Full Review: What is HitFilm Express and How to Use it on Mac/Windows

January 16, 2024Ashley Mae

Once you get involved in video editing, you will need the video editor as your partner to achieve the best filmmaking results. The tool should have professional functions that will help you edit with high quality. In this case, HitFilm Express is one of the apps that gained reviews with its features. Read this honest review and see if it's beneficial for you.

HitFilm Express

Part 1. HitFilm Express Review - Is It Worth the Money

Verdict: It is a video editing program for Windows and Mac operating systems. It provides a straightforward user interface, where videos can be drag and drop on the timeline. Besides its video editing functions, it offers various tools, such as real-time audio recording, effective search filters, and integrated timelines.


  • A productive platform for editing, compositing, and tilting.
  • Built-in video effects, transitions, and elements.
  • Excellent color grading functions.
  • Accessible layer and mask application.


  • The rendering process crashed HitFilm.
  • Most effects require installing third-party plug-ins.

To elaborate on the HitFilm video editor, let’s look at its main benefits. Most video editing programs are either expensive or not enough for professional filmmaking. But HitFilm is offered as a free tool that even supports 3D editing. It is even more generous because of built-in tutorials to maximize its features. It also offers the following features.

Color Correcting and Grading

With its Color Foundry engine, the video editor lets you control the image colors to get the desired tone. Its extensive color palette can be used to get movie colors like Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, and so on. Other than this, you can also edit the gradual transitions and original effects for animated footage.

Advanced Animation Tracking

The motion algorithm tracks and analyzes the object's movement, and you can add more elements with the same motion. It is suitable for replacing and mimicking moves from the video's UI of gadgets and devices. It is also a 3D video editor, offering 2D/3D animations, models, and characters for more realistic scenes.

Built-In Visual Effects

Other than the high-end animations you can add, the HitFilm Express video editor also has a real-time library full of visual effects to add to the video. But what makes it a wonderful tool is you can add sparks or flashes that are suitable for any video type, including 360-degree ones. Its composing toolkit lets you draw any shape and path connecting points that complement the footage.

The mentioned functions are only some of the video editor’s benefits. But if you do a HitFilm vs DaVinci, you will find some differences that can affect your workflow. DaVinci’s free version lacks compressed formats that are critical for export. Its limited GPU also restricts the effects, speeds, and rendering time.

If you have tried DaVinci before, you will know that HitFilm is better, especially with its free trials or minimal requirements. However, you can still purchase the pro version as low as $7.99 monthly to unlock more important functions for your video editing. Once you have decided to get the video editing, you will need a simple tutorial on how to use it. Here are steps to get you started on HitFilm Express:

Step 1.
Download, install, and launch this video editor. Prepare the first video you will need to upload. You may drag and drop the file to the main interface or go to the Import menu and select the Media option. From the Media tab, drag the clips to the Editor tab.
HitFilm Downlaod Install Media Upload
Step 2.
To trim the video, drag the play head to the part you want to remove. Then, right-click and choose the Slice option. Choose a fading effect from the Effects section and adjust the transition or color effects.
HitFilm Slice Effects HitFilm Express Tutorial
Step 3.
If you wish to add some text, select A from the left column of the Viewer section. Use the pointer function to position the text anywhere on the video. Type any word, then change the properties from the Text tab at the bottom left corner.
Viewer Insert Text HitFilm
Step 4.
Preview the final result of the edited clip. If you are ready to export it, go to the Editor panel and open the Export menu. Choose the To File option from the list. Track the progress until it is done. And that concludes the HitFilm Express tutorial.
HitFilm Export to File

Part 2. Troubleshooting HitFilm Express Problems

In reality, even this video editor's experience malfunctions. The good thing is you can use some troubleshooting tips to fix the issues or format incompatibility.

For crashing issues, there are several things to confirm when using HitFilm:

If you have a problem with format compatibility when editing videos on Windows or Mac, it is best to check the codecs, as they can be incompatible with the project settings. When it comes to the export format, make sure to choose a standard file extension. Keep in mind that exporting with alpha channels will likely lead to errors as it is not aligned with the project’s attributes. Before contacting customer support on HitFilm, try the recommended converter for Windows and Mac.

Convert MKV to HitFilm

The best tool to convert any video type for HitFilm Express editing is Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. The desktop software includes a converter for MKV files, changing the file extension to MP4, MOV, HEVC, FLV, WMV, etc. It also allows you to change other important settings, such as the codec, resolution, frame rate, sample rate, and encoder. One thing you can expect with the video converter is its high-speed conversion process with accurate quality for every converted file. Furthermore, discover more of its solutions with video enhancing, merging, audio-syncing, and more. Get it for free on Windows and Mac OS.

Video Converter Ultimate


Video Converter Ultimate

  • Professional converting tool to convert MKV to HitFilm Express.
  • Support batch conversions for video, audio, and images.
  • Built-in MV maker and Video Collage for outstanding filmmaking.
  • Require minimal specs but with a robust converting algorithm.
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Step 1.
Click the Free Download button for Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. Complete the installation, then launch the software on your device. Start by clicking the Add File or Add Folder button to open and browse the folder. Click the Open button to upload the files.
Aiseesoft Download Add Files
Step 2.
Proceed to the Format section, where you can choose the desired output format. Click the Custom Profile button to adjust the resolution, codec, and other settings. Click the Create New button to save.
Format Custom Profile Resolution
Step 3.
Navigate to the Save To tab to choose the location folder for the converted videos. Finally, click the Converter All button to begin the conversion process. Check the Toolbox menu to see more solutions.
Aiseesoft Save to Convert All

Part 3. FAQs about HitFilm Express

Does HitFilm Express have a watermark?

Yes. When using the free version of the video editor, it will apply two watermarks. The first one is shown at the bottom of the clip, which is easier to remove. However, the second HitFilm watermark is all over the screen and is difficult to erase. If you have the pro version and export a video with a watermark, turn it off by unchecking the Lens Distort function from the Effects tab.

Is HitFilm Express still supported?

The Express version is no longer supported as FXhome will not issue new licenses. This also means the add-ons bought within the program are unusable. HitFilm was bought by Artlist, so the free version and most features offered are changed or eradicated.

Is HitFilm suitable for beginners?

Yes. The video editing software is for beginners. It can be used for compositing, applying visual effects, green screening, and more. You can also install it on an older OS without consuming too many resources.

What is the recommended requirement of HitFilm?

It is best to have macOS 11.0 or above. For Windows, it must have Windows 10 or later with 64-bit. RAM should be 8GB with 8GB of dedicated video memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 20 series, or AMD Radeon RX 5000 series.


With this HitFilm Express review, you have learned its main functions and how it can be used for simple and professional video editing. Whenever you experience issues in format and crashes, try the simple tips to fix them. But it’s best to use Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate to change the format and codecs to make the project acceptable to the video editor. Try it for free today by clicking the Download button.

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