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5 Best Frame by Frame Video Editors on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone

"I am looking for a video editor that can show me all the frames in a video and then allow me to delete individual frame, or split the video exactly between two frames. Is there any tool that could do the job?" The answer is simple, a frame by frame video editor could meet all you demands. There are a lot of video editors on market. If you search for video editor in Google, you will get a very long list. But only a few have the ability to show the videos in frames. To help you edit videos frame, we are going to share 5 best frame by frame video editors in this post.

Frame by Frame Video Editor

Frame by Frame Video Editor

Part 1. How to edit video frame by frame on Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is simple way to edit videos on Windows PCs. Though it was officially discontinued, we can download it in Windows App Store for free. Another reason is that, many people prefer to Windows Movie Maker is that it is a frame by frame video editor.

Step 1 Open the Windows Media Maker on your computer, and click "Add Videos and Photos" option in "Home" tab to import the video you want to edit into the video editor. In the media library, the video will be displayed frame by frame automatically.

Step 2 To edit a single video frame, select it, go to the "Edit" tab and select "Split" to break the frame with other frames. Then you can delete, rotate, crop, zoom in or do other editing on the video frame.

Step 3 After edit the video frame, you can merge it with other frames and use Transitions to make the video smooth. Finally, save the resulting video to your computer or post to your YouTube account directly.

Note: If you are using the old version of Windows Movie Maker, you can put the video to the timeline and edit it frame by frame.

Windows Movie Maker

Part 2. Frame by frame video editor app

In addition to Windows Movie Maker, we will show you more excellent frame by frame video editors in this part.

Best frame by frame video editor: Aiseesoft Video Editor

If you need an easy to use video editor that supports to editing video frame by frame, Aiseesoft Video Editor is the best choice. Its key features include:

1. Display videos on timeline for editing frame by frame.

2. Offer a wider range of video frame editing tools, such as trim, rotate, crop and more.

3. Decorate video frames with video effects, watermark and text.

4. Integrate plentiful transitions to smooth the video when joining frames together.

5. Optimize video quality during editing video frames.

6. Support all video formats, including HD and 4k videos.

7. Available to Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista and Mac OS.

In short, this video editor simplifies the process to edit single video frames on Windows PCs and Mac computers.

Video Editor

How to edit video frame by frame easily

Step 1 Import the video to edit

Launch the best frame by frame video editor after installed it on your computer. Click "Import" button to add the video to edit into the library. Then drag and drop the video onto the timeline.

Step 2 Edit the video frame

On the timeline, use the zoom-in tool marked magnifier icon to expand the video. Select "Split" on the toolbar and split the video frame you want to edit separately. Then you can edit the video frame using Crop, Filters, and other tools.

Step 3 Export the resulting video

When it is done, you can pick a destination, appropriate format and save the resulting video to your hard disk or share it to social media. This frame by frame video editor will merge the edited frame with other frames automatically.

Best frame by frame video editor for Android: Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is one of the best video editors for Android devices. Its basic features include:

1. Show a video on the timeline for editing.

2. Allow you to select and edit an individual video frame.

3. Provide a variety of video frame editing tools, including slow motion.

4. Edit the sound track separately.

5. Use transitions to make the edited frame merged with other frames seamlessly.

6. Adjust color, brightness and other parameters of the video frames.


1. The interface is intuitive.

2. This frame by frame video editor is free of charge.


1. If you want to use the cloud storage, you have to purchase in app.

Adobe Premiere

Best frame by frame video editor online: WeVideo

WeVideo is a cloud based video editor application. Its principal features include:

1. Edit video frames on the timeline.

2. Offer all basic video frame editing tools, including rotate, flip, and more.

3. Adjust brightness, color, contrast and other parameters of a single video frame.

4. Integrate various transitions to combine frames smoothly.

5. Save the result to cloud server, hard disk or social media.


1. This frame by frame video editor has both free version and paid plans.

2. The video render speed is high.

3. It has released apps for Android and iOS.


1. The free account has a lot of limitations, such as only 1GB storage and 360p max export resolution.


Best frame by frame video editor for Mac: iMovie

iMovie is a prevalent frame by frame video editor for Mac. Its features include:

1. Allow you to view and edit video frames on the timeline.

2. Edit individual video frame with crop, rotate, adjustments and other tools.

3. Provide plentiful filters to stylize video frames.

4. Create a movie using theme templates.

5. Trailers feature tells users useful guides and information.

6. Share edited video to other Apple devices via iTunes Theater.


1. The interface is user friendly.

2. This frame by frame video editor works well with utilities and apps on Mac, such as QuickTime.


1. It is a bit difficult to beginners since many features are hidden beneath option buttons.



In this post, we have shared 5 best frame by frame video editors for Windows, Mac, and mobile phone. With them, you can split an individual video format and edit it separately. They all have unique advantages and benefits. You can discover your favorite one following our reviews. If you are looking for an easy-to-use frame by frame video editor, we recommend Aiseesoft Video Editor. Because it streamlines the process of video frame editing.

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