It provides 9 different kinds of speed rates to slow down , speed up, and loop GIF. And with its customized settings, you can easily adjust the image resolution, frame rate, and quality.

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  • Change the video frame rate to keep the GIF files playing smoothly with high quality.
  • Not only GIF files, but it also supports almost all video and audio files.
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Step 1:
Free download and launch Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate on your Windows/Mac. Click the Toolbox menu and choose the Video Speed Controller option. After a window pop up, click the Plus icon to add the desired GIF files to speed up.
Choose the video speed controller
Step 2:
Then you can see 9 different speed rates from 0.25X to 8X. To speed up GIF, you can choose the desired speed ad you like. By previewing the accelerated GIF files on the screen, you can change the option and adjust the effect easily.
Video speed controller new
Step 3:
Before exporting the accelerated GIF files, you can also click the Output option to change the resolution and frame rate to keep the high quality. Click the OK button to save the settings. Then choose the desired storage path and click the Export button to save the animated GIF.
Adjust the video quality settings

Part 2: 3 Efficient Methods to Speed Up GIF Online with Steps

Without downloading any software, you can use the following 3 GIF speed changers to accelerate animated GIF files online. They are easy to use, but no advanced settings are provided to keep a high frame rate. And you should note that online GIF speed changers have size limitations.

1. Online GIF Tools

As the name said, Online GIF Tools is designed for speeding up GIF files online, and other formats are not supported by it. It provides a customized speed rate for you to speed up GIF files up to 8.5X. Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1:
Navigate to the official website of Online GIF Tools on any browser. Then find the GIF box and click the blank place to import new GIF files. You can also drag and drop the desired GIF files to add.
Online GIF Tools Add Files
Step 2:
Then scroll down to change the video speed. You can directly speed up GIF at 2X or 3X speed by ticking the options. Or you can customize the settings from 1X to 8.5X. After that, click the Save as button to choose the desired folder to export.
Online GIF Tools speed up gif


EZGIF is not only a GIF speed changer to speed up GIF files but also a GIF editor with multiple editing tools. It supports powerful functions to clip, rotate, resize, optimize, split GIF files. The only problem is that it has a file limitation of 50MB.

Step 1:
Go to the EZGIF and choose the Adjust GIF Speed option at the top menu. Then click the Choose Files button to add the desired GIF file from the local folder or URL.
Step 2:
Then you can preview the GIF files, and below the screen is the speed controller. You can speed up GIF at any speed by entering the value freely. After that, click the Save button to export the accelerated GIF.
Ezgif speed up gif

3. Gifntext

Gifntext is also an easy-to-use online software to speed up GIF files. This GIF speed changer also provides some basic editing functions to resize, crop, and add text to the GIF. And you can use it to speed up GIFs up to 10X.

Step 1:
Go to the official website of Gifntext and click the blank box to choose the desired GIF files from your computer. Or you can paste the URL of GIF files.
Gifntext add gif files
Step 2:
After that, you can edit the GIF files and speed up animated GIF. Just pull the speed value to change the speed rate from 0.1X to 10X. Then click the Generate GIF button to start speeding up GIF files in a few minutes.
Gifntext speed up gif

Part 3: FAQs about Speeding Up GIF Files on Windows/Mac

1. How to use PhotoShop to speed up GIF files?

After importing the desired GIF file, click the Window menu at the top and choose the Timeline option. Then click the Downward arrow and choose a smaller number for the seconds. At last, you can save the settings and export the GIF.

2. Will speeding up GIF cause quality losing?

Normally yes. That's because speeding up GIF will improve the frame rate, but if you can't change the settings but only keep the original frame rate, the quality will be reduced. Thus, you'd better use Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate to speed up GIF with high quality.

3. Can I reduce the size of animated GIF files by speeding up?

Yes, you can. Speeding up GIF files will shorten the duration of the playback, and of course, the file size will be reduced.


This post has introduced 4 easy methods to speed up GIF files. You can use online tools to control the speed of GIF files without additional adjustment. It means you can't customize the frame rate, which will cause quality loss. Thus, you'd better use the ultimate software - Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate to speed up GIF with high quality. It can also be used as an excellent image to GIF converter. Welcome to leave your comments below.

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