Exploring Apps Like Remini for Photo Enhancement

December 05, 2023Amanda Brown

Remini is a popular app for enhancing photos using AI-powered technology. It can upscale blurry images, enhance facial details, and restore old photos. However, Remini is not the only option available for those seeking to improve their photos with AI. Several alternative tools, both online and offline, offer similar capabilities and can cater to different needs and preferences. This post will introduce you to the five best apps like Remini. You can pick your desired one to enhance photos.

Remini Alternative

Part 1. Online Photo Enhancer Alternatives to Remini

For those who prefer web-based solutions, several online tools provide AI-powered photo enhancement services. These Remini alternative tools typically offer free versions or free trials with limited usage, allowing you to test them before committing to a paid subscription. This part will introduce you to two popular online apps like Remini.

Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online

Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online is a powerful AI-powered tool that utilizes advanced AI algorithms to upscale images, enhance resolution, and improve overall image quality. It is particularly effective for enhancing old photos, blurry images, and low-resolution images.

Upload Photos AI Image Upscaler

This free Remini alternative can upscale images up to 8× without compromising quality. It can eliminate noise and graininess for a sharper, cleaner picture. Moreover, it lets you enhance color vibrancy and saturation for more vivid photos. As an AI-powered photo enhancer alternative to Remini, it allows you to upscale multiple photos simultaneously, saving time and effort.

Make Photo HD Online

VanceAI Image Upscaler

VanceAI Image Upscaler is another AI-powered app to Remini, utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms to enhance image resolution, eliminate noise, and improve overall image quality. It excels at enhancing old photos, blurry images, and low-resolution images, bringing them back to life with remarkable clarity. It can upscale images up to 40× with high quality.

Online Remini Alternative VanceAI

VanceAI Image Upscaler offers similar photo enhancement features like Remini. However, its free trial is restricted to a few enhancements, encouraging users to upgrade. In rare instances, upscaling may introduce minor artifacts, though these are generally subtle and unlikely to detract from the overall image quality. What’s worse, you may face the process failed error.

VanceAI Image Enhancer Process Failed

Part 2. Apps Like Remini for Android Phone and iPhone

In addition to Remini, several mobile apps offer AI-powered photo enhancement capabilities. If you prefer apps like Remini to directly edit and enhance photos on your mobile phone, you can search for associated image upscaler apps from Google Play Store and App Store. To help you quickly locate the trustworthy ones, we list the three best Remini alternatives for Android and iPhone.

Picwand: AI-Powered Photo Enhancement App

Picwand is an easy-to-use image enhancement app that relies on advanced AI algorithms to improve image quality, restore old photos, and bring your memories back to life. It offers many commonly used features that cater to both novice and experienced users.

Enhance iPhone Photos Using Picwand

This Remini alternative app lets you enhance image resolution up to 8× without compromising sharpness and detail. It is mainly used for noise reduction and old photo restoration. It lets you effectively eliminate graininess and artifacts, resulting in cleaner, more polished images. In some cases, Picwand's AI enhancements may introduce artifacts or distortions in the image.

Enhance a Photo on iPhone Using Picwand


PicsArt is a powerful photo editing app that offers many necessary image-editing features, including AI-powered photo enhancement tools. The Remini alternative app can be used to upscale images, remove noise, and improve overall image quality. It also gives other useful editing tools, such as removing backgrounds, filters, effects, and stickers. PicsArt also offers online tools like Free AI Image Generator and Online Photo Editor to enhance your pictures on a web browser.

PicsArt AI Photo Editor App Android


Snapseed is another popular photo editor app that is known for its advanced editing functions. It offers many AI-powered photo enhancement tools, such as image upscaling, noise reduction, and HDR enhancement. Snapseed also offers a variety of other editing options like filters, curves, and selective adjustments.

Snapseed App for iPhone iPad

For more advanced photo editing needs, dedicated software programs offer a wider range of features and control over the editing process. These programs are typically available for desktop computers and may require a one-time purchase or subscription fee. Some popular AI-powered photo editing software include Adobe Photoshop, PhotoDirector, and Topaz Labs AI Clear.

Part 3. FAQs of Apps Like Remini

Does Remini increase image quality?

Yes, Remini can increase image quality in different ways. For instance, you can use its image upscaling, noise reduction, and color enhancement features to enhance your photo quality with ease.

Does Remini have a free version?

Yes, Remini has a free version, but it is limited. The free version allows you to enhance up to three photos per day. You can also use its premium features for free for three days. After your free trial is over, you have to upgrade to a subscription to continue using the premium features.

What is the best online Remini alternative?

There are many great online Remini alternatives available, such as Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online, VanceAI Image Upscaler, IMG2GO, and Bigjpg. The best online Remini alternative will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors like the features you need, the quality of the results, and the price when making your decision.


Remini is a popular tool for AI-powered photo enhancement. However, the landscape of AI photo editing tools is constantly evolving, and several alternatives offer similar capabilities, each with its own strengths and features. This post shares five online and mobile apps like Remini to upscale images and enhance quality. You can use your preferred Remini alternative to edit your images.

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