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How to Export Safari Bookmarks from iPhone and Import to Chrome/Firefox

How to export Safari bookmarks?

Nowadays, when it comes to Safari, most of you may think of iPhone/iPad/iPod touch (iOS devices). Yes, it is the exclusive browser designed for iOS and macOS. It is the built-in browser on your iOS device. As iPhone users, you could use it to search for your favorite sites, and add bookmarks to your preferred sites for the next visit.

However, not all the sites are comfortable to view on your iPhone. Compared to small screen on your iPhone, you may prefer to watch movie sites on your Mac. For a web containing a document file with thousands of words, no one would like to read it by scrolling frequently on iPhone to turn pages.

Reading it on PC with several clicks is an ideal choice. So at this point, you may want to know if you could import Safari bookmarks to Chrome or Firefox for a synced surfing. Yes, you can make it. It is convenient to Export Safari bookmarks using correct methods. Keep reading to get the two ways of exporting bookmarks from Safari to Chrome/Firefox.

Export Safari Bookmarks from iPhone

Export Safari Bookmarks from iPhone

Method one: Sync iPhone Safari Bookmarks to Chrome/Firefox with iCloud

iCloud is the tool to back up data. And you could also use it to restore iPhone from iCloud backup. In the first way, you will apply iCloud backup to help you to export Safari bookmarks from iPhone and then import it to Chrome/Internet Explorer/Firefox.

Back up Safari bookmarks from iPhone to iCloud/iTunes

There are two ways to back up Safari bookmark from iPhone to iCloud. On your iPhone, go to "Settings" > "iCloud" > Make sure "Safari" button is on > Scroll to the bottom to tap "Backup" > "Back Up Now" to back up Safari bookmarks to iCloud.

Backup Safari Bookmarks to iCloud

Alternatively, you could back up all data to iTunes. Plug iPhone to PC with USB cable > Launch iTunes on your PC, and click your iPhone icon > In the right "Backups" interface, choose "iCloud" > "Back Up Now" to make Safari bookmarks backup.

Backup Safari Bookmarks to itunes

Export Safari bookmarks on iCloud backup to Internet Explorer

Download iCloud to your computer. Sigh in your iCloud account to export Safari bookmarks to Internet Explorer. Click "Bookmarks" > Checkmark "Internet Explorer" in the pop-up window > Click "Apply" to allow to exporting bookmarks in Safari > Click "Merge" in the pop-up reminder that says, "Do you want to merge bookmarks with iCloud?" After you have done that, Internet Explorer will automatically add all Safari bookmarks on iCloud. You could manage all bookmarks in Internet Explorer easily.

Import Safari bookmarks into Chrome/Firefox

Open your Chrome browser on your PC, click "Settings" icon (next to the star), find Bookmarks > Select Import bookmarks and settings > Select Microsoft Internet Explorer and tick Favorites/Bookmark > Click Import to import Safari bookmarks from Internet Explorer to Chrome. Similarly, you are able to import bookmarks from iPhone Safari to Firefox in this way.

When you follow the above way to sync iPhone Safari bookmarks to Chrome or Firefox with iCloud, you need to pay attention to several points:

◆ When you back up iPhone Safari bookmarks to Chrome or Firefox, you have to import all Safari bookmarks, no option of selecting preferred Safari bookmarks. And the Safari bookmarks include iPhone Safari bookmarks, and those bookmark backups before on iCloud. That may lead to some duplicated bookmarks.

◆ When you export Safari bookmarks from iCloud backup, you had better select "Internet Explorer" for fast exporting. If you select other browser on your computer, like Chrome or Firefox, then you are required to install a plug-in to import Safari bookmarks to Firefox or Chrome.

◆ When you import Safari bookmarks to Firefox or Chrome, you may notice that you are only allowed to choose "Favorites/Bookmarks". As for your Safari "Browsing History", you will find no way to import.

◆ You are allowed to use this way to import your Safari bookmarks on iPad and iPod touch to Chrome or Firefox.

Export Safari Bookmarks from iCloud to PC (using iCloud Control Panel)

Safari history cannot be accessed directly to your computer unless you install a tool called iCloud Control Panel. Here we are going to show you how to export and download iPhone Safari bookmarks to computer.

1. Download iCloud Control Panel and install the tool following its instructions.

Bookmarks on iCloud Control Panel

2. Open iCloud Control Panel. Enter your Apple ID and password then click the Sign In button.

3. Check Bookmark > Options. A window will pop up with options to let you choose one or more browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc. you want to export bookmarks to. After that, click OK to return to iCloud interface.

Bookmarks Options

4. Click Apply button when you finish that. A window will prompt you to acquire whether you'd like to merge the bookmarks between your browser and the bookmarks that are stored in iCloud. But you only have the merge option, click Merge to continue.

Merge Safiri with Chrome

5. If you want to use iCloud sync with Chrome, you'll need to download the iCloud Bookmarks extension.

Download Safari Bookmarks from iClod to PC

6. After that, click Add to Chrome and the iCloud Bookmarks extension will show with all your other extensions. In the similar way, the browser will open to the extension page and you will need to click "Add to Firefox" to install it.

Method two: Export iPhone Safari bookmarks and browsing history (Highly Recommended)

If you only want to export part of Safari bookmarks on iPhone to PC for importing to Chrome or Firefox, or want to import the browsing history on iPhone Safari, you are capable of trying the second way. Firstly, you need to download iPhone Data Recovery, one Safari Bookmark Exporter, and install it on your PC.

1Launch this program on your PC, and connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.


2Click "Recover from iOS Device", and then click Start Scan to scan your iPhone data.

Scan iphone 5

3Click Safari Bookmark, and select the bookmarks. Click Recover to download it to PC.

Recover Export Safari Bookmarks

When you use this way to export iPhone Safari bookmarks, you should focus on the following points:

◆ If you want to export Safari browsing history, click "Safari History" to export it to your PC. Also you could use this software to retrieve your Safari history to your computer for backup.

◆ The exported Safari bookmarks will be saved on your PC in the format of HTML. You could open your Firefox, and click the Firefox Icon button > "Import and Backup" > "From HTML" to import bookmarks to Firefox. Chrome also works the same way to import Safari bookmarks.

◆ Not only the existing Safari bookmarks on iPhone, you are able to recover deleted Safari iPhone Safari bookmarks, so that you can import the deleted Safari bookmarks to your Chrome or Firefox. (The red words are those deleted bookmarks, and the existing bookmarks are marked black.)

◆ This app also enables you to recover deleted data from iOS device and back up data to PC, like recover deleted photos from iPhone, back up iPhone contacts, etc.

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