2 Effective Ways to Stop Someone from Tracking Your Phone

November 10, 2022Ashley Mae

Mobile phones are equipped with GPS location services to offer associated information, entertainment, or security. Location services on your phone can help to find a lost device, get useful prompts, check/share real-time addresses, and more. However, some apps, ad companies, and even hackers may also access the geodata. Surely you don't want others to spy on your cell phone. This post tells you how to stop someone from tracking your phone in detail.

Stop Someone from Spying on Your Phone

Part 1. Disable Location Services to Prevent Someone from Tracking Your Phone

Many solutions can help you stop people from tracking your phone. For instance, you can choose to power off your phone, turn on Airplane mode, lock your SIM card, remove unfamiliar apps, clear browser history and cookies, and others. But these operations may also affect the normal working of your device. To effectively prevent others from spying on your cell phone, you can disable location services.

Disable location services on iPhone

To turn off the location services on an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad, you can enter the Settings app, select Privacy, and then tap on Location Services. When you enter the main Location Services interface, you can choose to disable all location services or customize the permissions of some specific apps.

Disable Location Services on iPhone

Turn off location services on Android devices

As an Android user, you should also go to the Settings app and find the Location option to adjust the location sharing. In some Android devices, you need to tap the Connections or Privacy tab to access the Location option. Similar to turning off location services on an iOS device, you can choose to shut down all location services or just prevent some apps from using your locations.

Disable Location Services on Android

Part 2. Set Fake Locations to Stop Someone from Tracking Your Phone

To effectively stop someone from tracking your location, you can also choose to set a fake location for your iPhone or Android phone. This part will guide you through setting fake locations on an iPhone and Android phone separately.

Set fake locations to stop someone from tracking your iPhone

When you want to fake your real location on an iPhone or iPad, you can use the easy-to-use GPS location changer, AnyCoord. It is specially designed to change your iPhone location for different needs. It can help you change your current location to any place you like. With its help, you can prevent someone from spying on your cell phone.



AnyCoord - Stop Someone from Tracking Your iPhone

  • Stop someone from tracking your iPhone and iPad.
  • Set a fake address to change your real-time location.
  • Set virtual locations for using dating apps and playing games.
  • Move your current location at different speeds, from 1m/s to 50m/s.
Step 1:
This iPhone location changer allows you to fake your current GPS location on both Mac and Windows computers. Free download the right version based on your system and then launch it. You need to connect your iPhone to it and click on the Start button.
Click Start Button
Step 2:
When the connection is made, you are offered four options to change your iPhone location. Here you can use the Modify Location feature to stop others from tracking your phone.
Choose Modify Location
Step 3:
A map will load and show your real-time location with a blue dot. You can drag the map, zoom in or zoom out it check the details.
Map Interface
Step 4:
To set a fake location for your iPhone, you can easily select another address on the map. Also, you are allowed to enter the target place and switch your current address to it with ease. When you locate the destination place, you can click the Confirm Modify button to confirm that.
Click Confirm Modify

Fake locations on Android to prevent someone from spying on your phone

As an Android user, you need to enable Mock Locations first and then set a fake location for your phone using a third-party location spoofer app. You can follow the steps below to stop someone from tracking your phone by setting fake locations.

Step 1:
Go to the Settings app, scroll down to choose the About Phone option, and then tap on the Build Number option seven consecutive times to put your phone in the Developer mode. After that, you need to back to the main Settings interface and choose Developer Options. Here you can turn on the Allow Mock Locations feature.
Enable Mock Locations Android
Step 2:
Open Google Play Store, search for a location changer or VPN app, and then install it on your device. Here we take the popular Fake GPS location app as an example. Open the app and then use it to set a fake location for your Android phone.
Fake GPS Location App Android

If you fail to set fake locations using the Fake GPS location app, you can open the Settings app, enter Developer Options, tap the Select mock location app option, and then select the Fake GPS location app there.

Part 3. FAQs of How to Stop Someone from Tracking Your Phone

How to limit ad tracking on an iPhone?

To stop ad companies from spying on your iPhone and prompting ads, you can open the Settings app, tap Privacy, and then go to Location Services. Here you can access a System Services option. Tap on it and then disable the Location Based Ads.

How to delete all location history on an Android phone?

Go to the Settings app on your Android phone and choose the Location option. Scroll down to find the Google Location History and tap on it. Then you can drag the slider from the right to the left to turn off Location History. Here you can tap on the Pause button to confirm your operation. After that, you can choose Manage Activity and then tap the menu icon to display more options. Then you can tap on the Delete All Location History option to remove all location history from this Android phone.

Where to enable Do Not Track on Chrome?

Enter Chrome on your Android phone, tap the 3-dots More icon, and then choose Settings. Tap on the Privacy and Security option and then go to Do Not Track. Here you can turn the setting on or off based on your need.


This post has mainly talked about how to stop someone from tracking your phone. If you have any other methods to prevent being tracked, you can share them in the comment section below with other readers.

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