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May 12, 2023Ashley Mae

AI chatbots have become phenomenal in this current time since they can make most of the jobs done in minutes. Yet, many don’t understand its purpose and the applications that can be used to experience the latest AI technology developed. If you aren’t familiar with it, we highly suggest that you read this article as we compile and add the best tools you can use available on your devices today.

Top AI Chatbot Tools
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Part 1. Understand a Deeper Concept What is AI Chatbot

AI chatbot has become a must to have a program at your reach since it can stimulate human-like conversation by providing automated or personalized responses. Also, it uses natural language processing, machine learning, and analysis algorithms to understand what the user inputs and deliver relevant and proper responses.

In different commercial industries, this program benefited them because it improves efficiency, reduces response time, and improves the customer experience. Most of these programs are integrated with voice assistants and VR. Indeed it transforms the services into betterment, but the learning of the AI isn’t enough; that is why it needs to reach upgrades and evolution.

Even though it can help, there are still unanswered questions about it because it gathers and analyzes data. AI can now manipulate the privacy of users' concerns and decision-making.

Part 2. Top 10 AI Chatbot Tools Review You Must Know

Features ChatAi GDT - Ai Chat, Ai Bot Chat AI - Chat With GPT AI Bot Nova - ChatGPT-powered Chatbot AI Chat: Apo Assistant Chatbot AI Chat Bot with GPT Astrology Chat AI Bot: Chatbot Assistant AI Chat by GPT Bing - Your AI copilot EVA AI (ex Journey) Chat Bot ChatGPT
Key Features NLP, text-to-speech customizable, supports multiplatform integration Human-like conversation, text-to-speech, voice recognition Responsive, user-friendly UI and interactive Customizable, conversational, get data from text Astrology predicting, horoscope reader, and dream interpreter Customizable interface and best search functionality Smart replies with an intuitive interface Personalized support, NLP, Microsoft integration AI companion and role play Integration to multiple messaging platforms
Other Notable Features AI analytics and reports Chat in different languages and lyrics generator Integrate with Slack and other messaging apps Multilingual support Creative writing help and expert advice Multilingual chats GPT-3.5 turbo Generate relevant answers speedy Photo responsive Quick response to all of the questions and easy to use
Platform Supported Android Android Android and iOS Android Android Android Android Android & iOS Android & iOS Web
Prices starts at $ 4.99 starts at $ 6.49 starts at $ 4.99 starts at $ 5.99 starts at $ 0.99 starts at $ 4.99 starts at $ 9.99 Freemium starts at $ 4.99 Freemium

1. ChatAi GDT - Ai Chat, Ai Bot

ChatAi GDT - Ai Chat, Ai Bot is a standard artificial intelligence chatbot to reply to your queries quickly. This app is an excellent choice for beginners who need a writing assistant. Through its data training, the app can now answer all the questions you can come up with and respond like you were talking to a natural person. Also, the app can adapt to the preference of the user, which makes the interaction even better. This app can accommodate you if you need to search for legal advice, an educator, a travel expert, and more. With over a million downloads and a 4.5-star rating on PlayStore, this could be your desired AI tool.

Chat AI GDT AI Chat

2. Chat AI - Chat With GPT AI Bot

Same as the first one, this AI chatbot GPT has been downloaded over 1m+ time on Android devices, and the users are more likely satisfied with its performance as they leave a total of 4.7-star reviews. Chat AI - Chat With GPT AI Bot is a naturalized AI assistant you will ever need. With this app, you can have a smooth conversation with the AI when you ask it a question. Whenever you need a full-paragraph writing composition, you can use this app to generate one. Suppose you failed to copy the composition this AI generated. In that case, you can go to the History and check your previous dialogs with this app.

Chat AI Chat AI with AI

3. Nova - ChatGPT-powered Chatbot

Nova - ChatGPT-powered Chatbot has the exact downloads, but this app has a higher rating in Playstore, which is 4.8 stars. This chatbot AI is powerful enough to assist you in your writing by suggesting additional ideas or changing how it is approached. After you have done with the writing, you can paste it to let the AI proofread your writing to ensure that there are no grammar mistakes, punctuation, or spelling and that it has the right tone of delivery. Aside from professional writing, you can use this app to seek advice or converse with someone. Though conversation might be neutral like the other apps, having a chatmate on your phone is still good, even if it is an AI.

