DaisyDisk Review and Best Mac Disk Cleaner

March 25, 2022Ashley Mae

You can use different built-in tools in macOS to manage all types of data on a Mac. While in some cases, your Mac startup disk is almost full but you can't figure out where all of your storage space is used. When you search for a Mac data cleaner or disk analyzer on the internet, you may get the recommendation of DaisyDisk.

This post gives you a detailed DaisyDisk review. You can know its key features and how to use it to free up Mac storage space. What's more, we like to recommend a great DaisyDisk Mac cleaner alternative in case you want a second option.

DaiseDisk Cleaner Review

Part 1. DaisyDisk Review - Disk Analyzer and Data Cleaner for Mac

DaisyDisk is a popular Mac disk analyzer and disk space visualizer tool that is mainly designed to visualize Mac disk usage and free up storage space. It has a graphic interface and uses an innovative circular design to display various data taking up your Mac space. The display of DaisyDisk is color-coded. You can easily distinguish between different data types on your Mac.


Besides offering a great overview of all connected disks like Macintosh HD, Thunderbolt disk, flash, and network storage, DaisyDisk also gives a simple way to check files in detail and remove unwanted data. All displayed files in DaisyDisk are updated in real-time. In that case, you can easily check the current Mac storage and tell if there's enough space for your further operations.

Is DaisyDisk free

DaisyDisk is a paid disk analyzer for Mac. It offers a free trial with many limits. You need to pay $9.99 for it. The free DaisyDisk version is fairly functional. Actually, almost all-important features are only available in the paid version.

DaisyDisk Free Trial And Full Version

DaisyDisk Download

There are 2 safe solutions to get DaisyDisk installed on your Mac, even though many online software downloading sites also offer the DaisyDisk downloading services. You can go to the official DaisyDisk site and click on the Free Trial button to download it. Or you can open the Mac App Store, search for and locate the DaisyDisk application, purchase, and then install it on your Mac.

Official DaisyDisk Site

How to use DaisyDisk

DaisyDisk is quite easy to use. When you enter the app, it will display how much space is left on each of your Mac disks. You can click on the Scan button to scan all types of data on the drive.

After scanning, you can get an easy-to-understand and colorful wheel to view your Mac data. You can check and select all files you want to delete, and then drag them to the Collector icon on the lower-left of the screen. After that, you can delete all items in Collector based on your need.

DaisyDisk Check Mac Data Free Up Space

Part 2. Best DaisyDisk Mac Cleaner Alternative

If you search for a trustworthy Mac cleaner without any popups, or remove annoying popups from the potentially unwanted programs, you can rely on the Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner. It carries all necessary Mac data cleaning and management features you need. Moreover, it has a specific Uninstall function to help you easily remove applications including your mistakenly installed ones.

Mac Cleaner


Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner – Best Card Cleaner for Mac

  • Analyze all types of data on Mac and free up Mac storage space.
  • Delete various unwanted Mac files like junk, large and old data, duplicates, and more.
  • Uninstall unused and harmful applications and remove associated data.
  • View current Mac statuses like Disk, CPU, and Memory, and speed up Mac in real-time.
  • Protect Mac and erase viruses, adware, malware, and others.
Free DownloadFor macOS

Secure100% Secure. No Ads.

Step 1:
This DaisyDisk alternative carries many useful features to manage Mac data and free up disk space on Mac. You can free install it on your Mac and then launch it.
Step 2:
This Mac Cleaner is designed with 3 main features, Status, Cleaner, and ToolKit. You can simply click on the Status to view the current status of your Mac including disk usage, memory, and CPU.
Getting Started
Step 3:
To remove all kinds of useless files on your Mac, you can choose the Cleaner feature. As you can see, it allows you to delete large and old files, various junk files, temporary files, cookies, cache, and more.
Main Interface
Step 4:
Choose the ToolKit, you can access other useful tools. You can use them to protect your privacy, uninstall applications, optimize Mac performance, and do other operations.
Mac cleaner Toolkit

Part 3. FAQs of DaisyDisk and Mac Data Cleaning

1. Is there a Windows or Linux version of DaisyDisk?

No. There is no Windows or Linux versions of DaisyDisk. According to the official information, the DaisyDisk company doesn't plan to create specific versions for Windows or Linux.

2. Is DaisyDisk safe to use on Mac?

Yes, DaisyDisk is trustworthy and safe to use. Considering that you can install it from the Mac App Store. DaisyDisk has been notarized by Apple.

3. How to uninstall DaisyDisk on my Mac?

Click Finder in the Dock to enter the Finder window. Click Applications in the left sidebar and then find the DaisyDisk app. Now you can simply drag it to Trash for uninstalling it. You need to remove all DaisyDisk remains from your Mac. Also, you can use the recommended Mac Cleaner above to easily uninstall DaisyDisk and remove all associated items.


From the DaisyDisk review in this post, you can learn the main features of it. When you need to get more available space on your Mac, you should try DaisyDisk or its alternative tool, Mac Cleaner.

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