Best Vocal Compressor Software You Must Use to Compress Audio on Desktop

May 11, 2022Ashley Mae

One of the natural ways a human can create a sound is by using the voice. Every person does have a dynamic range that reaches 70 decibels for face to face talking. Still, you will need to tweak some settings to make it sound louder and better for recording because 70 decibels isn't enough. With a compressor, you can extend the potential of your recording to make it sound better and equal to the other sound that is added to your recording. Instead of purchasing a compressor tool to do the compression, you might want to try using software to compress the audio recording at ease without affecting the original quality. You can keep reading this article as we introduce the best vocal compressor plugin software you can download on your desktop to compress the audio file effortlessly.

Best Vocal Compressor

Part 1. Best Compressor for Vocal to Use on Windows and Mac [Recommended]

Without any doubt, Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is the best compressor for vocals you can get on your desktop. Instead of using a compressor plugin, you must try this software. It does the same thing and works professionally on compressing the recorded audio. Unlike the instruments you can use, this tool won't need to go through a complicated setup. Even if you are a beginner, handling this software is easy. You can change the bitrate, channel, and sample rate with a compressor like this to make it compressed. Also, you are allowed to reduce its file size once you compress it.

Moreover, this software performs excellently on other tasks such as converting, trimming, volume up for audio, and adding audio to the video. It is your one-stop solution to most problems you might encounter on video and audio. This tool lives up to its name as the ultimate software because of the features and functions it can give to you that you can't find on the other software available on the market.

Want to know the other features and functions you can find once you download it? If so, read the following details below to find out what makes it the best vocal compressor software on Windows and Mac.

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate


Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

  • It can compress any audio file at high-speed without any hindrances.
  • The best choice for professionals and beginners for compressing the audio.
  • Convert your audio files with a single click.
  • Works on compressing multiple audio files at one go.
  • It supports ultra-fast compressing features to compress files at lightning speed.
  • Other features and functions are available on the Toolbox.
  • It has a Windows and Mac version for you to use.
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  • It can easily compress the audio files you have on your desktop.
  • Change other settings to compress the audio file you have.
  • Compressing doesn't take too much time because of the ultra-fast speed.
  • It is the best choice for every user, professional or not.


  • Purchasing the software is necessary to use the overall power of the software.

Part 2. Steps on How to Use the Best Vocal Compressor Plugin Software on Desktop

To help you use the best UAD vocal compressor software on Windows and Mac, you can follow the indicated steps below. As we showcase a step-by-step tutorial to help you compress the audio file you want at ease.

Step 1:
First, download the software on your desktop and choose which operating system you are currently using, Windows or macOS. After you download it properly, proceed with installing the software, follow the setup process, and open the software to continue.
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Step 2:
Now that you've launched the software, you must proceed to the Toolbox and locate the Audio Compressor features there. As you can see, there are other features you can use; later, you can check them out or test them out.
Open Audio Compressor
Step 3:
Kindly click the plus icon and wait for the audio to be uploaded.
Step 4:
For the audio compressor settings, adjust the compression settings available. You can drag the slider to make the file size smaller.
Drag Slider to Compress

Optional: To hear the sample of the version you compress here, click Preview. Before exporting it, it will play 10 seconds of the compressed audio file so that you can check the sound you compress.

Sample Preview Of Compress Audio
Step 5:
After all of the adjustments you apply to the audio compression, click Compress. It will only take a couple of minutes to process the file. A dialogue box will show on your if the compressing is finished, which indicates that compressing is successfully finished. You can check out the compressed version of the audio on the folder that will show on your screen and tap it so that it will play on your local media player.
Saved Compressed Audio

Part 3. FAQs about the Best Vocal Compressor

Is Audacity the best free compressor for vocals?

Audacity is the best free compressor for vocals you can use to make the sound of the recording balance. Because it professionally handles the sound, the other software can't provide it. Though the software is free, it is still considered one of the professional software in terms of audio editing. So, if you want to use the software, you can download it on the official website. Then, click here to learn how to use Audacity to compress audio.

Can changing bitrate, sample rate, and channel compress the audio recording?

Yes, but if you are about to change the bitrate, sample rate, channel of the audio, and another audio setting, its file size will be smaller. So, keep in mind once you change these, you compress the file size and not the audio itself. But if you change the audio settings, you will hear the difference between the original recording and the one in that you change the bitrate, sample rate, and channel.

Why compressing audio is essential?

Compressing audio became part of the task of many pieces of music produced and audiophiles to make everything sound better. If you want to know the purpose of audio compression in detail, click this link and go through the detailed information we wrote on the blog.


At last, we have now found the best compressor plugins for vocals that you can download on your desktop to compress the audio recording you did. This tool surpasses other software in terms of compressing the audio. This software provides the best output once you choose to compress the audio file. So far, in the review we've given to this software, we can see that the software is full-pact of features and functions you would love to use. So, if you want to try using the software, you can click the download button above to have it now on your desktop.
We hope you enjoy reading the information we discuss above, and we hope that it helps you in your task of finding the compressor to use. Do you want to discuss something with us? You can leave your message below, and let's talk about it.

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