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April 08, 2022Ashley Mae

Learning a new language usually requires you to learn and remember its vocabulary. And if you search for an excellent way to learn the vocabulary, you will find that many people recommend semantic mapping. Also, if you are a student and study linguistics, you must be familiar with the semantic map. But what is the exact semantic mapping definition? How can you make a semantic map by yourself with ease? This post will provide everything you want to get about semantic mapping.

Semantic Map

Part 1: What is a Semantic Map?

A semantic map, a graphic organizer, is used in different aspects. Mostly, you can use it as a technique to study vocabulary no matter you are a teacher or a student. In this case, a vocabulary semantic map is designed based on connections between words, and you can learn new words from the words you already know according to these connections. In addition, using semantic maps enables you to have a deeper understanding of each word and the whole construction of the language. And you can enrich your vocabulary using the semantic map. Sometimes, you can also use the semantic map in computer science. In this aspect, it is a matching to exchange the information beyond a semantically sound manner.

Semantic Map Meaning

Part 2: Helpful Semantic Map Examples

After basic knowledge about the semantic mapping meaning, you may want to make a semantic map but do not have a clear concept of what most semantic maps look like. Thus, this post will list several popular semantic examples in the following content.

Semantic Map for Vocabulary

The first example is the semantic map for vocabulary. This example uses the elements of weather as a central topic. Around this topic, you can list any word related to it. For example, you can enter "Wind" in the second lap as one element of the weather. Then you can fill out words related to wind, like breeze, affected by the sun, etc. You can learn new words during the process and have a relatively comprehensive study of the weather.

Semantic Map For Vocabulary

Semantic Map for Teaching

The second one is an example of a semantic map for a teaching strategy. It is a simple example of teaching a species of animals. And this semantic map contains four classes: the name of the creature group, the name of the animal species, the characteristics of this species, and the examples of this species. Using a semantic map to teach students can present the connection between concepts easily. And students can understand the knowledge better.

Semantic Map For Teaching

Semantic Word Map

The third example is a semantic word map. It is similar to a semantic map for vocabulary, but these two examples have different focuses. The semantic map for vocabulary focuses more on enriching your vocabulary, but the semantic word map focuses more on understanding the central word.

Semantic Word Map

Part 3: How to Make a Semantic Map Quickly

If you want to create a semantic map yourself but have trouble looking for a reliable tool, you can try to use MindOnMap. This is a free online mind map-making tool. Of course, it cannot be used to make mind maps only. Because of the various templates, you can also use MindOnMap to make a semantic map. In addition, it supports adding images and links to the semantic map, saving the semantic map automatically, sharing the semantic map with others through links, and more. The following content is a step-by-step guide to making semantic maps in MindOnMap.

Step 1:
Enter the official website of MindOnMap, then log in it with your email. After logging in successfully, please click the Create Your Mind Map button to start.
Click Create Mind Map Button
Step 2:
As you need to make a semantic map, choosing the Org-Chart Map (Down) template would be better.
Choose ORG Chart Map Down
Step 3:
Then you can enter the topic in the main Node. To add more words related to the topic, click the Node icon.
Build Semantic Map

If you want to insert images into your semantic map to make it more visual, you can click Image >> Insert image >> Select File >> OK to finish this operation.

Insert Image
Step 4:
After finishing the semantic map, you can click the Export button to save it to the local. And the JPG, PNG, SVG, Word, and PDF formats are supported. Also, you can share your semantic map with others by clicking the Share button.
Export and Share

Part 4: FAQs about Semantic Map

Is a semantic map a concept map?

A semantic map is an information structure in the graphic form, and it also can be known as a concept map.

How do I create a semantic map in Word?

Open Word on your computer and choose the Insert tab. Then you should click Shapes under the Illustration section. Later you can make a semantic map in Word.

What is a semantic map of an image?

The scene in that people can separate objects from others and the background with the visual system is the semantic map of an image.


This post has shown you what a semantic map is, practical examples, and how to make a semantic map. I hope that this article can help you.

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