Is Dashlane Password Manager the Best Password Managing App You'll Need?

March 02, 2023Ashley Mae

Who doesn't know Dashlane Password Manager? It is an app you can download to secure your password and personal information. But what makes this app the best choice compared to its alternatives? Look over the app and know if it is worth trying; if not, we have included alternatives that work pretty similar to the app or even better.

Dashlane Password Manager

Part 1. A Quick Overview of Dashlane - Everything That You'll Ever Need


Dashlane Password Manager is one of the most organized passcode applications you can efficiently utilize on your device. With the end-to-end encryption that it provides to its users, there is no doubt why many people pick this over its competitors. Here, you can use the app for secure web browsing provided on a virtual private network only. Since safety is a priority, the app has a unique way of analyzing passwords and whether it is the best choice. Going into the dark web is dangerous because there is a possibility that it will leak your email address to that site, but this app will alert you once you have it.

Dashlane Password Manager

Security Features of Dashlane:

Aside from its feature, understanding the security feature gives you all the information you will need whether to download it or not. This review of Dashlane Password Manager will be incomplete with the succeeding information below.


Dashlane is the only app that offers a private VPN, real-time monitoring on the dark web, and emergency access whenever you need it. It is more than just an account protector since these features aren't generally supported on its alternatives like LastPass. In addition to that, syncing data, even if you are using a different system, is easier with this app. So, if you want assurance, have this on your device.


Unlike other applications you can freely download, Dashlane basic edition doesn't offer all the mentioned features. Aiseesoft iPhone Password Manager free version is much better than this app's free version. Also, unlike what its alternative supports, the app only offers a single account recovery option, so if you forget the master password, you will have definite trouble opening the vault again.

Part 2. Is Dashlane Worth It?

Overall, Dashlane Password Manager on Mac, Windows, Linux, mobile devices, and the web is worth using and having. Compared to other competitors, this app is set apart as an app that is focused on the primary purpose and to the app that is like a gem that you wouldn't quickly get without paying. Since its features aren't what others provide, purchasing it could be an ache in your pocket because its price isn't that low. You can check out the prices below if you want to.

If you can afford to purchase the app, then have it, but if not and you want to stick with the free version, we suggest you look for alternatives that offer you more than the accessible version of Dashlane gives.

Part 3. Best Alternatives for Dashlane on iOS and Android

1. Aiseesoft iPhone Password Manager

Dashlane Free Password Manager isn't enough, but if you are on a tight budget, we suggest you have the Aiseesoft iPhone Password Manager. This app's primary goal is to organize all types of accounts it detects on your iOS device so that you wouldn't forget them when you need them again. Even though they are on an iOS keychain, the app can easily export all of the information inside that device and save it in CSV file format so that you can share it with others or for a keepsake.

Aiseesoft iPhone Password Manage

After exporting the account information, you can even reformat your device and transfer it back without typing the passwords. The app is the best option if you only want to scan your history with privacy. Better download it now on your Windows and Mac to start using it; there is no need to worry because the app is so easy to use.

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2. LastPass

LastPass is another password manager Dashlane alternative you can download and use on the web. This app is a popular alternative to most of the applications that stores passwords, but this has a 256-bit AES data security level that is most used on bank system or high-profile accounts. With it, you can automatically fill in the login on any website or application you are going through, especially if that account is stored here.

LastPass Password Manager

3. Apple Password Manager

Apple Password Manager vs. Dashlane has been a central topic for a long time, not because they can store passwords but because of their unique way of doing it. Apple Password Manager or iCloud Keychain is designed to fill in the account info, card, address, and other personal information while using an Apple device. If you have an iOS device, you can use this and maximize the potential of this system now.

Apple Password Manager

Part 4. FAQs about Dashlane Password Manager Review

Do you need help using Dashlane?

Well, the difficulty of Dashlane remains completely easy compared to other applications, which means everything you can do here is very straightforward. If you are looking for the best password manager on Android, you can choose this app on the option when you search over the market.

Can two people access the Dashlane account?

Yes, you can let another person use the Dashlane account if you want to. But if you want to share the information with a bigger group, you can do that as well if you like to do, as long as they are using the Dashlane mobile version or online version.

Why pick Dashlane?

If you are looking for an extensive app that works more than storing the password of your login account, then picking this is the best choice. However, this app's features are only accessible when you purchase a plan that the Dashlane support. You can look at the upper part for the plan's prices here.


The Dashlane Password Manager remains at the top application if you want to do more than contain the account data and passcode on its highly secured vault. If you want to use the app, you can download it on the official market only and purchase it on the app. We know that the price of it is far too fetched for everyone, which is why alternatives like Aiseesoft iPhone Password Manager help you.

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