10 TikTok Dances You Can Do on Your Own or with Group at Ease

March 10, 2023Ashley Mae

TikTok dances have been a craze lately, and many users already participate in this trend. One of the most popular dance choreography is the Renegade, WAP, Savage Love, Corvette, and more. Even though you aren't a dancer, you can still be part of this trend by dancing to the beat of that music. Aside from the mentioned songs, there are millions of choices that you can use to dance with them. If you want to know the most popular TikTok dance craze this 2024, read this article.

TikTok Dances

Part 1. 10 Popular TikTok Dances You Can Easily Do in 2024

Maybe you aren't familiar with the latest dance craze this 2024, so you better read this article to know what these are. Some of these dances became popular in the 2020s or 21st, but most users still dance to that song's beat. So, if you are looking for a TikTok dance that you want to do for entertainment purposes or choreography, then we have selected ten dances that you can do and are still popular up to this date.

1. Wednesday Dance

Jenna Ortega did an excellent job portraying Wednesday Addams and the dance she did on Tyler while they were on Neremore's Rave'N Dance. Everyone has been crazed by Wednesday's dance on Tiktok, and as you can see, millions have already copied her dance, customs, and unbothered reaction while doing it.

Wednesday Dance TikTok

2. Savage

Are you a Savage? It may be the most fitting song for you! It is a TikTok trend in the early 2020s, and it has taken over the platform for a long time since it became a challenge to the user and a lot of display an excellently savage dance.

Save TikTok Dance

3. Say So

Up to this date, some users still dance the Say So because it is one of the most straightforward yet amazing songs you can go with. Doja Cat sings it, but Nicki Minaj has created a remixed version. With a few movements, it is an easy TikTok dance you should do.

Say So

4. CitiRokk

Be with a group or by yourself, CitiRokk can be the dance craze you are longing for. It has similarity with the Renegade routine, but some implements other movements, such as rocking your body from side to side.

CitiRokk TikTok Dance

5. The Woah

With a simple hand movement, The Woah remains at the top of TikTok challenges that most users do. Many have been hyped when they hit the beat drop, then do the woah. It isn't surprising for us why its fame reaches millions of users.

Woah TikTok Dance

6. Kangsta Wok

Professional dancers and Jabbawockeez make the Kangsta Wok famous. The movement that it does isn't easy, but with a few tries, we think we can make the wok perfect.

Kangsta Wok TikTok Dance

7. WAP

WAP is one of the most intense dances you can record and post on TikTok. It is made from bold dance moves that most users have already tried to do. Up to now, many TikTok users still the dance and post on the platform.

Wap TikTok Dance

8. Savage Love

Lift your hands and wave your body from left to right; that is how you can dance Savage Love. It is one of the popular TikTok dances you can do with a partner or alone. Thanks to the simple choreography, we can now do the steps even exerting less effort.

Save Love TikTok Dance

9. Twerking

Everyone loves twerking, and it has become one of the most-watched dance crazes on Tiktok. With twerking, you can dance to most songs inside TikTok with twerk. Since many watches girls twerking, many copy the same craze repeatedly over the platform.

Twerking TikTok Dance

10. Renegade

If you haven't done the Renegade, then you are missing out! But to inform you, the choreography level of the dance craze is at a complex level, yet millions have tried and successfully danced it continuously for 15 seconds or longer.

Renegade TikTok Dance

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Part 3. FAQs about TikTok Dance

How to loop music on TikTok?

Pre-made songs have been looped, but only some songs are. If you want to loop a song on TikTok, you better look for a good looper, then import that audio there and start to set the looping effects that the looper supports.

Can I add delayed music on TikTok videos?

Before you start recording, you can set the delay on the TikTok background music if you want to, and you can take a quick preview to listen to it before you use it. However, there are times when this option doesn't work effectively, so you will need a dedicated app to delay music on TikTok videos easily if the first option doesn't work as expected.

Can I record TikTok dance even though I am not a pro?

You can still record TikTok dance videos if you want on the said app, and if you aren't confident to post them, then you can save that as a draft.


Now is the start of the TikTok dance craze, and expects that there will be more choreography that you will need to do on TikTok. So, stretch out your body and practice the dances we have mentioned so that when a new trend shows up, you can easily follow it accordingly.

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