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May 10, 2023Ashley Mae

AI bot chat GPT has become widely popular nowadays, and most of the write-ups you can read online are now AI-generated. Before, you could only use such AI bots on a desktop, but now you can download an app like Chat AI - Chat with GPT AI Bot on your mobile device. The app can help you with the AI chat trend. Prior to downloading the app, let's take a quick look at what it is all about and what it can offer you that may eventually become handy as time passes.

Chat AI APK Review
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Part 1. What is Chat AI - Chat With GPT AI Bot App - Factual Review

An AI bot chat GPT application you can download on your phone is the Chat AI- Chat with GPT AI Bot. It is a popular application since it supports the Chat GPT 3.5 Turbo model, accelerating the answer-generating process so you wouldn't need to wait long. With the same model, the technology it brings is far advanced. The answers it delivers to the question you ask is what a human needs in their daily lives, whether professional, enthusiastic, personal, or interaction-like.


Moreover, you can also use this application to search for the latest updates on the current situation, and it can even suggest books or movies for you to watch. With its extensive feature, you can even check the past conversation you have made with it to check the forgotten information you have to save on your Word docs.


Are you not speaking English and want to use your native language? Luckily, this AI chatbot GPT supports over 140+ languages and can answer in your desired language. Want to learn how to speak languages? Name it, and this app can offer great assistance whenever needed. It may seem perfect, but before you can activate the unlimited Q and A here, you must purchase a subscription fee on the plan this app supports.

Part 2. Review of Chat AI - Chat With GPT AI Bot Performance & Ratings

1. Writing Assistant

Rate: 8 out of 10

Through this application, you can ask it to create a summary of a story or essay regarding a particular topic and even give you some techniques to improve your writing skills. Since AI powers it, you only need to give specific information before it writes your write-up. So, if you are looking for an innovative and creative app, this could be the perfect AI chatbot ChatGPT you can download.

2. Writing Style Tone

Rate: 7 out of 10

Chat AI - CHat with GPT AI Bot adds an expressive thought to every piece of information it adds to your write-up. Its write-up style is amazingly better than other applications you can install on your phone. However, if you intend to create lyrics for a song or poem here, the text it will provide is generic, meaning it is expected. If you aren't amazed by the writing style, then you can edit that to add a writing style that you have to make it look like even a human write-up than AI.

3. Proofreading Feature

Rate: 7 out of 10

Whenever you need a write-up to be proofread to know what other things you can adjust to make the write-up even better, then use this app. It has a top-of-the-line proofreader feature, which analyzes the write-up you have made, checks it, and leaves with a suggestion that can bring your write-up assignment. Though the app can proofread it, the information it will suggest needs to be improved and have a human connection to improve the delivery of that write-up. You can get some information here on what to fix but don't rely too much upon the app primarily for academic purposes.

4. Human-Like Response

Rate: 7.5 out of 10

Simple conversation? You can have a human-like response with this application whenever you ask. It was bred to become an intellectual human with all the knowledge and information you will ever need. Every time you use the app, the human-like response that it provides improves, and it becomes better and better. Need to have expert advice? You can have a conversation with this app and share all of your thoughts. However, some information you share with it overanalyzes the situation, which sometimes will give you a non-relevant answer.

5. Ads Intensity

Rate: 8 out of 10

Some pop-up ads will appear timely whenever you are using them. But you can purchase a plan that supports removing all the annoying ads here, so you can use this without being bothered. Thus, you will need to spend real money to be able to have one.

6. Compatibility

We aren't going to rate the compatibility of the app since it is only available on Android. So, this is the best choice if you are looking for an Android chatbot GPT app. Read the next part if you use other platforms like iOS or want a better alternative.

Part 3. 3 Chat AI - Chat with GPT AI Bot Alternatives on Android & iPhone

1. Chat with ASK AI 12+

Rate: 4.8 out of 5 from AppStore

Chat with Ask AI 12+ is the number one in Productivity if you search it on the AppStore. This app can handle anything you need, such as writing a breakup, funny messages, pick-up lines, and even a loving message for someone. Aside from messages, you can even use this app for educational purposes, such as solving math equations, writing essays, and even giving a quick search about the topic. All the information it generates is relevant; it is best to use this as an AI bot chat GPT on iOS. In case you are using Android, the app also supports a version of it.

Chat with ASK AI 12+

2. AI Chat - AI Chatbot Assistant

Rate: 4.7 out of 5 from PlayStore

AI Chat - AI Chatbot Assistant is a simple application that you can use to generate answers to your question using the AI chatbot GPT it supports. An app like this can give you 24/7 assistance whenever you are in the world. Have a conversation with it, write an essay, need AI copywriting? Indeed, all of these things are possible, and you can finish doing all of them here. Though the app's UI seems a bit simple, it is optimized well so that users wouldn't have trouble using it.

AI Chat AI Chatbot Assistant

3. ChattyAI - AI Chatbot Assistant

Rate: 4.5 out of 5 from PlayStore

If you expect more on an open AI GPT chatbot, pick the ChattyAI - AI Chatbot Assistant. It is a dedicated application that speaks multiple languages and answers all of your queries in mind in fast motion. Here, you can even activate the voice chat to have an AI bot conversation with the app thru your voice. With that, you can even ask the app to generate content for you to use. But before you can even use that, you must purchase the app. Although it is expensive, some people think it is worth it.

ChattyAI AI Chatbot Assistant

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Part 4. FAQs on Chat AI - Chat with GPT AI Bot

Is Chat AI - Chat with GPT AI Bot free?

Yes, it is free, yet you need to purchase the in-app feature it provides to use this app all out. The app starts at $5.99 and can go up to $59.99.

Is Chat AI - Chat With GPT AI Bot the best on Android?

Based on over 29.2k reviews, users leave the app at 4.6 stars in the rating, making it a reliable chatbot AI GPT app to download on your mobile phone. The app may be best since it offers multifunctional features only AI can use. Depending on your preferences and user needs, being the best app is a statement we can't give to the app. But if you need to be technologically reliant on an AI chatbot, pick this app and download it now on your Android.

Can I download Chat AI - Chat with GPT AI Bot on iOS?

Sadly the app isn't available on iOS devices, which makes its compatibility less of a priority for its developer. But, you can use Chat with Ask AI 12+, the top on the AppStore, if you are looking for an AI chatbot GPT application that can work similarly with this app and offers more.


Chat AI - Chat with GPT AI Bot is an excellent application for asking a question as it generates a human-like response that you wouldn't nearly achieve on other applications. With its performance and AI growth, sooner or later, the app will become even more popular than ever. Before that happens, you can now download the app on your device to use it for anything that you need. Hence, if you think the app isn't your pick, you can choose the alternative AI bots like the chat GPT app we added here.

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