2024 Review for Gliffy You Need to Know Before You Download It

March 02, 2023Ashley Mae

As many may say, everything starts with an idea, and to help you generate that idea, you can use the Gliffy. It is a fully-functional mind-mapping app that works in creating, sharing, and collaborating on the illustration, you have done. Thanks to the advanced technological features, it has become why many wannabe users are looking for a review about it. Before you do anything else on the app or even download it, you will need to spend a few minutes at least reading the review we did about the app that extracts only pure and factual information about it.

Gliffy Reviews

Part 1. Gliffy Overview - Review, Pros, Cons, Pricing

Picking the Gliffy as a personal diagram maker could change your thinking and help you present more confidently to others. You can use the Gliffy Confluence, allowing viewers to quickly switch from one diagram layer to another, especially if your building structure has too many details. Though as you can see, when you launched it, there were many things that this app showed, making the difficulty level mid. Here, you can start from scratch and add your preferred design for the layout; thus, making a diagram manually takes time compared to inputting information directly to the node.


In spite of that, you can also utilize this app's pre-made templates to create a flowchart, mind map, diagram, chart, and many more. A great addition to the app is that the essential tool function available here is presented already on the toolbar, making it a one-click away for you to use. Overall, you can download the app only on Windows and Mac, but you can try using the online version if you want to.


  • It is rich in features that help you create a comprehensive diagram.
  • It integrates and imports creations from Visio.
  • Templates are available for the users to use.
  • Auto-saving is supported.
  • The clip art is also supported for adding playful ideas to the design.


  • First-time users feel bombarded with the features it presents on the interface.
  • Uploading images that exceed 1MB will not be allowed.
  • No mobile version or Linux version is supported.
  • The templates and shapes need to be extensive.
  • It needs a plan for you to continue using it.


The Gliffy pricing is confusing for many users since it covers online, Jira, and the Confluence version. Since you are here already, we have listed the updated pricing you will find once you have searched for it. Price may vary depending on the region or location you will be about to purchase the app, but today we will use the US dollar as currency. In addition, we will also share the features you are about to get when you purchase it.

For Online Plan:

For Jira Plan:

For Confluence:

Part 2. How to Use Gliffy - Steps on How to Use It

As we proceed, this Gliffy tutorial can give you an idea of how the app works on creating a chart that you will need to use.

Step 1:
Open your web browser and type in the app's official name for you to use. Inside the editing panel, next is to choose the templates or layout you want to use on the illustration you are about to do.
Step 2:
Drag and drop the shapes you want to add, then add text and edit it accordingly.
Step 3:
To export the creation, you must click File, choose the output format, and click Export to create a hard copy of the file.
Export Final Output

Part 3. Gliffy vs. Lucidchart vs. Draw.io vs. MindOnMap - Comparison Chart

The Draw.io vs. Lucidchart vs. Gliffy will be the next topic highlighted below. Still, today we will are going to introduce another app that works effectively on the web, and that is MindOnMap. Read the chart below to see which app has a lot of advantages to use.

Features Gliffy Ludichart Draw.io MindOnMap
Diagram Template Supported Supported Supported Supported
Diagram Template Supported Supported Supported Supported
Auto Saving Yes for an online version Supported Yes for the online version Supported
Inserting Images or Links Linking is supported, but images with 1MB plus file size aren't supported Supported Supported Supported
Compatible with Multiple Platforms Web, Windows, and Mac Online Web, Windows, and Mac In All Platforms
Price Starts at $ 3.80 Starts at $ 6.67 Starts at $ 15 Free

Part 4. FAQs about Gliffy

How long is Gliffy's free trial?

The free trial of Gliffy is only supported for 14 days, so if you want to extend that day, you will need to purchase the app. When you have purchased the app, you can create organizational charts, mind maps, tree graphs, and many more here.

Is Gliffy Confluence safe to use?

Gliffy Confluence is safe to use and has a cloud server wherein all your data is saved on the central database. Even though you can easily access your data, other users can't bypass that because it is secured and located on the internal Atlassian server, and only staff can access it. However, they cannot change it other than troubleshooting technical issues.

What is the exported format on Gliffy?

You can export the illustration you made on Gliffy in PNG, JPG, and SVG formats. But if you want compatibility, use JPG or PNG because only a few programs support SVG.


Do you think the Gliffy app is enough for the creation you need? Well, there is no wonder why millions pick this, download, and use the app's web version when working with charts, timelines, graphs, and such. But if you think that the app isn't enough, check out the chart we added in part 3.

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