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February 28, 2024Jenny Ryan

Loom is one of the most commonly used tools to make a tutorial, record online meetings, or capture a web camera or microphone. As a cross-platform screen recorder, Loom has desktop software for Windows and Mac, Chrome extension, and apps for iOS and Android. Some users think it's easy to use and share recordings, while some find it inconvenient for its dependency on the web. For frequent screen recorders, Loom requires a subscription for unlimited video recording. But is it worth the money? We tested the Windows desktop version and will introduce its features, pros and cons, performance during recording, and video and audio quality. Read on to find out if Loom Screen Recorder is the right choice for you.

Loom Screen Recorder Review

Part 1. Comprehensive Review of Loom Screen Recorder

Overview of Loom Screen Recorder

Loom can quickly record your full screen, a custom region, or a window with or without system or microphone sound. It has a very straightforward interface that enables beginners to start recording with one click. Although it's desktop software, its features are primarily web-based. After recording or taking a screenshot, it will automatically upload your video or screenshot to its website, where you can edit and share the file with others online. The unique part about Loom is that it allows you to invite teammates to view, edit, and leave comments on the recorded files. Apart from basic video screen recording, Loom offers some more advanced features that can simplify your workflow.


Editing Tools: You can add annotations with a drawing tool while recording. After recording, you can trim or stitch videos together and add a link and thumbnail.

Transcript: It can automatically detect the audible speech in the video and generate a transcript for you to edit the video quickly.

Enhancement Tools: You can use auto lighting, background noise filter, touch-up tool, and filler words muter to enhance the video and audio quality.

Speaker Notes: The speaker can write prompts or outlines on the note, which is only visible to the speaker.

Team Collaboration: Team members can get comments and emojis from other members, edit the video together, and share it by link, email, or social media.

Screenshot: You can capture a full screenshot or custom region of your screen.


  • You can overlay your webcam on the screen to record yourself and the screen at the same time.
  • It's quick and easy to share the recorded video via email, social media, or link.
  • It offers various beautiful canvases with templates, backgrounds, and text layouts.
  • It's suitable for teamwork by inviting other teammates to work on the recordings.


  • You will be asked to sign up before using it.
  • It offers limited drawing tools, with only a drawing pencil available.
  • You can only preview and edit the recorded video on your browser.
  • It uploads your screenshot to its website with no editing options.

Performance of Loom Video Screen Recording

We used Loom to record a 10-minute screen video with 1080p video quality. During recording, Loom worked well with no lags or freezes. When we stopped recording, it automatically opened the browser and uploaded the video. The speed to open the video was slower compared with other desktop screen recorders. When we previewed the video and skipped to the latter part, it took a while to load. It may take longer if your internet connection is not stable.

Video and Audio Quality

According to our test, the recorded 1080p video is clear, and its playback is smooth without choppiness or shuttering. For paid users, it can be a 4K recorder to capture crystal-clear screen content. In the preview window, you can play it with different speeds, ranging from 0.8× to 2.5×. As for the audio, you can use the noise filter to remove background noise and get a better audio quality.

Subscription Plans of Loom Screen Recorder

Plan Starter Business
Price Free. $15.00/Month.
$12.50/Month (annually).
Videos/Person Up to 25. Unlimited.
Video Length 5 mins/video. Unlimited.
Video Quality Up to 720p. Up to 4K.
Screenshot Unlimited. Unlimited.
Noise Filter Yes. Yes.
Edit by Transcript No. Yes.
Remove Watermark No. Yes.
Drawing Tools No. Yes.
Import & Download No. Yes.
Canvas No. Yes.

Part 2. How to Use Loom to Record a Video

With Loom, you can record live streams, create online courses, make tutorials, etc. This part shows you how to use Loom to record a video.

Step 1.
Go to the FFmpeg website and open it. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Move the mouse pointer over the version that you require and select the URL beneath it. Just choose and download the most recent version of FFmpeg.
Step 2.
Go to the Start menu and find the Command Prompt window Hereafter. Next, the FFmpeg command window will appear, allowing us to begin using the program to convert H.265 to H.264.
Select Recording Area
Step 3.
Click the Start recording button, and Loom will start to count down. When the countdown ends, it starts to record your screen.
Step 4.
Stop the recording by clicking the red Stop button. Loom will take you to the preview window, where you can edit or share your recording with others.
Stop Recording Loom

Why can't Loom record computer audio?

During our Loom video screen recording test, we found the recorded video didn't include the system sound. That's because the system audio was turned off in Loom by default. If you have encountered the same problem, go to Settings > Video & audio and toggle on Use system audio. However, you can't record the system sound alone since it doesn't support the feature.

Part 3. Loom Alternative: Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

If you need a truly desktop-based screen recorder or don't want your recordings to go public, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder should be your perfect choice. You can record and edit your screen video entirely locally on your computer. Compared with Loom, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder provides more drawing and editing tools and screenshot options. You can easily take a scrolling screenshot or pop-up window screenshot and edit it with numerous tools. Since it doesn't rely on the Internet, you can enjoy a smooth and seamless workflow during recording. Check out more features about the best Loom Screen Recorder alternative and learn how to use it.

Screen Recorder


Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

  • Capture screen activities and edit recordings offline without a watermark.
  • Record your screen video up to 4K without length limits.
  • Various drawing tools like adding arrows, images, text, shapes, etc.
  • Trim, merge, convert, compress recordings, and edit meta information.
  • More customized settings on video/audio format, codec, quality, etc.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Free DownloadFor macOS

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Step 1.
Download and install the Loom alternative on your Windows or Mac.
Step 2.
Open Aiseesoft Screen Recorder and click Video Recorder.
Select Video Recorder
Step 3.
If you want to record the full screen, click the Full button. If you need to capture a custom area, choose Custom or drag and adjust the frame.
Select Recording Region
Step 4.
Turn on or off the Webcam, System Sound, or Microphone based on your needs. Finally, click the REC button to start recording.
Set Recording Audio Source

Part 4. FAQs of Loom Screen Recorder

How long can you record on Loom?

Free users can record only five minutes for each video. If you've upgraded to the Business plan, you can record videos without limits.

Is Loom a good screen recorder?

Yes. Loom is an easy-to-use screen recorder ideal for basic screen recording tasks and team collaboration. However, it requires a stable Internet connection. If you want to record and edit recordings locally, there are better choices than Loom. You can try other offline screen recorders, like Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

Is Loom Screen Recorder safe?

Loom is a safe screen recorder without malware or adware. But it uploads all your recordings to the cloud. If you want more privacy, you can use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, which allows you to record and edit your recording offline.

What is Loom recording?

Loom can record your screen, webcam, and microphone. You can use Loom to record online courses, meetings, live streams, documents, web pages, and many other things on your screen.

Why is Loom not recording?

For Mac users, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Camera, Microphone, Screen Recording, and allow Loom to access these features. For Windows users, you can restart the program or computer or try to re-install the Loom.


Loom Screen Recorder is more like a tool to communicate with others via video messages. It's easy and quick for anyone to record and share the video with others online. Moreover, its numerous teamwork tools make the interaction more effective. However, it seems less professional and stable because of its few drawing and editing tools and its deep reliance on the Internet. So, we recommend Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, which can work well offline and offers more personalized options for screen recording.

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