Which One is the Best App to Control Android Phone from a PC Effortlessly

June 15, 2023Ashley Mae

Looking for a convenient app to control your Android phone from your PC? Look no further! In this article, we will introduce you to the best app that allows you to effortlessly control your Android device from the comfort of your computer. Gone are the days of constantly switching between devices or struggling with a smaller screen. With this app, you can enjoy seamless remote control, screen mirroring, file transfer, and an enhanced viewing experience. So, without further ado, let's dive into the details of this amazing application and explore how it can simplify your digital life.

App to Control Android Phone from PC

Part 1. 5 Best Apps to Control Android Phones from PC - Description, Pros, Cons, & More

1. Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is the foremost app to control the phone from the PC you need since it covers the best feature. It is an app that highlights screen mirroring, essential to display what is on your phone on a larger screen. Compared to other apps we have reviewed, this is the only app that supports USB and wireless connection, which gives you the flexibility to choose the connection methods that work for you.



  • It has a simple and intuitive UI.
  • It supports two types of connection, wired and wirelessly.
  • It has an operational hotkey on the PC you can use.
  • It offers additional functions such as screen recording and screen capture.
  • It can be used to connect Android or iOS on a PC or Mac.


  • The free trial has a limited time of controlling and features.

Steps on How to Use Aiseesoft Phone Mirror:

Step 1:
First, download the Aiseesoft Phone Mirror into your computer by clicking the download button. Promptly install and set it up, then download the Fonelab Mirror into your Android phone. Once everything is done, click Start Now to proceed.
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Step 2:
Now that you have launched the app click Android since you want to connect your Android to PC. Open the FoneLab app you downloaded earlier, and click the connection type you want to use. For wirelessly, make sure that both devices are connected to the same network; for USB, make sure you have plugged the cord into PC and connected it to the phone.
Open Android Mirror
Step 3:
Now that you have successfully mirrored your Android screen to your PC click the switch to turn on the Control Phone. Then you can now use the other shortcuts that Aiseesoft added to access the function easier.
Activate Control Phone
Step 4:
On the left part, you can now easily manipulate or control your phone from your PC and move it as long as you want.

2. Vysor

Vysor is software to control Android phones from a PC that you can download. It has a simplified interface so that users who like to use this will have an easier time managing it, like the previous one. Even without an Android emulator on Windows or Mac, you can easily control an Android system on your PC without configuring too many settings.




  • It connects Android to PC wired and wirelessly.
  • It offers a Chrome extension for PC.
  • Available in different desktop OS.


  • Connectivity issue.
  • Most of the best features it has are available on the paid version.
  • It does not support the iOS version.

3. AirDroid

AirDroid is the most versatile and best app to wirelessly control Android phones from a PC, like what you can get once you have downloaded the number one tool here. It provides features similar to the previous application, screen mirroring, file transfer, and notification mirroring. With its prowess, you can depend on this application to control your Android phone without touching it on your PC.




  • Control your Android to PC without a cable.
  • Transfer your file effectively between Android and PC.
  • Remotely capture photos and video access.


  • The free version of the app is limited.
  • Wireless connections can become faulty at times.
  • Its features on iOS are limited compared to the Android version, but it can connect to iOS.

4. TeamViewer

Whenever you need an app to control your Android from PC, TeamViewer gives you this chance. It is as popular as the Aiseesoft Phone Mirroring, and its feature is comprehensive for personal and business purposes. It includes screen sharing, file transfer, and video conferencing that you can use whenever you need. Same as the others, it has an intuitive interface which indicates that you can master using it in a matter of minutes having it.




  • It is a reliable screen-sharing and file-transferring app.
  • Collab with others via video conferencing and remote support.
  • It is supported widely by different types of platforms.


  • Most of the best features it has are available on the paid version.
  • The paid version is expensive, especially for small-scale usage.

5. Scrcpy

Perhaps you want to try using open-source software to control Android phones from a PC, which is where Scrcpy comes in. It is a program created to mirror everything on an Android high quality with low latency. Plus, it does not require you to download the app on your phone, which means you can start connecting directly with a code.




  • Installing the app on the phone is not required to do the mirroring.
  • It is a low latency yet high-quality video mirroring.
  • The complete version of it is free.


  • Expertise in setting up the app is required.
  • It does not support connecting wirelessly.

Part 2. FAQs about the Best App to Control an Android Phone from a PC

Do I need to root my Android before I can use the app?

Rooting is not required if you want to use the app to control the phone from a PC since there are apps like Aiseesoft Phone Mirror, Vysor, AirDroid, TeamViewer, and Scrcpy. But some software requires root access to your phone. So, instead of doing that, we can save time using the application mentioned here.

How to play phone games on a computer without an emulator?

Instead of downloading an emulator, you can alternatively download a screen mirroring app that supports the control option to move without touching your phone. One of the best screen mirroring you can have the Aiseesoft Phone Mirror, but there are other applications you can install that can help you play phone games on your computer without emulators.

Can I control my Android phone using my Mac?

You can download the Aiseesoft Phone Mirror on your Mac to connect your Android phone to your Mac easily.


The best app to control an Android phone from a PC is already listed in this article. We have shown you rich information that can tell you what to expect once you have downloaded the said app. We hope everything is made clear to you, and if you have any confusion, feel free to ask us questions, and we will surely answer them.

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