2024 Review of MindMeister and Its Alternative Mind Map Maker

December 30, 2022Ashley Mae

Many people heard of MindMeister, an online tool to make a mind map. And they also need a MindMeister review to tell them whether it is an excellent tool for making the mind map. Luckily, this post will give you the most real reaction after using MindMeister. You can read the features, prices, and disadvantages of MindMeister. Moreover, if you want another mind map maker, an alternative tool is introduced.

MindMeister Reviews

Part 1. MindMeister Review of Its Features and Price

1. What is MindMeister

MindMeister is an online mind map maker to help you visualize your thoughts and communicate with others. It does not require any downloading on your computer. You can use it on the website to make a canvas for meeting discussion, brainstorming, project planning, etc. And it has many tools and features to suit different people like students or businesspeople to make their mind maps.

2. Key Features of MindMeister

As a famous website mind map maker, MindMeister must have some unique features to help it stands out. This MindMeister review will tell you the following.

Amount of Templates

There are many templates in MindMeister provided for you. You can use icons, emojis, arrows, line styles, etc. And these templates have been categorized for different using situations so you can search for them and use them more easily. Such as business planning, study planning, website planning, etc.

Template in MindMeister

History Mode

Some online website tools do not have a history mode. So, if you did something wrong or accidentally closed the window, there is no way to retrieve them. But MindMeister has History Mode to save the steps on the cloud, which would be convenient when you need to redo it or reopen the website.

Comments and Notification

A comment feature allows other people to comment on each mind map. If you are a group to make the mind map, it is an excellent feature for other group members to express their opinions.

Make A Comment

Add Context

The embedded media could make your mind map more attractive and convincing. There are many ways to add context to the mind map, including attachments, integrating media, etc. Moreover, you can link the media to YouTube, Google Drive, MeisterNote, etc.

3. Disadvantage of MindMeister

During the use time of MindMeister, this tool also found some disadvantages in this MindMeister review. The biggest one is about the free elements. Although it has plenty of elements for you to use, almost all need to be paid for. So, the free elements are limited. But if you can't experience well during your free time, why bother paying for a risk?

4. Price

There are three plans for MindMeister users, unlike Microsoft Visio review shows they charge for space. The Pro version could export the mind map as Word and PowerPoint files than personal users. And it provides Google Workspace for domain sign-on. The business plan is for a group of people. You can make the mind map with your group person.

MindMeister Price

Part 2. The Best MindMeister Alternative for Mind Map

If you are unsatisfied with MindMeister after reading the MindMeister review, there is an alternative tool for you. You can use the free tool MindOnMap. This free online tool provides a professional and easy operation to make a mind map. Many themes are provided for you; besides, you can change the color and backdrop to make your style. Moreover, all elements and icons are free to use, unlike MindMeister, where you almost need to pay for every element and icon.


As long as you create an account and log in. You can start your journey by making a mind map. All the features are free to use. And if you do not like the provided theme, you can use Flowchart Function to make your theme.

Online Genogram Maker MindOnMap

Part 3. FAQs about MindMeister Review

Can I use MindMeister on mobile devices?

Yes, you can. But the user experience can't compare with the website. Many features do not have a good user experience on mobile devices.

Is MindMeister safe?

MindMeister has ISO 20071 certification. So, you can keep your business plan on this website. No one expects you can access to the mind map.

Does MindMeister have customer service?

No, it almost does not have customer service. The response time to your question will be very long.


After you read this MindMeister review, you must know whether you like this tool. There are many mind map makers, as the SmartDraw review shows. Although they have many features, MindOnMap also could satisfy you with the same features. But MindOnMap is free to use! You do not have to pay any money.

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