Nova Chat GPT

4. AI Chat: Apo Assistant Chatbot

Do you want a newer approach to messaging interface? Then AI Chat: Apo Assistant Chatbot is the perfect chatbot artificial intelligence. This app has a dark theme UI and already receives 4.5 stars. It is lower than the previous, but its downloads are more than 5m+, and it continues to grow. Here, you can ask any questions that come to your mind, and the app will generate the answer based on the extensive data it has stored on its server and deliver the answer to you like a human message. In addition, you can let this app answer your assignments quickly and even solve mathematical problems.

AI Chat APO Assistant

5. AI Chat Bot with GPT Astrology

"I have a dream," but I don’t know the meaning. You can talk to AI as it can help you interpret that dream for you, and the best one to use is the AI Chat Bot with GPT Astrology. The nature of this app is to answer all your questions about horoscopes, dreams, astrology, and many more. But the feature of this app doesn’t end there since you can ask this for recommendations, translations, naive questions, tips, advice, and more, like what you can do with the previous apps. It has the same ratings and downloads as the Apo Assistant Chatbot.

AI Chat Astrology

6. Chat AI Bot: Chatbot Assistant

Chat AI Bot: Chatbot Assistant has the most straightforward interface, which means the AI chatbot uses a traditional messaging look or design. Conversation with this app is very simple since you can start with greetings, and the app even suggests different topics about philosophy, history, geography, etc. If you need versatility, then this AI app will suit your needs as a user. Even though it is straightforward to use, every conversation you have with the AI here is secured, which means they are kept private and secured so that no one can exploit it.

Chat AI Bot Chatbot

7. AI Chat by GPT

With millions of downloads and 4.7 stars from its users, AI Chat by GPT can be the talk with the AI app you’ll need to install. It is powered by a GPT 3.5 turbo, considered one of the latest GPTs available. Unlike other premium apps, this app can be used without limitations, and you can have a long conversation with the AI whenever you want to. However, the ads have overpopulated the app, and in every question you may ask, the app will introduce different ads each annoying time. But you can buy the in-app purchase to remove all of the pesky ads showing up so that you can enjoy and have the best experience using it.

AI Chat by GPT

8. Bing - Your AI Copilot

Bing AI chatbot is a popular application on Microsoft which is why the version on iOS has been born, the Bing- Your AI Copilot. In this app, you can ask the same questions you have asked the other previous AI tools, and they can be answered here as well, but what's amazing is that you can have a follow-up question about the answer it provides. Aside from that, it can even become creative as you want in content it will write for you, which means you will need to specify or add keywords to the search. Create your email, plan, ideas, and more here, as it can give it all to you in a matter of minutes of analyzing.

Bing Chat AI

9. EVA AI (ex Journey) Chat Bot

Want to have an AI Chatbot 18+ conversation that the previous AI tool didn’t support? Then use the EVA AI (ex Journey) Chat Bot. It is a companion, lover, and sexual talker that you might want to try as an adult. With this app, the AI will interact with you based on your preference or the way you talk with its AI. Thus, you can use this app to get some insightful advice and tips that can improve you. Here, you can develop your conversational skills as long as you use it, and every time you use it, the AI will adapt how you chat or talk.


10. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the most popular AI chatbot online program you can use to get all the answers you want conversationally. All the way, you can trust this application as your compadre since this app is trained well to follow a pattern and gather a bunch of valuable data over the internet. With it, you can correct the coding problems you might have encountered by copying and pasting it here. After a while, the app will analyze what is wrong and suggest what needs to be changed. Isn’t the app excellent? Well, all of the chat support features we mentioned above are accessible as well here.


Part 3. FAQs about the Top AI Chatbots

What is the disadvantage of AI Chatbots?

Humans have become too reliant on AI Chatbots, which isn’t a good sign. When content is AI generated, there will be no tone or originality. AI only analyzes multiple contents and combines their ideas by reshuffling the words to generate newer content.

Is it good to use AI Chatbots for business?

Indeed, since the response time decreased, the customer can now know more information about your business without being physically available.

Can I use an AI chatbot for creating art?

Well, some AI apps have an AI art generator that creates a unique art style with the mentioned keyword you have added.


Chatbot AI has become in demand, and it is a truly useful application to have on your device. Pick which one you think suits your needs the very best. As you can read, all of the information we have added to this review is based on the observation, testing, and research we did on each, so we can only provide relevant information.

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