7 Best Distance Calculators to Measure Distance Between 2 Points

September 06, 2022Ashley Mae

It's quite a common need to calculate the walking, running, driving, or driving distance. The location services and map app on your devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or computer can help you measure the distance between two points with ease. So what is the best distance calculator?

This article gives you a review of the seven best distance between two points calculators, including free online ones, desktop software, and map apps for mobile phones. You can check the review below and find your preferred distance calculator.

Best Distance Calculator

Part 1: Get 3 Best Distance Calculators to Measure Distance Between Two Points

If you want to quickly determine the distance between two points on a computer, you need to rely on a desktop distance calculator product or go to map websites. This part introduces you to 3 great distance calculators for you to choose from.

Online driving and flight distance calculator - Travelmath

Travelmath is a popular online coordinate distance calculator mainly designed for trip planning. It can help you easily measure travel distance and travel time. You can use it to calculate both driving and flying distances. Moreover, this distance calculator will show you the closest airport, cities nearby, halfway points, cost of driving, hotels, zip codes, and other associated information.

TravelMath Driving Flying Distance Calculator

This online coordinate distance calculator has a built-in map for you to check the start and destination points. Also, you can see clearly the related fight distance and driving distance. On its website, you are allowed to book a flight, hotel, vacation, rent a car, and check other useful information before you start the trip.

Driving Flight Distance Calculator TravelMath

When you want to measure the distance between two points, you can directly enter two cities and then click the Go button to calculate that. Also, you can enter its official website and click the Distance tab to use its Distance Calculator.

TravelMath Distance Calculator

Easy to use distance calculator and location changer - AnyCoord

AnyCoord is a powerful distance calculator and location changer. It is mainly used to change your current location to a virtual one for different purposes. For instance, you can choose to fake your GPS location for playing games, using applications, or preventing others from tracking you. It can work as a distance between two points calculator to help you measure distance accurately.



AnyCoord - Distance Calculator

  • Calculate the distance between two points on Mac and Windows PC.
  • Change or fake your current location to a virtual one for different needs.
  • Move your route using One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, or Joystick Mode.
  • Fake your iPhone GPS location to another place you need to protect your privacy.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Step 1:
To measure the distance between two points, you should free install and launch it on your computer first. Click the Start button and connect your iPhone to the computer as it prompts.
Click Start Button
Step 2:
After connecting successfully, you can access its four main features, Modify Location, One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, and Joystick Mode. Here you can select the Multi-stop Mode to calculate distance.
Choose Multi Stop
Step 3:
Now you can input the start place, directly mark the location on the map, and then enter the destination address. This coordinate distance calculator will show you the distance between two points.
Find Distance Between 2 Addresses AnyCoord

As mentioned above, AnyCoord can also be used to change your current location. So when you want to stop others from tracking your location or set a virtual position for playing games, you can also use it.

Great circle distance between two points calculator - DistanceFromTo

DistanceFromTo is a free online distance calculator used to calculate the great circle distance between two addresses. You can use it to check the distance between two cities or places in miles and kilometers for flying. It is designed with a map for you to view two points. This distance calculator uses a red line on the map to show the Great Circle Distance and a black line to indicate the Rhumb line between two places.


When you want to calculate the distance between two points, you can enter the cities with country codes and names and then click the Measure Distance button to measure the distance. You can drag, zoom in, or zoom out the map to view detailed information.

Calculate Distance Online DistanceFromTo

Part 2: 4 Best Distance Calculator Map Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android

When you wonder how far a place is from another in terms of yards, feet, meters, kilometers, or miles, you can easily find out using some distance measuring apps on your Android phone, iPhone, or iPad. Many distance calculator map apps in Google Play Store and App Store can help you do that. If you don't know which one you should use, this part lists the four best distance calculating apps to choose from.

