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December 09, 2022Ashley Mae

Are you looking for an app that offers a pre-built template for quick celebrations, presentations, movie creation, etc.? Magisto is an app that can add magic to your creation is a single click. But what is the app all about? Well, you can figure everything out with the overview and the evaluation we did that are included in this article.

VSCO Review

Part 1. Overview of Magisto - Description, Pros, Cons, Platform Supported, and Prices

Vimeo powers the Magisto app, a popular video hosting, sharing, and service provider platform that offers extra help you might need to create the presentation. The mobile version it provides is very classy and has a different approach to users since the UI of it is simple. You do not need to start from scratch when templates like this are available on your mobile devices. However, you will need to purchase and upgrade the plan. You have to use the professional and premium templates here.



  • Free to download on mobile devices, whether it is Android or iOS.
  • Logging in to the app is essential to keep track of your creation and updates on the app.
  • The developers keep adding more templates for you to choose from.
  • You can gain access to Stock videos and photos here.
  • It allows users to be as creative as possible.
  • The app has customer service that responds quickly.


  • The video length limitation to its free version is 60 seconds.
  • It leaves a watermark on the final output.
  • There are numerous events that it stocks in exporting process.

How much is the Magisto App?

Is Magisto worth it? It is worth purchasing the app for only $ 4.99, but the other plans or in-app purchases in this app can go up to $ 159.99 to use the app to its full potential. Depending on your needs and how regularly you want to use it, this video editor can be worth to be purchased. Moreover, the app has an auto-renewal feature, which means that your plans on subscribing to the app will automatically be charged, but you can cancel the subscription anytime you want.

Part 2. Magisto Review- App Evaluation in Users Perspective & What Is Best For

Evaluation of the Magisto from a User Perspective

Magisto editing app is a premium app that an editor should have, especially when editing on phones. The app offers different pre-made templates to use on an occasion, presentation, or celebration. Each template has a different animation, transition, music, and text you need to fill in. While you are editing the video or slideshow you are creating, you can instantly do a quick preview of what it would look like when you have exported it.

Despite the usability and prowess of the app, there are still drawbacks that make the app a little less of a choice, especially the bugs we encountered while editing the video. It isn't a great experience to have a situation like that, for it consumes time and effort as an editor. Also, the free version allows us to input a video that is 1 minute in length, and if the video we upload is longer, the app will cut it down for you, which is convenient at some point because you wouldn't need to do it yet it still a less.

What Are the Best Offers of the Magisto You Can't Refuse

1. Ready-Made Templates

Doesn't have time to start from scratch? Magisto offers a ready-made template that you can freely use for any occasion, such as a Birthday. Anniversary, event invitations, announcements, and many more. Aside from occasions, it also offers a great template to start your presentation, especially when it is business to impress your audience or listeners of your presentation.

2. Basic Editing Features

You can instantly use this app as a video merger, trimmer, cutter, and organizer. These are the basic editing features that a standard video editor needs on their app. Though it may seem limited, it is still a great addition to the app's arsenal to help you create and tweak some things to the videos.

3. Add & Customize Videos

In addition to the template and essential editing feature, you can also use this app to add text to videos with different fonts and colors based on your preferences. This way, you can make the text on the short video you create the best-looking text. Need to add fun to it? Well, magical stickers on the app can bring that impression to the audience you shall present it to.

4. Access on iStock

Since the app has gained access to iStocks, you can also access high-grade videos and photos on the said website. If you visit the website and don't purchase the video, the website will leave a watermark that is difficult to remove. Though there are ways to remove the iStock watermark since the watermark isn't at the edge, for it is in the middle of the video.

However, you must purchase the Magisto yearly plan to access the iStock videos on the app.

5. Share the Final Output Instantly on Any Social Media

After editing the video, you can now easily share your creation with others via messaging apps, email, or social media sites. But you still need to export the final output before you are allowed to share it.

What is the Best Usage of the Magisto App

After reviewing Magisto, there are only two possible things you can use the app, especially when you are on the premium version: a quick infomercial and introductions for a longer video. This app isn't the best choice for creating movies or longer videos because of the editing features and the video length. When you purchase a Premium version of it monthly, you are only allowed to upload and export a video 10 minutes in length, which is short. But, for creating infomercials that usually don't go 10 minutes or beyond, the app can cover the things you need.

But if you are using the professional version, the app has no limitations, and you can now gain access to iStock freely. So, if you want to use the Magisto video editor to its full potential, consider purchasing the pro version; however, it will cost you a lot.

Part 3. Magisto Alternative- Best Video Editor with no Video Length Limitation & for Free

Vid.Fun is the best alternative to Magisto in terms of pre-processing the photography you have. However, it doesn't support pre-made templates for you, which means you will need to start from scratch, which allows users to be more creative and not limited to what has already been done. Though it takes a lot more effort for a user to use this app, it is still easy to figure out how it works because everything is on point, even tweaking the saturation, hue, contrast, brightness, etc.

VidFun On Android

Even though the app doesn't have pre-made templates, it still has a pre-made portrait that suits yours needs to highlight the image or video colors. So, if you are about to download this app and want to try it, then visit your Playstore and download the application on your device for free.


  • You do not need to log in to use the app, and there is no need to purchase it before you can use it.
  • There are no video length limitations or even file size limitations.
  • It is the best choice for beginners who wants to process their video or photos.
  • It doesn't leave a watermark on the final output.
  • It has a lot of features that it will release sooner or later.


  • The current version of the app doesn't work on iOS.

Part 4. FAQs about Magisto

How to cancel Magisto subscription on Android?

To cancel the Magisto subscription in Android, you need to go to the PlayStore, tap the three horizontal lines, and tap the subscription. Under it will find all the apps you have subscribed to; look for the Magisto and tap Cancel Subscription. Look for why you want to cancel it, and the press continues, then Cancel Subscription.

How to cancel Magisto subscription on iOS?

To cancel the Magisto subscription on iOS, go to Settings. Tap the name of your name in the Apple ID, then tap Subscriptions. On it, you will see the Magisto Subscription and tap it again. Tap Cancel Subscription to disable the auto-renewal of the subscription.

Is Magisto considered to be the best movie maker on phones?

Magisto performs well in video creation once you have purchased the app's subscription. However, there are still reigning video editors for Android/iPhone that works differently from the Magisto, and some are even better than the app.


Considered purchasing the Magisto app? Well, the information we included here might make your decision even firm. Though it would cost you a fortune, it is still considered one of the best video editors to use. What if you don't want to spend money on the editor? Then you are only allowed to use its basic features, which is why is the best alternative for it.

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