Google Maps distance calculator

Google Maps is preinstalled on Android devices to give you real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit information. You can easily find hotels, restaurants, schools, and hospitals nearby. As a distance calculator, it enables you to locate and share your current position, get walking, running, or driving directions, and measure the distance between two places. Google Maps distance calculator also supports iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

Google Maps Distance Calculator

Google Maps collects more than 220 countries and territories and hundreds of millions of businesses and places on its map. So you can easily find your destination place and get useful information about it.

To quickly figure out the distance between two points, you can open the Google Maps app on your Android or iOS device, tap anywhere on the map to display a red pin, and then choose its Measure distance option. You can freely drag the map to your target place and tap Add point in the bottom-right corner to mark it. Google Maps distance calculator will automatically calculate the specific distance and show it in miles (mi) and kilometers (km).

Measure Distance Google Maps App iPhone

Apple Maps - Default distance calculator for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac

Apple Maps is the official navigator and distance calculator app for Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. It is exclusive to Apple's own line of products and lacks a browser-based version. You can't use it on an Android phone or Windows computer. Similar to Google Maps, it can give you real-time transit schedules and directions. You can check traffic conditions, incidents, road closures, and other related information.

Apple Maps Distance Calculator

When you enter the Maps app, you can see your current location in blue on the map. You can input your target place or address in the search box to quickly locate it. After you select the point, you can see some associated information about it. Tap on the Driving directions button to measure distance and check several ways to get there.

Distance Between Two Points Apple Maps

Area & Distance - Map Measure

Area & Distance Map Measure is an easy-to-use distance calculator for iPhone and iPad. You can free install it from App Store to calculate the area and distance on the map. You can simply tap + button to drop a pin and measure distance. This distance calculator app has an edit feature for you to save or load results for future use. The distance measured between two points is calculated based on the earth's curvature.

Area and Distance Map Measure App

It is not a travel navigating app and can't offer you any traffic and other information. You can only freely zoom in, zoom out, and drag its map to check distance. While using this distance calculator map app, you will see many ads. You need to purchase its paid version to remove ads.

Maps Distance Calculator

Maps Distance Calculator is a popular distance measuring app for Android users. It offers two ways to calculate distance. You can put pins on its map and then measure the distance between consecutive pins. Also, you can use its pen tool to calculate continuous paths among points.

Android Maps Distance Calculator App

Maps Distance Calculator allows you to measure perimeter and circumference and adjust map view angle. You can use meters, kilometers, miles, or feet based on your need. This Android distance calculator app provides you with regular, satellite, terrain, and hybrid map modes. You can free get it from Google Play Store.

Part 3: FAQs of Distance Between Two Points Calculator

How to send directions to another phone?

You can share or send a place to your phone or tablet using Google Maps. When you find a location on Google Maps and want to send it to another device, you can simply tap Send to your phone under the search box and select the phone or tablet you want to send it to. Here you should ensure that you have signed in to the same account on all your devices.

How to measure distance between two zip codes?

There are plenty of ZIP code distance calculator tools offered on the internet that can help you easily calculate the distance between two places through zip codes. Here you can try using some popular ones like Free Map Tools, ZIP Code Distance Calculator, Melissa Lookups, or NBER.

Can Find My app work as a distance calculator on iPhone?

No. Find My app is specially designed for locating your Apple device's location. You can accurately find the location information and share it with others. But you can't use it as a distance calculator app. It does not allow you to mark two places on its map and then measure the distance between them.

How to use a phone to measure the distance walked?

You can calculate the distance you walked by counting your steps. Find out the length of one step and then divide the total number of steps into 100 to measure distance. Also, you can rely on your phone's Google Maps or Apple Maps to do a rough calculation. Here you can open the map app, enter your destination place, and then follow its directions to measure the distance you walked. It can update information based on your actual walking condition.


This post recommends seven great distance calculators to easily measure the distance from one address to another. You can select your preferred application when calculating distance on your computer or portable iOS/Android device. If you still have any questions about distance measuring, you can choose to leave us a message in the comment part or directly contact us.

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